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How to get the Alistair marry the main (female character?)

How to get the Alistair marry the main (female character?)
I already have a good approval rating for him above neutral. (LOVE)

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Im a mage btw, not a human noble.. Just a human mage.

Additional details - 4 years ago

I see, the walkthrough is quite confusing or maybe I didnt read it properly. Anyways thanks...

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You have to be a human noble to marry Alistair. Which means you can't be a mage, or any other race.

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Actually, you can be. If you harden him during his personal quest, it is possible to marry him without being a human noble. All you have to do is pick the "Everyone is out for themselves, you should know that." dialogue option when he approaches you about what happened with his sister. Then he'll care less about duty and also follow what he wants, which would be to marry you.

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