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Asked: 3 years ago

Where are shadowmeld boots in Temple of Vulak?

I'm missing boots to all my fancy new armor sets from this DLC but most especially the shadowmeld boots are what I'm looking for. I've killed everything I can find and I've searched back through the dead bodies, but I still can't find them at all.

Does anyone know which enemy they were on, and if there is some nook or cranny of this level that I simply might have missed?

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Temple of Vulak isn't DLC. It's a fan made mod. I've never played it so I have no clue where any boots would be in it, but because it is a fan made mod so the boots might have been left out of it entirely or bugged or who knows.

Anyway, this really isn't the place to ask something like this as it isn't truly part of the game. If you want your question answered you should really ask it on the comments sections of the Temple of Vulak mod page.

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