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  V 1.0 Completed 7/9/2014

  Written and maintained by James Friel
  Copyright @2014 James Friel (jamesfriel05@comcast.net) This FAQ is solely
  intended for use on Gamefaq.com forum site, and may not be reproduced or
  duplicated without permission of myself. If you want to use or duplicate
  the FAQ, feel free on other sites, I really am not a greedy person, just
  make sure to credit the FAQ and myself when doing it.

  2006 JoWooD Productions, Developed by Phenomic. Published by JoWooD. 


  I.   Revision History
  II.  Introduction
  III. Hints and Tips
  IV.  Walkthrough
       1. Mirraw Thur
       2. Stormcleaver Rocks
       3. Echo Swamps
       4. Frostfall
       5. Tirganach
       6. Winterdeep
       7. Mirraw Thur part 2
       8. Fastholme
       9. Tirganach part 2
      10. Nevershade Frontier
      11. Shal'Dun
      12. Firefangs
      13. Abyss
      14. Frostweaver Rift

  V.  Last Words


  7/09/14 v1.0
  - FAQ started
  - Added Introduction
  - Added locations 1-14
  - Added Hints and Tips and Last words

[NOTE: My revision history starts at version 1.0 and each change will be noted
 as a .1 addition, so the 3rd revision, if it ever gets to that, will be
 version 1.3]


  I recently started playing the Spellforce series and really had fun with it.
But I noticed there wasn't much on the internet about the game in terms of
walkthroughs and info. Some of the host sites are not working anymore, and
the JoWood website not updating anymore with minimal forums. So I decided to
put up a FAQ/Walkthrough to help players.

  This Walkthrough is for the 2nd Spellforce expansion . We will be making up
a warrior character. As you advance and level up you want to pick the
following skills for your warrior. These are the minimum you want your stats
and skills to be...

  Strength 80  Stamina 80  Dexterity 37  Agility 34  Int & Wisdom 29

  Heavy Combat Arts    12
  Heavy Blade Weapons  10
  Heavy Armor          11
  Shields              12

  Light Combat Arts     2  (for the 2 special abilities)
  Elemental Magic       2
  Ice Magic             2

  My final character was level 30

  Strength 89  Stamina 89  Dexterity 40  Agility 37  Int & Wisdom 35

  Heavy Combat Arts    12
  Heavy Blade Weapons  12
  Heavy Armor          12
  Shields              12

  Light Combat Arts     2
  Elemental Magic       5
  Ice Magic             5

  Now, the reason we will take 2 levels of Light Combat Arts are to pick up
the valuable skills. Taking levels higher than this do not grant you anymore
skills of value. You will still have a couple extra skill points left over 
from your main 4 combat skills. Most low level magic abilities aren't really
beneficial to your character, but there are a few that are. The main one that
is very useful at low levels is ICE MAGIC. A ICE SHIELD will surround your
character with a ice shield that lasts a good time and has a chance to freeze
foes hitting your character. As a low level magic ability, this magic is
VERY valuable all through the game, as it works against any level foe. Another
low level spell that is ok is healing, but to me, ice magic is more valuable
especially when your main combat abilities are used up, and 10+ enemies are
ganking your hero.

  When you get these minimum stats and abilities, you can put put any extra
points into your strength and stamina (your main 2 skills for heavy combat
arts), and max your 4 main combat skills up to 12. Anything extra put into
Elemental and Ice magic evenly (don't put any into Light combat arts, 2 is
the max you want in this).

  You want to get Heavy Combat Arts 2, Light Combat Arts 2, Elemental magic
2, and Ice magic 2 first, then you can raise up your main 4 combat areas. The
reason i suggest getting elemental and ice magic 2 early is because i never
found a level 1 ice shield scroll because you bypass those levels quick. You
can buy a level 2 and above scroll from merchants. So get level 2 and your
set the rest of the game with your cool (get it?) ice shield.


   This section will hopefully help you with your gameplay and enjoyment of
the Spellforce game. 

  1) You will be playing your first walkthrough of the game as a warrior. The
warrior in the Spellforce series is superior to the mage in almost every way.
So to survive easier and have a better time we will have the walkthrough for
a warrior. Mages are fun in the game, but not recommended for the beginner.

  Warriors have higher hitpoints, higher defense and stronger armor. Since
most foes in the game attack physically you will survive easier. Mages rely on
mana to cast spells so if you run out of mana you have to sit around and wait
for it to replenish. This is very very noticeable in the early parts of the
game and still annoying in the later parts. A mage will not cast their spells
automatically in combat so you constantly have to control a mage to kill foes.
A warrior will automatically attack anything that attacks him, so you don't
have to keep constant control. Lastly, mages can be disrupted by attacks, so
when in the middle of a army of foes your mage is almost worthless because 
they cannot get a spell off. Your warrior has no such limitations.

  2) This reasoning applies to your heros as well. Hero mage friends are about
useless compared to warriors, archers, and most healers. You really shouldn't
use any rune hero mages at all, concentrate on physical attackers and a healer
or 2.

  3) Farming. Farming in the game is the act of using spawning foes as a
source of constant experience. Most boards you can complete very quick by
killing foes and destroying spawn buildings, but to gain more experience for
your character you will want to "farm" spawn points to keep gaining experience
and items. You do not have to farm opponents, it might get boring after a
while, but you will be at a vastly lower level if you do not. Farming foes
makes the game much easier. I will tell you how to farm the boards you are
doing, its up to you to decide just how much you want to do it.

  4) Some controls you want to remember. hitting "H" while your troops are
hi-lighted will cause them to HOLD position, not moving. Ranged troops of your
army will still shoot foes that come into range, and melee army troops will
still attack anything that attacks them. This HOLD function is used most of
the game to keep your army troops in position to farm spawn points.

  5) ALT-TAB will pause your game and exit to the windows screen if you want
to surf the web or do something else without having to actually exit your
game and re-enter. You will NOT continue to do things in the game while Tabbed
out, the game goes into pause mode.

  6) There are multiple quests the require different "COINS", such as skull
coins, sun coins, etc. DO NOT SELL ANY you will need all your coins for neat
items later.

  7) DO NOT dual weld weapons. For some reason people say this is good to do.
This is NOT true. Equipping 2 weapons does not make you attack twice as fast.
Instead you will alternate weapons when attacking. So if you equip 1 dagger
you will attack with the dagger. If you equip 2 daggers, you will attack with
the first dagger, then attack with the second. But not at any enhanced speed.
You should always go with weapon/shield, 2 handed weapon, or weapon/bow for
archers. If you doubt this advice, simply time how fast you attack both with
1 weapon and with 2. You swing at the same speed.

  8) You have light and dark armies. Humans/Elves/Dwarves share resources
while Orcs/Dark Elves/Trolls share resources.

  9) CTRL-DELETE or CTRL-END will rotate buildings you are placing so you can
fit them into difficult areas, or to point their "front" towards resource
materials for quicker gathering.

  10) In many areas, foe spawn camps do not start until you activate a Hero
or Army monument, so often you can explore and clear maps with little effort
since no foes spawn. We will do some of this to make battles easier later.

