Open Questions

Quest/Puzzle Help Answers
Arcane warrior bug? 2
Are there any missable quests? 10
Ban of west hills estate anyway to get into the door behind the bookshelf? 2
Blood, arcane warrior unlocked no talents why?(on Xbox 360 version) 3
Can't enter Korcari Wilds (for the first time)? 1
Can't get insignia for The Dead Caste? 2
Crime Wave chain, 4th/last quest: The Tears of Andraste any clue? 3
Deadman trenches? 2
Elven Ruins? 5
Flame Puzzle in Wilhelm's Cellar? 5
Grey wardens help? 4
How can I enter the Chamber Assembly? 1
How can I make Levi Dryden come to the camp after I install the DLC? 3
How do I complete the 2nd quest for Crime Wave? 3
How do I complete the urn of ashes reviving Arl Eamon? 3
How do I enter the Elven Ruins? 2
How do I escape the estate? 2
How do I find the last two doors for the mages collective? 2
How do I gain access to all the different quarters of denerim? 3
How do I get A Change of Leadership, the last Blackstone Irregulars quest? 1
How do I get out off Denerim? 7
How do I get pack the blocked door in the Werewolf Ruins? 6
How do I get Sten? 6
How do I solve ( Massive Doors)? 2
How do I solve (Negotiation Aids)? 1
How do I solve (the attack at nightfall)? 5
How do I solve A Paragon of Her Kind(it's serious)? 1
How do I solve A Paragon of Her Kind? 3
How do I solve A Poisonous Proposition? 1
How do I solve Anvil of the Void four anvils trap? 4
How do I solve Easy Stealing? 3
How do I solve Grease he wheel? 1
How do I solve quest? 1
How do I solve the flame puzzle to get shale? 2
How do I solve The Missionary (Letter to Jogby) ? 5
How do I start the Crow quests? 1
How do I unlock the door in Soldier's Peak? 2
How i open the path to the four trial on ruined temple? 1
How to get in to the assembly chamber? 2
How to make wynne is not leave from my parties? 1
I'm stuck in the game, can you help? 3
In Ostragra the smith mention an elf with a set of armor ...? 3
Is the Recruiter achievement for the PC bugged? 1
Its possible to use debug in companions quests? 1
Lothering Merchant, how do I persuade him? 4
Lower Ruins(wearwolf/dalish section) Jug keeps becoming empty after I pray. Glitch? 2
Of Noble Birth? 2
Orzammar bug -Anvil of the void? 2
Party member Approval quest... Need help (?) 2
Possible missed/broken Quest? 1
Problem in orzammar can anyone help? 6
Problems in the West Forest?? 1
Redcliffe Invasion Bug? 1
Soldier's keep?? 2
Stuck in the Raw Fade (2nd time in fade) What to do? 4
stuck while playing Daragon Age: origin at Orzammar? 1
Summoning dragon in throne room rayol palace? 1
Tempalr's Nightmare? 1
Urn of Sacred Ashes and Brother Genitivi? 4
Well I was exploring the wolfs den dungeon and got stuck? 2
Werewolf pelt for the hermit? 7
What do I do with the Iron Ore? 2
What inn is the guy I have to find for the Urn Quest in? 5
Where do get the garnets for the quest untraceable? 2
Where do I find commander asthurian's secret cache?? 1
Where is the office in the Alienage? 1
Where is the Warden's Keep?/Golem? 2
Where the dinky doo is Arl Eamon [post-revival, pre-landsmeet]? 1
Wheres Bhelen? 4
Whr did my char went after i chose to go with mrigan at witch hunt ?Does anyone know ?or will it be xplain at D.A.O 2 ? 2
Why can I not get back to the market district in Denerim? 1

Item Location Help Answers
"Useless Items"? Easy sellable items? 6
(Dragon Age: Awakening) Where I can BUY or find blood lotus? 4
Bow or Crossbow? 5
Cannot heal my party in Lothering? 2
Chevalier Armor Chest Plate in the Pearl? 2
DLC and Awakening? 2
Do both equiped weapons provide a bonus, or just the active ones? 2
Do multiple Paralyze runes stack? 1
Does Templar chest always backwords and arms behind the back of character on females? (xbox 360 version) 2
Dragonbone armor??? 3
Duplicating items? 1
Dwarf vs Human sword speed? 2
How can i recover my sword? 1
How do I craft an item? 2
How do I get the blood dragon plate if i said my age was under 17 on the site?? 3
How do i use advanced poison making? 1
How do you use litany of adralla? 1
how to level Duncan's sword/ Maric's blade? 3
How to use poisons? 3
How to use purchased talent/skills from vendors? 1
