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Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
2 locked crates in Denerim market? 2
A couple of questions......? 3
Ancient history quest? - Soldiers Peak 8
Are there any hidden Specializations or abilities? 5
Arl Eamon said to go to Orzammar but it doesn't show up on the map! Where is Orzammar? Why can't I see it? 2
Arl Eamon's Estate & The Love Letter...? 1
Army? 2
Black Grimoire(Spoiler)? 1
Brecilan Forest quests- mage treasure? 1
Can anyone help with Redcliff Finale? (Spoilers ahoy!) 1
Cannot unlock (UNBOUND), HELP, please? 2
Circle of magi?? 3
Deep roads. Cant find trenches? 3
Do you get anything for killing the mage, siding with Sophia at Wardens Keep? 3
Does zevran have a companion quest? 2
Duncan's shield? *possible spoilers* 3
Enolas Hala? 4
Exotic Methods (Poisoned noble in Dwarven City)? 2
Flemeths Grimoire? 4
Guy at the docks wont give me the info I need to continue for the urn? 2
Help finding a armorsmith? 2
Help on Lady Isolde/Connor Choice? 6
Help? ( quickly please ) Dwarven alliance 1
How can I get into Caridin's crossroad? 1
How do advance Shale's companion quest? 2
How do I acquire the quest to fight flemeth? 1
How do I change to a mouse, in the first part of the fade? 4
How do I enter Jarvis' Compound? 4
How do I find the Urn of Ashes NOW?? 3
How do I finish the quest "The Dead Caste?" 1
How do I get Dwyn to help? 3
How do I get past the forest barrier? 1
How do I get to the Nightmares in the fade? 1
How do I make the statues on the circle of magi work? 2
How do I raise approval late in game? 3
How do I release sten? 2
How do I save the Dalish guy's werewolf wife? 6
How do I solve "An Admirable Topsider"? 2
How do I solve "Caged in Stone" side quest? 1
How do I solve (Blackstone Irregulars - Scraping the Barrel)? 1
How do I solve (The Sword of the Beresaad)? 2
How do I solve (Werewolf Ruins Altar Puzzle)? 5
How do I solve a puzzle in orzammar? 1
How do I solve A Topsider's Honor? 2
How do I solve Alter puzzle? 2
How do I solve Asunder? 1
How do I solve blood of warning quest ? 1
How do I solve Lelianas personal quest when she isnt giving me any options? 1
How do I solve Magi collectivity Scroll of Banistors? 1
How do I solve places of power side quest? 2
How do I solve Precious Metal Quest? 1
How do I solve Summoning Sciences quest at the circle tower? 1
How do I solve the Bridge Puzzle in the Urn Gaunlet? 3
How do I solve the Elven Ritual Quest? 1
How do I solve The Missing Child? 1
How do I solve the Summoning Science? 1
How do I solve Unbound? 1
How do I solve unlikely Scholar & Precious Metal? 1
How do i unlock the Duelist? 8
How do I unlock the Shapeshifter ability from Morrigan? 6
How do I use the Golem to break through doors? 2
How do you complete the elvan ritual? 2
How do you open the Chest from Hungry Deserter? 1
How do you unlock Spirit Healer? 1
How many extra attributes are available in the quest "Lost in Dreams"? 2
How to get Five Pages, Four Mage Quest and how to complete it? 1
How to get info about father Gevini from Haven? 4
how to re-enter Korcari wilds? 2
How to start morrigan side/companion quest? 5
I need Help on the Ashes of Andraste Quest Gauntlet Area? 4
I stopped playing Isabela's card game and she dissapeared. Does she come back? 1
Invisible Bridge? 3
is that it ?? in WITCH HUNT i choose to follow morrigan and THE END ? is that it ? 2
Is there any way to get 18 Corpse Gall for the Chanter Board other than killing Connor? 1
More party members mean slower leveling? 3
Picking a King? 1
Poisened Dwarf quest? 1
Robes for mister K? 1
Shale and Caridin? 3
Shale sides with Caridin? 3
Siding with the Cultists? 1
Stone prisoner bug ? 1
Stuck In the Fade - Shale's Nightmare, how do I free Shale? 1
Summoning Sciences? 2
Sword of Beresaad won't update? 1
The Arl of RedCliffe ?? 1
The gaunglet dragon age origins? 2