  11) Plan your bases carefully for easier control. Build your Small Head-
quarters fast so you can use your secondary buildings to increase resource
gathering. When you put down mines and quarries, if you have the secondary
building that increases production, put THAT closest to the stone/iron since
miners will drop ore off at THAT building instead of your quarry/mine. When
you are putting down your food buildings, try and keep your main food building
near any fishing huts/hunting lodges/cattle farms, etc to increase your food
gathering. Resources are scarce so always have your secondary buildings to
increase your gathering up and running as soon as possible for maximum

  12) For maximum farming its good to have archers as your troops if you have
them. Mages are very strong but they run out of mana soon so after that they
are just weak physical troops. A bug in the game keeps them from regenerating
mana. In races like Elves and Dark Elves its good to use your lenya/aria for
towers instead of magical troops. Towers don't run out, towers survive longer
than troops though the lenya/aria cost is a bit more. Elf archer/frost
towers are excellent and Dark Elf hypnosis/magic towers are excellent.

  13) Mana and health regeneration for troops is very strange in the game,
you need to actually build food stores to have mage troops regenerate mana
and health. This makes some maps very complicated if you want to use mage
armies and keep mages working. If you have an army of mages, you want an army
of food stores.

[NOTE: Remember, the 3rd expansion you can import this character into the
   game. All Hero's and items you currently wear are imported, but your
   inventory is not. At level 30 if you reach it, make sure all your
   Heros and you have the best equipment before finishing the game and
   make a special save, maybe called "Import save" so you know which
   file you want to import. MAKE SURE YOU DON'T GO OVER LEVEL 30 with
   this save, the 3rd expansion cannot import you if you are level 31 or





  You'll start the game with a cutscene arriving at the Hero Monument. After
head down the hill to a t-chest. There is a silly bug at the start, you will
not get experience for what your 2 companions kill. SAVE YOUR GAME. For the
first few battles you want to run in and try and kill things before your 2
companions do so you can get experience. Head north and fight the goblin
ROFILIN and a few enemies. Continue north to a t-chest and fight some beastmen.
You'll enter a swamp area, head south then east, killing any foes and picking
up 2 t-chests on the way, and you'll go east into the refugee camp.

  Get the 3 t-chests in the camp and activate the Bindstone. Talk to AEDAR
THALAN then to WILLIT. Head northwest back into the swamp. There is a goblin
spawn spot. If you want to farm it, don't enter the spawn area or your 
companions will destroy the buildings. Stay on the path and kill the spawn 
when it comes out. Get the t-chest on the island and continue north through a
long pass. Eventually you'll come to another Bindstone you can activate. Going
north you can head northeast up a hill where some ruins and a bone table are.
You cannot do anything here yet, go back down the hill and go northwest into
Kithar territory. At the intersection head north into one of their camps.
Careful at this low level they can hurt you quick. Take out all the foes in
the camp and destroy the buildings. Now leave and head west up the hill
towards the portal.

 [NOTE:  You cannot go on the east side of the map yet it is blocked off we
         will go there later in the game.]

  Clear the foes from the portal area. Southeast is another Kithar camp and
a t-chest is under a tree on the way. When all foes are dead activate the
Bindstone and enter the Portal to the Stormcleaver Rocks.


  After the cutscene you gain 2 troops. Head east to the Orc Monument and
activate it. You can't build too many buildings but you want to get out your
10 orc Thug troops asap. Start gathering wood and food. Once you have your 10
troops send all your troops (not your Avatar) east and clear out any spiders
and Kithar. Keep your Avatar back at your Monument. When the Thugs are dead
make more. Remember you DO get exp from your troops, so use them.

  To the SE is a t-chest. Up the path there is a little pathway that leads
west to a Drake, bypass this for now hes too strong. Have your army clear out
any misc Kithar roaming about in the area. To the NW is a windy path up a hill
to a t-chest. Have your army AND your Avatar clear out the Kithar guarding
JARINA, then talk to her to have her join the party. Get the t-chest near her.
Head NW up a small path to some forest spiders and another t-chest at the end.
Send your army and attack BAGZIRRA the Drake, sending in your thugs first as
cannon fodder. Don't let your Skrag healer or yourself die. Get the t-chest
behind BAGZIRRA. Now continue sending your thugs north killing Kithar while
your Avatar stays back.

  You'll come to an intersection with a stone arch leading east and a gate NW.
Head NW through the now open gate, and clear it. Summon more thugs when yours
die there are some tough Kithar inside. This area is nice for farming since
there are 3 Kithar camps in the area, one west and 2 more through the arch
east. You can get to level 5 pretty fast. When ready destroy the camp to the
west and head east through the arch path to the next camp and destroy that. A
larger camp is just east in a wooden fort with a t-chest inside.

  North is a large closed gate. Heading east is a friendly town and a hill to
the west with another Orc Monument and a t-chest. Activate the Monument to
start producing Orc Thugs. Start having your thugs clearing the area. Soon a
large group of Kithar from the NE camp will move down to attack. Hit them full
force, then continue clearing out the area monsters. Head into the friendly
village of Hulu. Activate the Bindstone and get the t-chest with Orc [SMALL
HEADQUARTERS]. Now you can build it and upgrade your Orcs a whole lot more.
Build your Army to max and start gathering lenya.

  The path west of the village leads to some spiders and a t-chest. Your goal
is to take out the 2 Kithar bases to the NE along with some swamp Crawlers.
East of the friendly base is a small spider camp with a t-chest. When you have
the entire area secure go talk to Hulu in the friendly camp. The northeast
gate is now open, so send your army up northeast where there are tons of
Crawlers and Forestwraiths. Clear out the northeast of foes and there is a
t-chest. In the southwest of this area is the Wumpus lair, send your army in
to wear down the Wumpus some, then kill it with your Avatar if the army can't
take it down. Get the [TOUNGE OF THE WUMPUS] and get the t-chest nearby.

[NOTE: before you enter SETRIUS'S village read below]

  Now when you enter the north village with SETRIUS you'll have a cutscene and
afterwards a force of Elite Kithar will destroy your Monuments and villages.
there IS something you can do if you want to stop it. If not, you can just let
the event happen. But I don't like to go down without a fight.

  Send your entire 30 Thugs to your east Orc Monument on the bottom side. When
the cutscene happens enemy Elite Kithar appear and fight them. Send your
Avatar down to the Monument, it will take a while to get there so you'll have
to survive until then. Keep producing Thugs from the Monument and have them
lure the Kithar away, both down the hill and south. You want time for your
Avatar to arrive. When it does, take down the weaker Kithar first and the
Lieutenant last. Your Avatar can fall back if he gets hurt too bad just keep
summoning Thugs to keep the Kithar busy. When they are defeated start making
Totems instead of Thugs they will take down the tough Elites easier.

  Build your army back up to full and then start eliminating the Kithar at the
south bases until they are all done. Then take your Avatar back up to Setrius.
Put your new Totem army at the still-closed gate to the west. Talk to Setrius
and he will want you to poison the Kithar camp. A few foes appear at the
closed gate your Totems are at, your Totems will kill them. Activate the
Bindstone and then head west up the trail. Follow the long trail with forest
and rock spiders, and a t-chest. At the end you'll run into Stormstrider the
Giant. Kill him and get his t-chest hidden in the grass. MOVE YOUR ARMY! Move
your army away from the gate, a Ranger army will appear there you don't want
it to kill yours. Now head west to a blue bowl and activate it to put in the
poison. After a cutscene a Ranger army will appear at the gate.

  Head down and open the gate and take control of the Ranger army. Destroy the
Kithar base, kill the Kithar general. There are 2 t-chests here, one has the
[KEYCHAIN OF THE KITHAR GENERAL]. Head north out the open gate to the big
circle where DUNHAM awaits. After a cutscene go talk to and free the 3 mages
GRUOLUN, ZOLOWIN, and RENYA. Head north and talk to the 3 mages again at their
houses, they give you 3 stones to open the locked chest in the NE area. Go
to the chest and get the [CRAWLER FETISH]. Now you give the item to one of the
3 mages who rewards you, the other 2 mages attack. Who you give it to will
determine your reward. GRUOLUN also gives a [SUN COIN] so that is who we will
give it to. Talk to him after the other 2 mages are dead to get a [SKULL COIN]
along with other items..