Is the sword and armor used by the PC in Sacred Ashes (and also on the front cover of the box) found anywhere in-game? 1
Is there any item to learn Blood Mage specialization ? 3
Item Set ? 1
Items for Lvl25 DW Templar/Beserker? 3
Keeping the Emporium open with Dragonscale Armor? 1
Perform enchantment with more than 2 weapons in the camp?? Follow up question. 2
Redcliffe Castle? 1
Spirit healer book major problem? 2
Trouble using Redeem codes-Cannod download the content. HELP!? 1
Two ranger specilization? 1
Ultimate armor set? 2
Warden Commander Armor set bonus? 1
What does the Dwarven Merchant's belt actually do? How is loot generated? 2
what is the best 1h sword and shield in the game for alistar? no DLC 1
What's the relationship between daggers and dex? 3
Where are all the backpacks located? 7
Where are shadowmeld boots in Temple of Vulak? 1
Where are the health poultices recipies? 3
Where can I find (Chevalier's armor boots and helmet)? 1
Where can I find a LOW-LEVEL bow for the safe passage quest? 4
Where can I find all of the class unlock books? 2
Where can I find best weapon and armor for 2handed warrior? 1
Where can I find Chasind Great maul? 2
Where can I find dragonbane antivancrow dagger with 3 slot? 1
Where can I find it? 1
Where can I find Mage's Chest key? 1
Where can I find master lyrium potion ? 1
Where can I find oil and flawless ruby ? 1
Where can I find Ser Garden's sword? 1
Where can I find star metal? 5
Where can I find starfang sword? 3
Where can I find the best massive plate armour set? 3
Where can I find the gold that Sophia promises me after the quest wardens keep? 1
Where can I find the Human Nobles Concept Art Armor? 1
Where can I find these dog warpaints? 1
Where can I find Tomes of Mortal Vessel? 1
Where can I use Drake Scales? 1
Where can you find the Ancient Elf Armor boots ? 3
Where is a good place to find lots of flasks? 5
Where is the lockbox in the kocari wilds? 1
Who should I give the painted skyball gift to? 1
Yusaris? 1

Plot/Storyline Help Answers
Keeping Alistair a Warden? 0
Why did my Sten have -1 Cunning without Injuries and other active effects? 0
Alistair ending *spoilers*? 6
Alistair/Landsmeet problems? 4
All of the people in redcliff are dead, will it change something? 2
Allied Supply Crates? 3
Any suggestion which town to go first? 4
Arcane Warrior Spec. (???) The quickest way... 2
Aside from bearing a child, does any choice I made when I choose Morrigan as a love interest matter? 1
Desire Demon and Blood Mage Specialization. .? 1
Do playing in incorrect order of DLCs (Witch Hunt and Awakening) screws up the save ? 1
Does being female do anything different? 2
Does random encounter--help save dwarf/elf/mage party being attacked by mob--affect # of troops in the end? 2
Dwarf Noble King? 1
Ending question? *spoilers* 4
Hardening Alistair? 1
Having trouble "hardening" Alistair? 1
How do I "do: Isabella? 2
How do u become the king? 2
How to advance plotline in Lothering? 1
How to convince Alistair to let you give final blow? 1
How to get the Alistair marry the main (female character?) 2
Iona/Nesiara ? 3
Is there any major difference in finishing the DLC sooner rather then later? 4
Is there any way of going from friends to adore or love ??? 4
Looks like plot logic bug? 1
Noble Warrior or Dalish Elf? 2
Romance with Alistair and Morrigan's offer tied together? 3
Survived killing the Archdemon without Morrigan's ritual? 1
Too Late to Romance Alistair? 2
What a good way to kill Branka? 2
When do the landsmeet? 1
When does the DLC starts to appear? 2
Where has Wynne gone? 1
Which side for the anvil of void? 3
Why did the epilogue simply state "your companions all went their own way" and not their individual endings? ( 1
Wounded Cutscene? 2
Zevran stuck at adore? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
What's the best damage output builds for all classes? 0
(SPOILERS) Hardened Alistair King, Loghain Spared, Anora Imprisoned? 2
About spell combination? 1
After the landsmeet? 2
Archer/Dw Build for Leliana? 1
Arl of Redcliffe and Conor (his son)? 3
Can I transfer specializations to another gamer profile? 1