The urn of sacred ashes? 2
Watchgaurd of the Reaching? 2
Watchguard for The Living? 1
What do you do with the landmark spots? 1
What happens if you play both sides in Ozammar and neither aides will talk to you? 2
what happens if you side with the demon in the wardens keep DLC quest? 4
What is hiding in the great hall, and how do i get it? 1
What is the alternate to saving the circle of mages? 1
What is the good side keep the Anvil or destroy it? 4
When and how do i get Morrigan to join? 5
Where are all the couriers in Denerim? 1
Where can i find Ambassador Gainley for the Crows quest? 1
Where can i find The last Grave stone in Brecilian forest? 2
Where can i get ranger class? 1
Where do I find Rigby's cache? 1
Where do I find the Chasind horde in the Korcari Wilds? 2
Where do I get the last piece of Juggernaut Armor? 3
Where is Flemeth? 1
Where is Missionary Rigby's stash? 1
Where is Soldier's Peak? 4
Where is the place of power in the Deep Roads? 1
Where to find finger-bone token(dwarves city)? 3
Where's Aneirin? *Spoiler Alert* 1
Where's the phylactery for the summoning quests? 1

Item Location Help Answers
Acquired Items not in inventory? 2
Anybody know why my armor set bonus isn't working? 1
Arcane Warrior? 1
Are There Storage Spaces? 5
Armor of the Divine Will? 2
Best sword and dagger please? 1
Blood dragon armor location? 3
Brecilan Forest quests - Crazy mage? 1
Can i get Morrigan's book after i leave the Tower? 1
Can somebody perform enchantment with more than 2 weapons?? 1
Ceremonial Armor Set? 2
Chevalier Armor set? 1
Do multiple Rapid Aims and Imp. Blood Magics stack? 1
Do the different jewels (Ruby, Topaz, etc.) have any use? 1
Do the items dropped by enemies increase in level/stats if you are at higher levels? 3
Do the special items from the DLC become stronger when I'm at a higher level or is it just the regular items? 1
Does anyone know the item name for Sten's sword? 2
Does the Bad Luck Charm affect anything? 3
Does the effect of multiple Dwarven Merchant's Belts stack? 1
Duncan's Shield? 1
Griffon's Beak? 1
how can i get Cailan/Duncan's weapons and armor? 1
How can I open all of these locked chests? 1
How do i get Cailan's armor? 1
How do I get my items back from Dwarf Noble origin? 4
How do i get the summer sword? 1
How do I give gifts to party members? 1
How do I heal my injuries? 4
How do I open Jammer's Hidden Stash? 5
How do I open the potion making screen? (PC version) 2
How do I use an item? 2
How do I use the stone I found in the superman-like crate? 1
How do you use weapon runes like a fire rune on your weapon? 2
Is Cailin's armor and sword stock? 1
Is it possible to get robes like the one worn by First Enchanter Irving? 1
Is there an item that will allow me to become a blood mage? 1
Is there any other way to buy or find drake scales? 2
Juggernaut Set? 1
Loot Random? 1
Lothering locked cabinet? 2
Low Morale? 1
other Books given to you? 1
Qunari Sword? 2
Recovering Preorder Items For Dwarf Noble? 2
Shops and their contents. Missable? 1
Traps? 1
What are the benefits of Item Set Bonuses? 2
What are the best and strongest , armor , helmet , boots , gloves , shield and sword for a human worrior ? 3
What are the gemstones & Iron Rings used for? 2
What are the plot specific gifts? 2
What do i do with Gifts? 2
What does "Rapid Aim" do? 1
What is Blank vellum used for? 4
What is the Brandy and Rat Poison for? 1
What is the easiest way to make gold without using the developers console? 1
What is the point of the Trade Manifest? 2
What is the usage of "Bedroom Key"? 1
What is/are the best armor(s) for a Rogue? 2
When do I get cool rogue armor? 4
Where can I find (Assassin Manual)? 4
Where can I find (Reaver manual)? 4
Where can I find 4 items for Mages Treasure? 9
Where can I find Ancient Elven boots? 1
Where can I find brilliant spirit crystals? 2
Where can I find cheaper materials for Potent Lyrium Potions? 2