  RENYA gives elemental magic spells, ZOLOWIN gives white magic and GRUOLUN
gives black magic spells.

  We are finished here, head to the nearest Bindstone and journey back to
Mirraw Thur - Portal to Storm Cleaver Rocks

    Head northeast through the swamps, the path is now open. Fight some
beastmen and goblins on the way. You'll encounter 3 Frost Elves on the east
side. Once they are dead you'll watch a cutscene. Head south to the KONGAR's
Orc village and talk to him to turn in your Wumpus and activate the Bindstone.
Head all the way south to your Hero Monument and summon Dunham. Now you can
clear out any misc foes in the area, like the Crawlers east and Frost Elves
at the north gate. Now head all the way south and activate the Bindstone and
enter the Portal to The Echo Swamps.


   You'll enter at a cutscene. Afterwards fight and kill REOWYS and then
activate the Bindstone. Head north into an open area with a Dark Elf Monument.
Get the 2 t-chests first, they hold


   Make sure to equip your level 3 Dark Elf worker before activating the
Monument. Activate the Monument and start your Dark Elf base. Space is tight
so try and group non important buildings up the portal path. There are 2 paths
into the area, north is a small Orc base and east is the bigger Ogre and other
bases. Station your Avatar at the east entrance and summon an army of
Assassins who will guard the Aria fountain north. Make sure to keep control
of the Assassins so they don't destroy the orc spawn spots so you can farm
the spawn. Max out your army, put 35 assassins at the north Aria spot and keep
15 with your Avatar to handle east spawn.

  When you are done farming, or bored Destroy the small north base then take
your army east and destroy the ogre camp. Continue east to an intersection
and head south. Keep a small force of 15 Assassins at the intersection. To the
southwest is an ogre camp. Heading east you'll reach a pond and on the south
side is THE MASKED MAN. Talk to him and continue east. A Bindstone and Moon-
silver mine is here, send 5 workers to start mining it. A path SE leads up to
a goblin camp. Take your Avatar and army in and defeat everyone. Defeat GITZO
and get [GITZO'S ESSENCE] and a nice Ironfang Dagger.

  Destroy the larger base north of the moonsilver resource, where HORTAR is
located. Take down the entire enemy base. There are 2 t-chests here. There is
a small merchant camp to the north with a Bindstone. Send your entire army to
the Aria fountain north of your Dark Elf Monument. Talk to HORTAR and he will
lead you to a gated resource area with has another Dark Elf Monument, Aria
fountain and Moonsilver. When your army is at the west Aria fountain talk to
Hortar again. The north area gate opens and a small enemy force moves down
to your army. Kill them and move your army NW, you'll run into a bunch of
enemy camps to clear out.

  1) First camp has 3 t-chests and Camp Commander SVERA who has [SVERA'S KEY]
     and [CRAWLER FLUTE].
  2) Second camp has 1 t-chest.
  3) Third camp has a spawn point and 2 t-chests.

  There is a closed wooden gate at the last camp. Have your Avatar open it and
take your army south. There are Treewraiths about, and west is a Spiderwhisper
goblin near a stone. This stone can give you an item for a gold. You want to
get the 4 coins if you have enough.

   EYE-TOAD       [SUN COIN]

   Other symbols will get you scrolls, which you might want but which aren't
that great

   EYE-EYE      Def Mental          TOAD-TOAD   Necro
   HAND-HAND    Heal                EYE-SkULL   Extinct
   EYE-HAND     Curse               SKULL-TOAD  Decay

  Continue east to the north enemy camp and destroy it. There are 2 t-chests
here also. Your closed base gate is to the south. Continue east and make sure
all the Treewraiths are dead so Hortar will move over to the beast cages.
In the NE open area there are level 12 enemy troops to the south, they are too
strong for you to handle, but HORTAR can. Keep your army west of the stone
arch into the area and talk to HORTAR. Move your Avatar west also and Hortar
will open the best cages releasing the Giant Poisoncrawlers. They will go down
and wipe out the enemy forces then continue far south into a holding area.
Take your Avatar and search the body of HORTAR and get the t-chest in the
holding cage area which has a [PARTS OF A BLADE MINION].

  Now take your Avatar and army south and east past the Giant Poisoncrawler
holding area (they are too strong to kill) and hit the last big enemy camp.
There are 6 t-chests in the main camp along with the boss WHORIM who has on
him [RUNE OF REOWYS 9]. Send your Avatar back to the Masked Man while your
army heads north out the camp and around south fighting Stone Golems. At the
end of the path is a Bindstone and a t-chest. You are about done with the map.

  Now, you can actually kill the Giant Poisoncrawlers if you want. You will
need to make an army of Sorcerers and gather them just north of the Poison-
crawler holding area. Send 1 Sorcerer to lure them out 1 by 1 and have the
army gank them with magic. Wait for mana to regen, then repeat. Soon all the
Poisoncrawlers will be dead and you can loot the nice treasure from the
t-chest behind them. You should be about level 10 at this point. You will
need to build dozens of food stores to let the Sorcerers regenerate their
mana properly. (yes, annoying I know)

  Head to the nearest Bindstone and journey to Mirraw Thur Orc camp. Head
south to the Hero Monument and summon your 3 heros. Continue SW and talk to
AEDAR who will give you a Ranger army. Take your Heros and your Rangers into
the now open Frost Elf city and destroy them. Keep your Avatar at the Hero
Monument so you get full experience. Make use of your Hero's healing burst to
heal all your troops. Once you work your way to the small temple a cutscene
will happen. Get the t-chest with [RAW RUNESTONE].

  Send your 3 heros to just north of the Hero Monument and take your Avatar
and any Rangers down the SW path to the prison area and finish off the Frost
Elves and the towers. Another cutscene will happen and the Imperial armies
will arrive. Activate the Bindstone in the prison area and head to the city
entrance. While you do that your 3 Heros will encounter an enemy patrol. Kill
the mages first then work on the others, if a hero dies bring him back at the
Monument. Now meet up with your Avatar at the city entrance and kill any foes
that come, and protect the Elf forces. Work your way up to the Elf resistance
fortress in the far NE killing any foes that get in the way. Enter the town
and head east to the Portal and Bindstone. Activate the Bindstone and enter
the Portal to Frostfall.


   Do not talk to Lena when you enter. Go ahead and get the nearby chest for
[ELF WORKER 4] and [ORC WORKER 3] along with a misc item. Activate the
Bindstone and go about the map and clear it of all foes, but don't activate
the Orc Monument yet. There are t-chests in a west, northeast, and north
cave (3 total). Clear out any Troll troops in the north and south camps and
get the t-chest in each camp. Save the buildings so we can farm them a little
later. Make sure to equip your Orc and Elf worker runes. When you are ready
go talk to Lena to continue her quest. Go north of her to the gate to
Portal to Shal'Dun and enter. You'll arrive at a secret prize area. The only
thing here is a stone where you can enter your [COINS] to get prizes. 3
prizes are worth getting, the rest aren't so good and you can use your coins
later to get better stuff. You can put in 3 coins to get 1 prize, and you'll
only have enough coins to get the Armor and Helm of the Iron Falcons, so go
ahead and get those 2 items and later we'll get the 3rd piece.