Can't gather party ? 3
Daggers or swords for a rogue? 1
Dragon age duelist unlock? 4
Dwarf romances? 4
Giving your the army you collect from the treaties supplies? 1
Have 2 Tanks? 2
How can i increase the frequency of finishing cool combat which my hero can do? 1
How can I open all of these locked chests? Real Answer. 1
How do I get the party to attack? 3
How you do determin what elemental weakness monsters have? 2
I can't play well? 1
In the fade:Using lyrium vein during combat on the PC? 3
Is there a way to level up party members from level 1? 4
Leveling Questions? 1
Making a good archer? 4
Morrigan and Leliana? 3
Ok i keep hearing that a mage is the best but all i want to know is how to become a blood mage? 5
Rapid aim? 2
Rogue attribute build? 3
Rogue build for archery and duel wielding? 1
Tactics on myself? 3
What is the best leveling package for a Dwarf? 2
Which is better in the final battle: the werewolves on my side, or the Dalish elves on my side? 2
Which party members to choose? 2
Which _skills_? 1
Why can't I cast arcane bolt more than once at an enemy? 3
Why doesn't stealth always work? 1
Why wont my other characters fight? 2
Will all these substainable stack togheter for my warrior?.. 1

Technical Help Answers
Can I import a Post Coronation Morrigan Re-romance save into Awakening and Witch Hunt without bugs? 0
Font size? 0
Glitches with fort drakon, help? 0
Tactics randomly disappearing? 0
Why the framerate drop? 0
?Problems With Lagging 2
At what point do specializations unlock for any new file? 1
Bound in Blood Bug - Can't activate Statue? 1
Bug when rescuing wardens? (spoiler) 1
Camera Control? 1
Can anyone tell me how to make the main menu respond? 1
Can I play the game? 1
Can I run DA without any problems? 2
Can i run Dragon Age on a Dual Core 1.65 ghz processor with 4ghz memry in a lower settings? 1
Can i run this game comfortably?? 5
Can I run this on my laptop? PLEASE RESPOND 1
Can my computer run DAO? 2
Can you help me run the game this way? 1
can't change console key?? HELP! 1
Can't take pictures? 1
Cannot access download points ? 1
Cannot connect to internet to finish installation? 1
Cant turn into a mouse in fade? 1
Character stops moving randomly when using forward/left/right keys? 1
Clothes after attributes have been reset? 1
Could I run Dragon Age: Origins? 3
Cpu too hot?? 2
Desperate about console command, nothing seems to work. Help? 2
Does dlc carry over? 1
Does this dexterity bug affect xbox 360? If so how do I fix it? 1
Does this game work on a mac? 3
Dragon Age awakening "undefined text" import crash? 1
Enabling cheat codes? 1
Entering Cheat code in shortcut, Please Help? 1
Equal Love Mod Help? 1
Everytime I open console it locks what gives? 2
FPS Issues in DO:A? 2
Game crashes to desktop in Tower of Ishal? 1
Game stops running on its own, how to fix ? 1
Gauntlet bridge glitch? 3
Graphics don't work on character selection screen? 1
Having problem with Denerim city gates. Can anny one help me? *Spoliers* 3
Help in the West Forest needed? 1
How Can I Access Warden's Keep and The Stone Prisoner? 1
How can I get my main character to speak? 1
How do i activate the cheats on the steam version? 3
How do I enable console commands on the EA downloader version? 1
How do I fix my problem with enabling Console Command? 2
How do I fix the Armor & Weapons stuck on character? 2
How do I return to camp and use DLC after beating the main storyline? 1
How do you make the cheats work on a mac? 2
How to level up? 2
How to save the progress? ( Need to know the data file which store the progress) 2
I cant get the Command Consle to work? 1
I keep getting misconfiguration, please reinstall software,why? 1
I need help with dwarf noble origins glitch ? 1
I need some help trying to accessthe console command, I've done what I am supposed to but it won;t work, ? 3
In window of patry selection can select only main character any know who can select the rest of companions??? 2
Install error? 3
Invulnerable mobs? 1
Is my laptop good enough to run this game? 3
Items in inventory suddenly disappeared? 1
Missing map? 1