Where can I find King Maric's Blade? 3
Where can I find Lyceum Dust for sale? 1
Where can I find my Dog?, i am a Elf Magi 3
Where can I find Shale? 3
Where can I find Sten's sword? 1
Where can I find Templar Gloves & Boots? 1
Where can I find the armor that leliana is wearing in the sacred ashes trailer? 1
Where can I find the Blood Dragon Gauntlets? 1
Where can I find the Effort armor-set helmet "Duty"? 2
Where can I find the Helm and Boots of Diligence? 3
Where can I find The Key to the City? 2
Where can I find the smith to temper meteor metal ore? 1
Where can I find the two swords you can see on the main menu? 1
Where can I find the urn of andrastes ashes? 1
Where can i find the Yusaris sword? 1
Where can I get a decent amount of gold? like a 100+ 2
Where do I find Zevran? 2
Where is Old Tegrin? 1
Where the locations of all known dragons? 2
Which dragon do I kill for the drakescale armour? 2
Which vendors can upgrade my gear? 1
Who do I give the joining chalice to? 2
Who uses these Crystal weapon-things? 2

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
"?" Anvil and Shale 1
*spoiler* About Morrigan's offer? 1
Alistair and Reaver spec? 1
Anvil of the Void? 2
As a male human noble, how can I marry Anora and become king? 1
Become King and Queen? 1
Can I get the foursome anytime in the game? 3
Can I have romance with all in party?? 1
Can i marry Anora? 1
Can u leave feraldan? 1
Can you skip scenes? 2
Caridin or Branka, good or bad? 1
Ending offer? 1
Erm, does anybody have an answer? 1
Female Warden - Alistair + Leiliana? 1
Have I missed my chance to get Wynne? 2
How do I get alistair to talk about his sister? 2
How do i get into the alienage? 2
How do I keep Zevran from joining up with the Crows again and trying to kill me? 4
How do you get both Anora and Alistair to marry? 2
How do you get Sten to join your party? 8
How to ramance wit both morrigan & leilana and not letting me choose 1 of them ??? 1
I become king but..? 1
Is it possible to get Jowan? 4
Is it possible to make love to a female character more than once ? 6
Is Morrigan Restricted to a Male-Female Relationship Only? 4
Is there a way to fix Romance with Leliana? 1
Is there any way to avoid the Lotherian event? *spoiler* 1
Leilana romance? 1
Morrigan - Love Approval ? 5
Morrigan and the ritual? 3
Morrigan or Leliana? 1
Morrigan relationship help? 1
Must you be a noble? 2
Need help with Human ending? - Major Spoilers 4
Negative consequences to multiple romances? 1
Race and Class effect on Endings(SPOILER)? 1
Reaver spec? 5
Sweet Kaitlyn fom Redcliffe... (???) 1
The Best Ending? 2
What does donating the items to the people at camp do? 1
What happenned with Morrigan ? (That Bi*@$...) 2
What happens if i kill Master Ignacio which completes the antivan crows quest? 1
What is the best class to play? 3
Where is the desire deamon? 2
Who is the better one to decide with in the Dwarves part of the Main Quest, the Lord or the Prince? 3
Why did Alistar end it? 1
Why does Wynne leaves??? 1
Will there be an option to romance with the NPCs? 6
Will Wynne leave if i become a Blood Mage? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
Alistar Vs. Loghain? 2
Are there any dragons to hunt? 2
Bard, hunter, assasin or duelist? 3
Best weapon for arcane warrior dragon age ? 4
Can i do Circle of Magi with this group? 1
Can shapeshifters tank? 3
Can someone help me get the specializations from a completed game? 2
Can tactics turn off abilities after a fight? 2
Can you redo your skill points or talents? 2
Coercion? 11
Combat Tactics- Leliana? 1
Combining Magic? 1
Dexterity or Cunning for a melee Rogue? (Assassin) 2
Did I screw reaver up? 1
Do characters gain experience outside of main party? 3
Do you lose specialization points if you level up without spending? 2
Does and how does Dex affect hit rate? 1
Does Lethality affect Piercing Weapons? 2