   STAR-STAR-MOON [GREAVES OF THE IRON FALCONS] (we'll get this later)

   STAR-STAR-SUN   Marksman xbow 14-16
   STAR-SUN-MOON   Flaming eye magic mace
   SUN-SUN-MOON    Kaithi helmet  27 ac lv18
   MOON-MOON-STAR  Flaming sword 9-17 damage
   SUN-SUN-SUN     Kathai 65 armor
   MOON-MOON-MOON  Windwhisper bow 10-14
   STAR-STAR-STAR  Skull coin

   The Iron falcon set armor is very nice and gives you a damage bonus when
all 3 pieces are worn. You probably can only get the armor and helm at this
point. Other prizes can be gotten but they are not worth the coins so don't
waste them. Enter back through the portal into Frostfall.
Now go activate your Orc Monument and start building your camp. The refugees
will appear and move to their secure area. Send your Avatar between the two
Troll camps to clear spawn while you wait. The island just west of your base
has plenty of room to build some more buildings. Drop a food building and a
couple hunting lodges here also to harvest food faster when you are ready.
Your base and all Orcs will soon be destroyed so once you are set, start
gathering food, get your 15 totems by your south tower, and wait. As your
food rises the refugees will take it from your warehouse to keep fed. When
they have taken enough the next event happens. Personally I wouldn't gather
any other supplies once you have your totems and start food hunting, not
worth the effort.

  The Imperial army invades. The first patrol will enter your south entrance
they are weak enough to defeat with your Avatar and 15 totems. Once they are
dead have your Avatar run for the NW Elf base, the rest of the Imperial army
will destroy your Orc base they are too strong to fight. Run. In the Elf
base talk to Lena again and start build your Elf Forces. You want to get 15+
Warders and Frost Mages to the front gate as soon as possible. While you do
this have your Avatar explore further up the path. North of your refugee party
is a windy trail up to 2 t-chests on the hills. Also SE is a Bindstone, so
activate it. A weak Imperial force will attack the Elf gate but your troops
can defeat it.

 [NOTE: Your elf base is partially started already, but horribly designed.
  When you start send 5 workers to the wood cutters, stick 1 in the armory and
  the Ailantery. If you really want, you can destroy the gather hut, put a
  sawmill right next to the woodcutter by the fence, put a gather hut back
  near the hill down to the berries, and still fit a food store in the 
  corner. Experiment a few times to find the right place. Or not, you really
  won't be in the city long, but some people are perfectionists haha.]

  Keep your Avatar exploring east. He will come to an open area with a Hero
Monument in the NE. Summon your Heros and go west to fight some Wolflings on
the way far west is a Frost Elf outpost with a Bindstone. Go down the south
path and get a t-chest. Now head all the way back east to meet up with Lena at
the next gate. You NEED to meet Lena when she heads to the next gate, you
won't have much time if you do not. When she arrives at the gate talk to her
and the gate is locked. Head all the way west to the Frost Elf outpost and on
the south path is the gatekeeper. Talk to her and head back to Lena. When
the gatekeeper arrives at the gate talk to her to open it.

  Now you have control over some Frost Elf troops. Send them up the path into
the mountains north. Take your Avatar and Heros west to fight a weak Imperial
force and defeat them. Keep moving your army into Frost Elf territory and when
you are done with the weak Imperial force send your Avatar/Heros into the
mountains also. You want to run ahead of the hard Imperial forces. There is a
t-chest on the way up. Keep moving your Frost Elves west towards the portal
you shouldn't need to keep them back. Lena will stop at a north area Bindstone
go there, activate the Bindstone and talk to Lena to continue moving. Move
your entire force to the portal and wait for the refugees to finish. Now
DRACON ARACH will teleport to you to try and stop you. Kill him and loot his
body for some nice items and [RUNE WORLOCK PHOBAR 9].

  You have a nice army and many foes left about to farm if you want. If you
plan on farming a while there are 3 spawn spots, the 2 Troll bases and the
cave across from the Hero Monument, do NOT go west to the Imperial forces.

  5) TIRGANACH part 1

   Start off and grab your Frost Elves and go north to defeat a party of
skeletons. Get the chest for some nice items and [RUNE PRIEST GYLLENHAAL 8].
Now head east past ASHGORK and the gate and kill the wolves. RAWOR has the
[RAWOR'S KEY]. There is a t-chest here also and a secret path actually leads
into the southern mountains, but there isn't anything at the end. Open the
gate once you have the key.

  Continue north clearing any Ice Elementals in the way. You'll come to a path
that leads SW to a Ice Elemental spawning spot. This is a great farming spot.
Station your Avatar at the stone arch with your archers in place "H" holding.
You can just slaughter the various ice creatures that spawn for a while. Keep
your Elf warriors with the refugees. I leveled up to 12 here and then destroy
the summon point and continue north into the town of Tirganach. There are a
bunch of things to do here.

  Talk to AEDOR then LENA then ELUNE. Head east to the center of the city and
talk to Winterguard Bowmaid then to High Priestess AEDALE.

  At the south side of the city talk to FLINK MCWINTER in his prison. Head to
the NE of town and talk to DARIUS. Just SW of DARIUS is a Bindstone on a small
hill. Activate it. Journey up to ASHGORK, talk to him for his quest, then
journey back to town.

  Now head back to town and exit the town west and go north of the Masked One
to where the t-chest is. Fight the Great Butcher and his 4 servants and get 
the [FARNHARDT'S JOURNEY] book. Take the book to DARIUS and then go talk to
FLINK to find out where the missing pages are.

  Head east out of town with your forces through the stone arch to the Hero
Memorial. Kill the Snow Wolves in the way, the Ice Wolf has [VIOLET BLOODGEM].
Summon your Heros and get the t-chest in the area. Head out and now south is
a Troll base with some very tough Trolls. You want to try and lure them out
and fight them 1 or 2 at a time. Lure them and find a spot when they return
to their base and use this spot to attack and kill them one by one. It doesn't
matter if your Heros die just resummon them, but don't let your Avatar die.
You can also sneak into their camp and use the statue to command them to do
things, but you get experience by killing them. Togo has [THIGHBONE FRAGMENT].

  Continue east to a goblin/undead camp where you will fight the Disemboweller
who has [GREEN BLOODGEM] and [RUNE PRIEST NAVID 11]. West you'll start with
Screamer enemies. Through the arch head SW down to an undead camp with a
t-chest behind it. Keep the building will spawn goblins. North is a undead
and a goblin force. The building we were just at spawns the goblins so when
the goblins are dead you can go back to the building to spawn the goblins that
spawn very fast. When you are done farming destroy the building and continue

  You will come to a large area filled with undead and Screamer-type enemies.
This is a good farming spot but you need to be attentive. Bring any extra
Frost elf troops up also. Clear the initial enemies then put your Avatar at
the southern spawn building backed up with a couple Elf troops. Put your 3-4
Heros on the north side with Elf backup. Then just keep farming the undead
spawn. Send dead Heros back up to re-take their place if they die. Use your
Hero healing burst, your mage aura of slowness, etc. Once you are done farming
clear out all the buildings. I leveled to 14 here. Head north to the final
area with Munch and its undead followers. Defeat them all and get some nice
loot and [BONE SHARD] off MUNCH. 3 t-chests are here, one holds level 8 runes
for all your Monuments.

  You are about done with this map as far as you can do. North and South of
the city is walled off for now. To the west is a large undead base but its
pretty hard, so we will come back to it later. Wipe out the enemy buildings
on the east side of town (trolls, undead, goblins) and head north through
the portal into Winterdeep. I was about level 14-15 at this time.