My computer is failing to run Dragon Age smoothly at lowest graphics, HELP!?! 2
My disk stopped working? 1
My first fight with 5 rats in the kitchen won't let me wield my sword. I can't fight. What do I need to do? 1
My GPU? 1
No Cursor? 2
Reinstall ? 1
Says physxloader.dll is missing? 3
Social Bioware site is down? Cant paly Dragon Age, and the saved game files wont load because of the downloaded content. 1
Something wrong with my game? 2
Sub-characters skill and item resets? 2
Sudden huge lag spikes??? 1
Sudden lag? 1
The console cheat doesn't work anymore!what happened?? 1
The landsmeet glitch!!!???? 1
Toolset-Overriding an existing area? 1
Unauthorized??? 1
What is the shortcut for windows 7? 1
Where is the bin_ship folder? 2
Where is the CD key? 1
Why aren't Stone Prisoner and Dragon Armor avaliable? 1
Why can I not enter the Console, despite me following all hints? 1
Why can't I get the console to work? 1
Why can't I use my computer mouse? 1
Why can't I use the arrows to display a new page in my poison menu? 1
Why does the game keep telling me (error initializing phys)? 1
Why does the game keep telling me that I am not connected to the Internet? 1
Why does the game keep telling me to update to play new dlc? 1
Why doesn't my keyboard work in game? 1
Why is all the description showing at the bottm right corner ? 1
Why won't my DLC items show up? 1
Why won't the game start? 2
Will it lag on my laptop? 3
Will this game run on my Laptop specs? 2
Would my laptop run dragon age? 1

Other Help Answers
Can you do side quests after Landsmeet? 0
DLC missions I have dowloaded say download failed! Help? 0
How do I turn off autotargetting in Dragon Age: Origins? 0
Is there anyway to play in windowed mode? 0
Morrigan's Ring bug question? 0
100% Complete? 2
About the doomsayer in Lothering...? 3
Achievement ?? 1
Alistair, Dog, Morrigan? 1
are the DLC any good? 2
Are there any console commands for unlocking doors? 2
Armor for Rogue? 2
Can I backtrack from Lothering to get animal companion? 1
Can I Change It??? 1
Can I continue with my character? 4
Can I go back to Ferelden after finishing Awakening? 1
Can I switch my main character in from another save game? 1
Can my dalish elf be the king of fereldon?? 1
Can the family sword in the human noble story be upgraded past grey iron? 1
Can't get a party member's quest... any help? 3
Change appearance mods? 1
Console has stopped working? 2
DAOrigins.exe file help? 1
Difference between Spell resist and [Element] resist? 3
Disguise Problem?? 2
Does any one know the number system for addapproval glitch on the console patch? 1
Does anyone know what the differences are between the Asia-Pacific version (if any ?) 1
Does it run with vista? 1
Download Content on other pcs? 1
Download? 1
Downloads? 1
Dragon age character? 1
Dragon Age Flames? 1
Enemy Level? 5
Epilogue Question *Possible Spoilers* ? 1
Experience from summoned animal? 2
Fatigue on Arcane Warrior? 5
Final blow?? 1
Good Order to get through the story? 3
Healing injured characters? 3
Helmet Graphics toggle? 3
Help !! Where is werewolf ?? 6
Help with quickbar? 1
Help! Where is Irving? 1
How can i acces the console after the parameter is inserted? 2
How can i add additional origin characters to my party? 1
How can I add items to my current game or save, like weapons armor or rings? 2
How can i change my save game's local ? 1
How can i disable the shadows..??..please help.. :) 1
How can I edit the relationship levels? 1
How can I enable the console??? 2
How can i get the control rod? 2
How can I link to photobucket or ImageShack? 1
How can you make a shortcut when there isn't an exe file? 1
How do I acquire quest "Drifter's cache"? 1
How do I call more than one ally in the final battle with the Archdemon? 1
How do i dragg skills into the action bar? 3
how do I get to orzhammar? 1
How do I install extra missions? 1
How do i leave Lothering? 2
How do I rob anyone? I 1
How do you continue playing after you have finished? 1
How do you knwo the console worked? 1
How do you register on the website? is it even needed? 1
How does Blood magic interact? 2