Emissaries say they need stuff, but no option to give it to them? 1
Heavy hitter and travler achivemenet? 1
How best to utilize Arcane Warrior? 3
How do I get my party to run rather than walk? 1
How do I get the templars for the final battle? 1
How do I get Wynne to teach Spirit Healer?! 3
How do I give Gifts to Party Members While I Am In Camp ? 3
How should i build alistair? how should i build my character who is a sword and shield too? 3
How to do both Prince Bhelen Aeducan and Lord Pyral Harrowmont quests? 1
How to increase persuasion? 1
How to stop running out of mp? 2
How to use tactics to revive characters in battle? 1
How/Where do I unlock the Arcane Warrior Specialization? 1
Is there a Point the Urn of Sacred Ashes has to be retreived before? 1
Is there like, a Town Portal? 1
Multiple Specializations? 3
Picking between the two factions of Orzammar? 5
Ranger and what? 5
Rogue and the backstabbing, help please? 3
Strength Modifier? 2
Supplies? 2
Tanking Rogue? 3
Were can i take champion and the last spec for my warior ? 5
What are all the characters? Which are/are not romancable? 1
What are the best Specialization classes for Rogues and Warriors? 1
What are the leveling caps, if any? 3
What are the two best mage specializations? 14
What is the 'correct' amount of Cunning to have? 1
What is the best best build for each class? 3
What is the best spec for mage? 2
What is the best strategy for Dual Weapon Rouge? 1
What tactical "Status" is death? 1
What's a good attribute build for a dwarven tank? 2
Where can I grind for experience? 5
Who's better?? 3
Why are some strategies not working? 1
Will casting two Tempests do more damage? 1

Other Help Answers
Animal companion? 2
Any known Glitches when using the console to go back to the Origin Screen? 1
Battles? 1
Better in XP? 1
Broken Circle? 2
Buffs effect during conversations? 1
Build for a rogue? 28
Build/guide for rouge assassin? 1
Can I be king while having a romance? 1
Can I install it on more than one PC? 1
Can i keep leliana if i become a blood mage? 1
Can I pause and/or save the game at any point? 1
Can i run this game? 1
Can you keep your equipment? 1
Can you recognize the game this screenshot was taken from? 4
Can you romance morrigan as a dwarf? 1
Can you save points between levels, or do you loose them? 1
Can you still get the limited edition which contains BOTH day one expansions? (UK) 1
Casanova? 1
Changing Appearance (In-Game) (?) 1
Changing difficulty on the fly? 1
Character Creator Help? 1
Cheat supercrit player not work? 1
Cheats in a notebook? 2
Cheats? 1
Circle of magi question? 1
Collector's Edition vs Regular? 1
Console code makes game THINK i have Oghren. game broken? 1
Console commands not working! Help? 2
Disk help? 1
Do enimes scale up or down to meet your lvl? 1
Do transformations benefit from armor and stuff? 2
Do you unlock anything for beating the game? 2
Does nVidia's 3D vision work with Dragon's Age? 1
Does the Blight spread while you are traveling? 5
Does this game also work with windows 7? 2
Does this game have online play via the internet? 2
Dose logan count as a party menber for the requriter acheacment? 1
Dragon Blood Armor with Mass Effect 2? 1
Duncan's shield for warehouse? 1
Enemy respawns? 2
Extra Quickbar Shortcut Buttons? 1
Fade the templars nightmare? 1
For the Console Commands, how do I find the number that corresponds to talents/spells/abilities? 2
Framerate? 1
Gift preferences? 1
Hidden Fourth Profession?? 1
How big is the world map? 1
How can i get leliana to join me ?( plz help ) 2
How can I save my games in case something happens? 3
How can I tell what version of the game I'm playing? 1
How can we enable the console command? 15
How do i enter the campsite? 1
How do I get Leliana to sing? 1
How do I get my Items back during the Noble Dwarf Origin? 1
How do i get my party to follow me? 2
How do I get the Cute Nug from the Idle Dwarf? 6