  Start the map and make sure you have all your correct runes and Hero's
equipped. Activate the Bindstone and head north to the Hero Monument and
summon your Heros. Continue to a t-chest and some undead foes to the east and
a undead force at a spawn point north. Destroy both buildings we don't want
spawn from this area. Head north and you'll come to a Dwarf camp. Talk to
both ERLIN and DEVUS. Go east then up the north path to another undead spawn
camp. Destroy them AND the building and get the t-chest. Now continue east to
the Dwarf Monument. Activate the Bindstone and get the t-chest that has Dwarf
HEADQUARTERS] and [MEDIUM HEADQUARTERS]. Do not activate the Monument yet.

  Take your Avatar/Heros northeast to a hidden t-chest behind a tree. There is
a Guard of the Mosaic and his healer, kill them. Don't worry about the Mosaic
yet. Continue east around the mountain and you'll hit the camp of the undead
Frost elves and their ice golems. Kill them and Winterfist. He has [WHITE
BLOODGEM] and [RUNE WARLOCK FINISTRA 12]. The locked t-chest in their camp
is unlocked with Devus's key. It holds [WOUND MEDICINE OF DEVUS].

  Head back to DEVUS and turn in the medicine. You can choose to save the
Dwarf or Elf. Saving the Dwarf gets you an axe (not that great) but saving the
elf gets you an [ELVEN BROOCH] which lets you talk to her in Tirganach and you
will gain access to her inventory. Much more valuable.

  Head to the Dwarf Monument and activate it and start your base. Activate the
Bindstone if you haven't already, and station your troops at the only exit
to the southeast. You will have tough spirit and undead foes entering from
there. Build Dwarf Defenders and station your army to wipe up any foes that
approach your base. To the SW is a small undead spawn camp and a large Dwarf
spirit base. We want to secure the undead base first. Move your forces down
to just east of the path to the undead spawn spot. You will be short on 
moonsilver so fill your spots with simple Militia troops as meat shields. Once
your defensive position is ready, send your Militia and Heros down to the
undead spawn spot and start clearing out the undead. You might need a couple
trips into it to clear it out well. Make sure to kill the archers at the back
of the base.

  Once the undead spawn spot is secure, station your Heros and maybe 10
Defenders at the spawn spot to farm it. Rebuild up your army to assault the
Spirit base. Pump out Workers also, you won't have work for them but they can
be sent in first with your Militia to take the heat while your Avatar and
Defenders can wear down the spawn. When your line is ready, have your Avatar
draw out the spirit army and take it down. Then move into the spirit base. It
has 4 spawn spots, so set up a small line of your Avatar/Militia then your
Defenders behind to farm the spawn. When you are finished farming you can
clear the undead and spirit base. There is a t-chest at the undead camp and
3 t-chests in the spirit camp.

  Once the base is destroyed the south gate is now open. Go through and clear
off the few archers on the west hill. A t-chest is down an east path. Kill
respectively. Continue east to fight a small undead force near the portal.
Head down a west path to the sealed gate to the secret valley and open it.
Fight KYRA and her Wolf Masters to get [KYRA'S ESSENCE] which will turn into
[KYRA'S SLEEPING RUNESTONE]. The t-chest in the area had loot and [RUNE 
WARLOCK ARGENTO 15]. Now head towards the portal with your army and clear out
the last of the undead forces. Do not enter the portal we have some sidequests
to do first. I had just hit level 16 at this point, you should be close.

  We will now do most of the Mosaic. Build your army to max. Take your Avatar
to the Mosaic and your army/heros to the spawn spots to defeat the spawn. The
foes are high level and give very nice loot. Defeat each wave to get the next
Mosaic fragment. Once you have done all levels except for the last, journey
to Mirraw Thur Hero monument.

  1) Spawns near the Hero monument
  2) Spawns near the undead spawn point SE of the main spirit camp area
  3) Spawns near the t-chest at GARVYNS/ROGRAS. These will take your whole
     army to defeat. Bring your Avatar down after you insert the Mosaic
  4) last spawn, spawns at the Mosaic. You cannot defeat this spawn at this
     point it is way to hard. Save it for later.

  When finished head to the nearest bindstone and teleport to Mirraw Thur
portal to Echo Swamps.

  7)  MIRRAW THUR part 2

  Arriving back into Mirraw Thur, we want to clear out the leftovers of the
Imperial armies left in the old Frost Elf city. Head north and summon your
Rune Heros at the monument. Continue all the way north up to the portal to
Frostfall where a large roaming band of soldiers should be coming down. Kill
them all. Ignore the soldiers on the east side of the map, they are endless
but are good for farming later. Head down back to your monument and west up
into the city.

  There are 4 groups of soldiers about the town, plus the main group at the
center small headquarters with their leader. You and your heros wipe them all
out. Once the town is clear, the Orcs will start to populate the now-safe area
again. Also, on a side note, Snotlings are now also in the city (haha, sorry
was just funny to say....Snotlings..). Go north of the town to the Orc
merchants and sell off any excess gear, we need a little gold. Once done go
back to the city and talk to ASHGORK on the east side and pay 10 gold to start
his quest. If you want to farm the Crimson soldiers at the east portal they
spawn endlessly and you should be able to handle them pretty easy now. Go
ahead and kill some if you wish, I farmed them till level 16+ pretty easy.

  Hit a bindstone and teleport to Echo Swamps - Whorims camp. NAZOSH and a
group of orcs are under attack by some treefolk. Rush up and save the day then
talk to Nazosh to get his bone necklace. Make sure you have all t-chests
nearby looted also. If for some reason you have trouble with the Tree-foes,
look to start up an army again, build up, then attack them with an army, but
you should be at a level that you can handle them fine.

  Report back to ASHGORK in Mirraw Thur to get the next part of the quest.
To the west on the map a BONE GUARDIAN appears on the plateau east of the
portal to Stormweaver rocks. Use the Hero monument, get your heros, then go
slay the Bone Guardian and report back to ASHGORK again. The Bone Guardian
will cast an unending pestilence spell, so let one hero attack first to be
infected, then attack with everyone else. Let the hero die then just re-
summon them from the monument. Report back to ASHGORK who now flees the area
north to the portal to Frostfall. When he reaches the portal he summons an
army of skeleton warriors to defend him. These are tough foes, you want to
try and lure part of them out at a time to fight to the west, you will not
survive if you try and fight them all at once. Re-summon dead heros, and take
down ASHGORK and his skeletons and get his bones.

  Now you have access to the crafting altar, which is on the plateau where
you fought the Bone Guardian. Using bone parts, Blood Gems, and Carving Knives
you can create items to use. You should have already 4 Blood Gems (White,
Cyan,Green and Violet). You need some Carving Knives. The following is a list
of merchants that sell the knives, along with Blood Gem locations.

                          Carving Knife merchants:

Mumugg (Mirraw Thur), Sorenia and Lucius (Echo Swamps), Ebonie and Panchesi
(Tirganach) and Knoblin and Vestenrar (Shal'Dun)

                               Bone Fragments:

Bonekeeper and Ashgork (Mirraw Thur), Nazhosh (Echo Swamps), Togo and Munch
and Bonedancer (Tirganach), Norvag (Shal'Dun)


White:  Golem WINTERFIST in Winterdeep
Cyan:   Bonekeeer in Mirraw Thur
Green:  enemy in Tirganach
Violet: Wolf leader in Tirganach at hero monument
Blue:   Merchant Panchesi in Tirganach
Black:  Merchant Lucius in Echo Swamps
Brown:  Merchant Lucius in Echo Swamps
Red:    Werewolf leader in Frostfall
Grey:   Chest in Shal'Dun at burning rock

  So now lets make some stuff. Go buy 2 Carving Knives we want to make two
items. Head to the Bone Altar and make a warrior sword (SAWSWORD). Now head
to Tirganach and buy the Blue Bloodgem and return to the altar and make the
warrior armor. You want to make them THIS WAY BECAUSE THERE IS A BUG that
sometimes if you do it differently you can't make the 3rd piece. So make the
2 items (sword and armor) exactly like this. Make sword, buy Blue Bloodgem
then make armor.