How does the addparty cheat work? 2
How much damage do flaming/frost/telekinetic weapon spells add? 3
How much space on my HARDDISK i need to install this game ? 1
How to add a new skill? 1
How to buy items for others in my party from Bodahn? 1
How to climb? 1
How to fix broken bone? 3
How to leave Denerim? 2
How to play as Desire Demon? 1
How to unlock Reaver? 3
How to use runscript zz_wmp_debug? 2
I CAN'T find Morrigan after I talked to riordan? 1
I cant level up past level 22 ? 1
I cant proceed on after i completed circle of magi, orzammar and brecilian forest. wth???? 1
I cant switch characters! HELP? 1
I need to find Zevran please! I don't know if I could ever meet him? 1
In the human noble origin i can't get to the larder. The door in the main hall is locked. How do i get through? 5
In what order should I play DLCs? 2
Is a 1.8ghz processer good enough to play this game? 3
Is Dragon Age Origins fully explorable like Oblivion or is it level based? 2
Is it possible to get back into the fortress at Soldiers Peak after you have defeated the last boss? 1
Is it possible to travel outside of ferelden? 1
Is there a console command that lets you change your appearance? 4
Is there a new game plus? 2
Is there a way to export/import a character design? 2
Is there another way to enable the console command? 1
Is there any way to get the grey warden documents after leaving Howe's estate? 1
Is there any way to play Dragon's Age:Origins not in fullscreen? 2
Is There Anyway To Get Rid Of The "Invisible Objects?" 1
Is this game free roam?? 1
Leliana relationship with male elf? 1
Leliana Song? 1
Lower Ruins Juggernaut armor room glitch? 1
Making a shortcut for the cheat? 1
Manual; Spirit Healer - it's gone? 2
Merchant in Lothering? 1
Mods that change appearence? 1
Mods? 1
Morrigan? 2
My char has turned into Ray Charles, how do I turn him back? 3
Naked Characters and New Hairstyles? 1
Need a savegame to unlock the reaver, please? 1
No voices? 2
No working answer found yet to why my console command doesn't work? 1
Not enough room to list all of my abilities from the tactics window? 1
Nothing changes when i became a blood mage? 1
One tab quickbar? 2
Orzammar Debug Mode after a new king? 2
Party members selected but do not accompany player - why is this happening? 2
Permanent Highlight? 1
Play as Lady of the Forest? 2
Relationship Conflicts ?? Leliana or Morrigan so far... 2
Rogue Backstab ? 1
Shale Gone ??? 1
Slow Motion action shot! How'd I do that? 2
So how many Origins are there? 2
SPOILERS** Where can I find the book to teach spirit healer? I chose to kill the magi in the tower. 4
Stealing, lock picking? plus some small spoiler regard human noble theft. 1
Still not understanding why console isn't working??? 1
The cheat configuration doesn't work for me. Tried several times.? 1
The cheat runscript zz_supercrit gen00fl_leliana does not work for her anyone know why? 2
The game won't load Brother Genitivi's home? 1
The royal wedding? 1
The Templars Dead Body? 4
Third time lucky? 1
Two questions: Stamina regeneration and issues running the game? 1
Using add-ons? 1
Vessel of the Spirit? 2
War Dog item finding? 5
Werewolf curse? 1
Werewolfes in Soldier's Peak? 1
What are the ID numbers of the new DLC talents? 1
What armor does Loghain wear? 1
What is the battle system like? 2
What is the best controller for the PC version of games like Dragon's Age Origins? 1
What requirements must the Warder meet to have Alistair give her the rose? 3
Where are my charecters for the sloth demon fight? 1
Where in the elven ruins is the arcane warrior specialty? 1
Where on my hard drive are the execute files for downloadable content? 2
Why can't I download the special addition items for Dragon Age Origins? 5
why does the ogre in the west Brecilian forest @ the gravestone stop fighting? 2
Why has all my actions disappeared for most of my characters on the action bar? 1
Will Death Magic's effect continue while Blood Magic is active? 1
Will this laptop run DA Origins at a stable 30 fps or better? 1
Xbox 360? 1
Xbox Live Profile? 3

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