Question from IqarP15

Asked: 5 years ago

Shale and Caridin?

Shale mention's that "she" want's to talk to Caridin i'm guessing to see if the golem process can be reversed. Is there any special dialogue for the two of them before or after Anvil of the Void fight? Possibly after the Thaig run...?

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From: CrippledCarny 5 years ago

After the Anvil of the Void quest Caridin will be dead, either you killed him or he killed himself. So if Shale wasn't in your group when you did the quest she will ask you about once you're at party camp, and then give you the quest to go to the Thaig. If you're wondering about the dialogue with Caridin while Shale is in the party it's nothing too deep. Most of the story about Shales past come from the Thaig quest.

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why are you guys calling him a She?

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I agree with CrippledCarny.
@solidsnqke *SPOILER* Shale is a "she" play the game to discover it (hint: take shale with you to the anvil.)

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