  Now hit a bindstone and travel to Frostfall-Border Stronghold Winterkeep.
Head northeast to the Hero monument and get your heros. There are various
Crimson enemies in the area, and 5 groups of Lucian werewolf groups we need
to kill. 3 groups are west of the hero monument and 2 are north in the hills
in the Frost elf areas. Kill them all off. You'll pick up the Red Bloodstone
and the 3 pages for Fink's quest. There is a t-chest at the 3rd werewolf group
in the nearby cave, but its hard to see because the cave faces away. You can
still click on the chest even if you can't see it.

  Head back to Tirganach-elf city and talk to Darius to turn in the pages,
then talk to Fink and release him. Talk to him again and all his dialogue and
you'll progress his treasure quest with him giving you 3 keys to use. Talk
to Merchant HULDIS on the SW side of town to access her inventory and buy her
3 coins off her. Now is the time to shop, sell, re-equip, etc we are going to
continue with the story. Go back to Winterdeep and exit the southeast portal
into Fastholme.


  You enter the map in the Dwarven city of Fastholme. There is a nearby chest
that holds level 10 worker runes, grab it and equip your new workers. Continue
up into the city and you'll encounter a cutscene with MURIM and RAGNIR. After
talking to them you are free to act, the city is under attack.

  Head all the way south to the city entrance to help protect it from attacks.
As you head down activate the Dwarf Monument and start producing Dwarf workers
and get 40 of them active on buildings, collecting material, etc. Do not
worry about making troops since your Avatar can handle any attacks for a
while. Just gather material. Occasionally a single foe from a base NE will
wander down, so deal with them also. After repulsing a few attacks RAGNIR will
call you back up to talk. Before heading up search the goods cart just west
of the southwest pig farm, and get the t-chests in town. Go to RAGNIR.

  After talking to RAGNIR start mass producing simple Armsmen and group them
on the ramp near the monument. The enemy armies will invade and start to
attack the south buildings. Once your army is maxed send them down to fight
and delay the enemy while you head northeast out of town up to URAM. There
is a t-chest near him with an empty runestone, which you will take and it will
turn into [KYRA'S SLEEPING RUNESTONE]. Talk to URAM, then follow him and he
will head south towards a hill overlooking the enemy forces. Guard him from
the few enemies on the way. At the end he destroys the hillside blocking the
way for the enemy forces. They will start to come at the city from the north-
east, being weakened by the Dwarf statues. Clear any foes left south with
your army, then station the army at the pass to the northeast of the ramp. Put
your Avatar there also. Rebuild and keep building your city, and mass
producing armsmen to reinforce your Avatar.

  Move your army and Avatar northeast to the pass at the Holy Statue to guard
the way up. Start producing Defenders now and make a wall in front of the
Holy Statue with your army to kill anything coming up. Build your base to
max while defending the pass. Send 1 troop northeast to scout and pick up a
couple t-chests about the area. When you are done farming start sending a
large army into the enemy lands to destroy their troops and buildings. Stay
away from the elite troops by the landslide. Send 40-50 troops at a time to
raze the enemy undead camps, concentrating on towers/buildings. You should
have plenty of resources to keep troops building. I had 30 defenders and my
Avatar at the Holy Statue and 40-50 troops at a time blasting into enemy
bases. I attacked east towards the 2nd dwarf monument then swung around behind
and destroyed their towers/buildings, minimal defenses.

  When everything is dead except GORG and the elite troops to the south, take
your full army and kill GORG. He will summon giants as he fights, take them
all down. Loot GORG and the giants for some nice items including [RUNE MAGE
JARVIS 16] and [RUNE MENTALIST MORNA 16]. Search the nearby cave to release
WINJALF and talk to him.

  Some Lucien Wolfs exit their caves across the area, there's only a few of
them so kill them on the way back to the Dwarf city. There WINJALF is welcomed
back, talk to him and get the [FIREBANE SPELL]. Go ahead and put this in your
spellbook, you'll need it later. Leave the map and go back to Tirganach city.

  9) TIRGANACH part 2

  There are a few quests to do in town. Upon arriving head west to the top
of the city hill and talk to AILEEN. Converse with her and learn AEDALE was
killed and she thinks it wasn't an accident. Go west to the city entrance and
talk to LITHERE to get some info on everyone. Talk to ELUNE nearby to continue
with her questline. Go west and talk to THE MASKED ONE about your elf rune,
and he will make [RUNE KYRA 16].

  On the east side of the city talk to BAETHA by the city bindstone. Head east
to the Hero Monument and summon your heros, and behind it talk to FENNAIR and
examine the body of AEDALE. Seems she was strangled by someone wearing metal
gloves. Go back to AILEEN and say you know what happened, choose option 3,
then say FENNAIR was the murderer and why. Now, the north city gate is open so
make sure your characters and equipment is all set and head out north.

  At the first intersection go left/west to kill ZANZAAR and his guards. Get
the [SPIDERKEY FROM THE GHOST]. To the northeast are a half dozen Snow Drakes
they are tough and can freeze you but your group can take them down. You can't
continue further yet due to a locked gate. So kill the drakes and return to
town and show ELUNE the key, she will unlock the south gate.

  Head south into Lucien wolf territory. They are great to farm, easy to kill,
don't hit hard, good exp and plenty of spawn points. Have your hero group just
run around for a bit and kill Luciens. When you are done just destroy their
buildings and head SE to the next gate. Open it with the spider key, then go
past the Ice Servant area, we will come back. Continue on to the portal
killing the various skeletons in your way. There is a t-chest to the west and
a bindstone north of the portal. Now go back to the Ice Servants. They will
constantly spawn so you can farm them if you want, but they will swarm you
pretty fast so I let my Heros distract them while my Avatar took down their
summoning altars. Between the Luciens and the Ice Servants I was level 19.
Loot the 2 t-chests when your finished, getting a [RAW RUNESTONE] and [RUNE

  Go back to THE MASKED ONE and he can now craft you a [RUNE BLADEWEAVER]. Hit
a bindstone, jump down and enter the portal to Nevershade Frontier.


  After the cutscene, start heading east and north exploring the area. The
starting area has a human monument with 2 t-chests next to it. Inside are
worker runes level 12 for all the races, make sure to switch them out. Also in
the other chest are Dark Elf [MINDBENDER], [TOWER OF SORCERY] and [LARGE HQ].
YES! We finally have our Dark Elf towers, time to rule! A bindstone is south
of the entrance portal. Moving up into the next area there is a Uruk Troll
base west. Go ahead and kill off the trolls before heading north again.

