Question from swordsmankai

Asked: 3 years ago

Can i run this game?

I was thinking about getting this game but don't know if i can run it so here's my system specs

CPU:AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-72
CPU Speed:2.1 Ghz
Graphics Card:ATI Radeon HD 3200
R.A.M: 2.7 GB
HDD: 116 GB Available

Additional details - 3 years ago

Edit: ok so i just tried the dragon age 2 demo and it worked pretty well it was a little choppy but no glitches or anything so would this one(Dragon Age: Origins) work ok?

and i have tried all these "can i run it sites" and they say that it won't run at all but DA2 demo ran fine so i guess my question is is my graphics card good enough if i run it on low settings?

Accepted Answer

From: kamakazipie 3 years ago

choose Dragon Age: Origins from the drop down list, install the add-on (Not a virus i promise, its on my computer) and it will tell you if you can run it.

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