Question from WolfSeer-Red

Asked: 3 years ago

Does this game also work with windows 7?

I was curious as to if it does.

Accepted Answer

From: Spy3028 3 years ago

Most all 32 bit games (I've never heard of a mainstream 32 bit game), the older ones included, work perfectly fine. They simply install inside the "Program Files (x86)" folder.

Personally, I made a folder inside this x86 folder called "_Games" (the "_" is so it stays at the top) so that I could keep all of my games there and not have a million game-folders inside "x86".

As a sidenote, if you are able to, it always helps to right click and "Run as administrator". I've found it eliminates any crashes for games that have them occasionally.

If you need any further help, feel free to contact me.

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Yes, it does work with Windows 7.

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