  In the next area there is a guy to the west, KERAM, but he doesn't talk to
you. Keep going NE to a Crimson troop camp. You should be strong enough by
this point to solo these basic camps. Take down the towers, keep healed and
slowly wipe out the Crimson troops and all the towers. Keep the buildings for
farming later. Go back out west and continue north, and 3 more areas at the
next intersection. West are Lucians, east are spiders, and another Urok camp
is to the north. Clear out all foes and buildings about. This Urok camp will
not have a spawn point so wipe it out. If you are up here during the daytime
the Lucians actually are townsfolk under a wolf curse. At night the town has
Lucians, during the day townspeople. Talk to CARVUS during the day to learn
that KERAM knows something. Go back south to KERAM and talk to him, getting
his artifact quest.

  The east side of the map is reachable by a north/south portal at the north
side of the map. Head up there, activating the bindstone by the elf Monument
if you haven't did that already. Enter the portal to appear on the east side
of the map. Activate the bindstone here, then head north at the first path
clearing Uruks along the way. Head west and up to more Uruks, and some White
Spiders. A body to loot is at the end of the path. Go back then east to your
Hero Monument and goblins to kill. Kill them and the buildings, summon your
heros and kill the 1st gargoyle right above the monument, taking the [VIAL OF

  GO back to the north/south portal area then head south, you'll come upon 3
Dark Elf towers and the 2nd gargoyle. Take down the towers and kill the 2nd
gargoyle getting the [HOURGLASS]. Go back to the Hero monument and head south,
you'll pass a couple small Urok camps. Make sure to kill all the Trolls AND
destroy the Troll buildings, then enter the Dwarf town. Activate the bindstone
and loot the chest for a [RAW RUNESTONE]. Go south of the town into a small
swamp area and get the 2 t-chests and loot the dead body. Talk to BORONDIR
and confirm he won't be bothered by Trolls. BORONDIR and the Dwarf Destroyers
become part of your group, so take everyone up to the closed gate near where
the 2nd gargoyle was. Talk to BORONDIR there and he will open the gate.

  Take your Heros and Avatar south (leave the Dwarves back) and head west to
the main Wall gate. Take down the 6 Dark Elf towers and destroy the gate,
freeing the way between the 2 areas. A small group of Crimson soldiers will
head up, so kill them and wipe out the Crimson base to the SW, leaving the
buildings for farming. A few more guards will spawn in the base. Loot the
t-chest in the back for a [YELLOW BLOODSTONE] and [SKULL OF A BLADE PRINCEPS].
Crimson guards will spawn just east of the Large HQ, so station your group
here to farm them. Otherwise they will appear and go all the way west to the
portal and fight LENA.

  Ok! Its time to farm! This is a nice map to get some experience in, with
multiple farm points, an Elf monument so you can build tons of towers to
cut spawn down. If you want to finish the map ignore my farming instructions.
You are now at the east Crimson spawn point, every so often they pump out
soldiers that your Hero's are killing. Once such a round is done, send your
Avatar west to the Elf Monument and activate it, then take the Avatar and
plant him in the Crimson camp just southeast where 3 spawn portals are. He
is going to live here for a while until you can get towers up. Once in a while
you want to hit the Urok camp southwest to keep the spawn down.

  You want to get your woodcutters up and working at the Elf monument, and
have 8 workers making towers. 4 making towers at your base ramp (so Lucians
from the nearby town can't make trouble), and 4 to head to the east spawn
spot where your Hero's are to start making towers there. Your east Hero spot
is handled by the Heros, but later Uroks from the large southeast base will
start roaming up in groups and you want a lot of towers up to keep the chaos
down. Once you get your base going ok, you want more workers to start making
towers where your Avatar is. You should be making towers 100% of the time
somewhere, you want hundreds up all over the spawn points.

  Once your have some towers up at your Hero location, take 1 hero and move
them to your Avatar spot, and have your Avatar move down southwest to the
Urok base which has 2 spawn spots. Early on it isn't bad, but it will soon be
pumping out Uroks pretty fast and your Avatar will have to keep busy. Do not
worry about towers here, your Avatar will handle the spawn, build towers at
the 3 spawn Crimson camp with your 1 hero, you'll need a lot of towers here
to handle the 3 spawn locations. Soon you will be rolling in enemy deaths.

  I was up to level 21+ here before I even realized it, could finally put on
my Iron Falcon armor when my skills hit level 9. When your done farming, wipe
out the west Urok base and Crimson camp. Wipe out the east Crimson camp then
take your group south to kill the 3rd gargoyle and get the [CANDLE]. You now
have all 3 artifacts. Go to the shrine just north of the east Crimson base,
and use the candle. Now go to the shrine north of the west Crimson base use
the Phial, and finally the SW shrine the hourglass. Talk to KERAM then to the
town and CARVUS.

  Ok, we are done here. A couple things to do before we move into Shal'dun.
When finished, head back to Nevershade Frontier and go through the portal
into Shal'dun.

1) Hit a town and sell off your excess loot.
2) Pick up any excess Blood Stones and Carving Knives you have missed.
3) You should have the coins (Star-Star-Moon) to get your Iron Falcon Greaves
   so journey to Frostfall-portal to Mirraw Thur, go through Shal'dun portal
   and turn in your coins for your Greaves. (you will get the cutscene as if
   you had entered Shal'dun normally, don't worry about it we will be there
4) journey to Mirraw Thur-west swamp and head to the Bone Altar for some more
   crafting. Craft your last piece, Skull Helmet of the Berserker. Now you
   have your quest done, you can craft a few misc pieces. Make a [ARCANE
5) Clear the Undead camp west of Tirganach city with your heros. There is
   about 6 tombs go destroy, a few mini boss's, and 2 t-chests with a few
   basic runeheros and loot.

  11) SHAL'DUN

  A little map breakdown. You start on the west side of the map. The MOON
CITY is to your north, the SUN CITY forces are to the south, both guarded
by a row of guard towers. Far east is the Burning Rock compound.

  To start, you are again annoyed with a hip attached follower LENA. Yes,
again she will follow you around and just get in the way everywhere. So head
down and talk to DRACON and activate the bindstone. Continue down the hill
and east to the Orc Monument. Loot the 3 chests getting level 14 workers and
some Troll buildings and troops, along with [ORC FIRE TOWER]. There will be
an enemy group from the north, kill them then talk to KALID ZHAR and accept
his agreement to side with MOON CITY. This will keep spawn from coming from
the north. Make sure you have your new runes/buildings ready then activate
the Orc Monument, we will do some building/farming.

  The main threat is the Crimson base just to the south, so you want your
Avatar stationed a little west of the north ramp to handle any spawn. There
will also be spawn every so often coming from the south by the Sun Towers.
Keep an eye out and intercept the south spawn when it happens. Hopefully not
both at the same time. There are drakes also west, but those won't be a threat
for a while. So get your city building asap, and get workers building Fire
towers to back up your Avatar against the Crimson base. You'll want a good 20
or more towers everywhere you can fit them west of the base. You'll also want
to start building a wall of towers north of the drake spawning area to handle
them. Don't worry about the south yet your Avatar can handle the occasional
spawn from there when you see it. Once you have a ton of towers up by the
base, start stacking some Orc troops along with it to draw attention.

  You'll be getting good experience and even COINS from the dead Crimsons.
Your defenses will be up and good, plenty of towers in front of the drakes,
Crimson base, south of the Layna fields and even a dozen up north just in
case the MOON CITY decides to wander down. At this point my warrior was level
23, had 359 AC and 1061 health. You should be somewhere close to that. You'll
be running into the Crimson base a lot drawing out foes for your towers to
kill while you are a wall keeping them busy and frozen with your ICE SHIELD.