How do I get the the console working properly? I have patch 1.01b installed 1
How do i give gifts to my party members? 1
How do I have that threesome/foursome? 1
How do I unlock Bloodmage? Who can teach it? 2
how do I unlock the camera in Dragon age origins for the pc? 1
How do you activate blood magic in dragon age origins after the desire demon gives it to you? 1
How do you get key for the chest at Bevin's house in Redcliff? 1
How do you take a screen shot? 1
How do you tell what your approval rating is with someone? 1
How do you view the items you steal/receive? 1
How many endigs there are? 2
How to know?. 1
How to make runes? 1
How to play on multiple computers, while keeping unlocked classes? 1
How to unlock Oghren? 3
How to unlock romance option with Leliana? 1
How To Use Herbalism? 1
I'm at level 7: how do I gain my specialization? 2
I've instaled DLC and the new area dont appear on map? 1
If I delete? 1
If I'm downloading a patch, will it give me staff from previous patches? 1
If Lothering is destroyed, can you still get Leliana? 1
IF you download content into your PC but also have it for PS3 can you use it on both consoles? 2
If your a human noble is it possible to find Fergus after Orzamar? 1
Im in the Circle Tower with a full bag, what to do? 1
Is Coercion really important? 2
Is it possible to get Leliana after *spoiler*? 3
Is it possible to use tactics menu for currently selected character? 1
Is the PC version better than the xbox 360 version? 3
Is the spell "Arcane Bolt" different than the basic attack of a staff?? 2
Is there a limit to the usage of the "runscript zz_addapproval X YY" cheat? 2
Is there a reward for collecting all codex ? 2
Is there a way to edit your appearance, in game? 3
Is there a way to get my dextraty up snd not level up? 2
Is there a way to level up quickly? 2
Is there an option? 1
Is there anyway to reset the character talents/skills? 2
Is there more than two levels to Power of Blood? spoilers 1
Is this a good game? 4
Leliana Plot? 1
Leliana Quest Help *possible spoilers?* 1
Locks - Unsufficient Skill ??? 2
Max lvl ? 2
Mod folder? 1
Multiplayer mode? 1
Multiplayer? 6
Need Help With Cheat Console - STEAM ver? 11
Ostagar dlc not ready? 1
Other campaigns? 1
PC Becoming a paragon? 2
Points ? 1
Ranger? 1
Romance with alistar? 1
Secret Achievements? 1
Sex Scenes? 4
Specialization? 4
Start with Two-Handed Weapon? 3
Stone Prisoner disappears from map, journal? 4
Switching party members, why it doesnt happen?? 1
The templars nightmare in the fade? 1
User Screenshots don't save - Why not? 1
Voice of character? 1
What happens when a character dies? [can they be resurrected?] 2
What is a good game controller for this game? 2
What items should i use? 1
What lvls do you get talent points to spend? 1
what numbers do I use for the add talent or spell cheat? 1
What's that song that plays during the credits? 1
When does the Blight spread on ure map and what does it matter? 1
Where can i unlock blood mage and reaver? 1
Where is the place of power in Denerim? 1
Where is this elf? 1
Where is Wynne? 1
Where to find Oghren and recruit him?? 1
Which mouse's click I must do in order to use the icons on my quickbar? 1
Who are the 3 characters are excellent.for you? 7
Who are the strongest allies? 4
who is Isabela? 2
Who to choose - Bhelen or Harrowmont? 1
Why does Berserker keep shutting off? 2
Why doesnt sten get a starter specialty or at least a lvl 7 point like everyone else? 3
Why don't i have the option to pick the lock on stens cage? 2
Why I coud not get Torghar? 1
Why Sendal is so powerfull both in DA:O and DA:2 ? 2
Will i get the same exp points like them? 1
Will this run on my macbook pro? 1
With the Campsite, what do I do with the Emissaries? (See detailed info please) 2
With the command console the add gold only make me go negitive? 4

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