  Ok getting boring. Take out the Crimson base. Within the base the 2 doors
are now open to the portals to Mirraw Thur and Frostfall, including the prize
stones. There is a SUN ELEMENTAL and MOON ELEMENTAL trapped in the base, and
to the south a locked gate leading to the Sun area, and NE a locked gate
leading to the Moon area. Talk to ARCHON SHIL'ZHAR east of the city and get
[HAND OF KHAN] that will open one gate. Ignore the Elementals, they are only
hirelings you can get by sacrificing your precious COINS, no need you are
strong enough as it is, leave them there.

  Take out the Drake lair and loot the chest. Head south to the Sun Towers and
carefully take your time and wipe them out one at a time, along with the few
Spider Goblins defending the area. Retreat to heal if necessary. Go east and
kill the LAVA CRAWLER, then go north and clear out the undead camp and
gargoyles and grab the t-chest. Head back down and activate the bindstone.
Don't activate the Troll monument yet. Keep going east and clear out the Sun
area of towers. The main Sun hill has a lot of troops waiting so you want to
bring your army and workers down to the south side, set up a dozen towers or
so and the enemy Crimson soldiers will rush against your army. Set up a good
number of towers on the south side the summon area brings troops in pretty
good, you can just lure them down with your Avatar. Get the Troll monument
going and start mining stone and building up your Troll base.

  Take your army and Avatar east and wipe out the east Crimson base and all
the buildings and troops, we only want to keep the center summon portal in
this area for farming, take down everything else. North of the east base are
2 t-chests up on hills and ARCHON GUL ZALDURE who will give a SUN ELEMENTAL.
Send your Avatar back to the Sun hill to continue farming, and send your
entire army back to your Orc base to the north, the MOON CITY is sending
troops down, its time to take out the MOON CITY. Have your troops stationed
north by your towers (you did put up towers north right?). Once the north
side is secure and your army is up there, have your Avatar destroy the last
SUN building and head north to start on the MOON area.

  We are going to go up the hidden path. Go into the first Crimson base but
don't open the south gate, instead open the north gate and go north, fighting
against some SHRIEKER enemies. Grab the t-chest on the way. Send your SUN
ELEMENTAL to take down the MOON TOWERS to the west, wait until a few are down
so you can kill the Beetle Goblins. Once done send the Elemental to take down
the 2nd group of towers leading to Burning Rock while you and your army finish
clearing the north side of Crimson troops and buildings. To the northeast
clear the goblins from in front of the portal gate, and talk to ARCHON ZHAAL
TUOR to get a MOON ELEMENTAL. Send this elemental to start taking down the
Sun Towers southwest Burning Rock. Gives it something to do. The Moon Towers
should be down by now so move your Sun Elemental to safety and send your
Avatar down to the open west portal to Burning Rock and kill some more goblins
who are waiting. We are done this part of the map so kill any leftover foes
and take down any remaining buildings. Send your Avatar through the portal
into Burning Rock.

  Inside this compound, head northeast and summon your heros. You want to
eliminate first all foes in the Burning Rock area. There are spiders, goblins,
Crimson soldiers, Shriekers, and what ever else you can name. Go ahead and
take the time and clear out everything. You'll fight SHAR ARDUIN, looting will
get you [SHAR'S ESSENCE] which will turn into [SHAR'S SLEEPING RUNESTONE].
A t-chest to the east has [GREY BLOODGEM] and [SHOULDERBLADES OF THE BLADE
PRINCEPS]. Defeat GRIM to the east to continue the questline. A couple other
t-chests are about the area.

  There are 6 merchants in the area you can sell and pick up any items you
like. Talk to THE MASKED MAN to make up [RUNE SHAR ARDUIN 22]. There are 3
rooms with treasure chests that take COINS to open, but there is a neat trick
to get the items for free and keep your COINS. Take your Avatar and 1 hero
near the chest rooms but stay back and enter 1st person viewing mode (mouse
wheel, etc). The treasure chests should be with a red circle meaning you
aren't close enough. Now send your hero only towards the chests and they will
turn green, allowing you to loot the items without using coins. Happy looting.
Since you still have your coins you can go visit the prize stones at the
portals in the west base and get 7 misc items noted in section 4. Frostfall.

  We are all done on this map, make sure everything is killed and destroyed,
you have sold and bought anything you want and all heros and workers are ready
to go. There are 2 portals out of the area, the ABYSS which we will do later
and the next goal, go up and enter the portal for the FIREFANGS.


   Activate the nearby bindstone then head west to a Dark Elf Monument. Kill
a couple enemy Shadows there, and continue west to your Hero Monument and
summon your Heros. This area will be your starting base location. There is
an upper level where your monuments are, and a lower level south where most
of your resources are. Wandering about are Shadows, friendly now but evil ones
will spawn about as you build your base. Keep your Avatar on the top level and
your heros in a group on the bottom level, they will be killing evil Shadows
until you can get plenty of towers up to handle them.

  Start your base, sending workers south to your stone pile. It will take a
while to gather enough stone to build a mine, etc there. Take it slow and
safe, there isn't a rush. Have your Avatar/heros attacking any enemy Shadows
that appear. Your first goal is to get up a stone mine/2ndary building mining
stone and 5 workers gathering Aria just west. Start your towers by your Aria
gatherer, it is too isolated. Get about 25 towers around the Aria of both
types. When that is done start building towers northwest by your hero's
monument. What I did was build towers around the perimeter of the top area
that way I could build food buildings in the interior and still have tower
help against Shadows. Once you have all your buildings up, fill in any empty
spaces with towers so you won't have to keep your Avatar/Heros here.

  Now its time to build up some towers southeast by the moonsilver and iron
deposits. Build your buildings there first but don't use them, then fill in
a lot of the area with towers to protect the workers. Then mine away. Once
your base is pretty secure (you can NEVER have enough towers) take your Avatar
northwest and explore. There are 2 groups of Shadows guarding CHOSAIN THE
HERMIT, kill them but don't talk to CHOSAIN yet. Northwest is a large ruin
area but nothing is there, now explore southwest. A solo t-chest is here with
a [RAW RUNESTONE]. Head back to base and head northeast up the small path
near your bindstone.

  The northeast area as a half dozen groups of Shadows, so carefully take them
all out. Shadows drain your mana so put up your special abilities before they
drain you. Far NE is a Dwarf statue with a big stone Menhir. Access the stone
and insert your 3 keys to progress this questline. Continue clearing Shadows
from the area. A small area east has a bindstone and a locked chest (this is
the chest for the RING OF SHADOWS) we will get later. Up on a hill is a stone
area with another big stone Menhir. That is for later also just remember it.
North of this area are a larger group of Shadows (you might need your heros
to help with these) guarding [BREASTPLATE OF A BLADE PRINCEPS].

  The map is cleared of Shadows so far, time to plan for the next part. If
your still building towers at your base stop, you want to save up some Aria
to build towers at new locations. Make up an army of Assassins since they
don't use Aria and you want all the Aria you can get for towers. There are 4
"torch altars" on the map. Search the map there is 1 in each corner NW, NE,
SW, and SE. We want to start building many towers around these 4 torch altars
they will be attacked later. Also station about 15 assassins at each spot.
The more towers the better. You want at least 10+ towers at each location,
20-30 is better. The huge Shadow fight is going to be a pain. Once you have
your 4 torch locations secure talk to CHOSAIN THE HERMIT, he will move to
the east side of the map and secure the Shadow Ring. Meet him there, but
before you talk to him SAVE the game. Talk to him and an Army of Shadows will
spawn. Look on the map to see where their spawn spots are, then reload. Have
your workers put up towers at those locations until your Aria is empty. Send
1 Hero to each torch location as backup. Keep rest in your town.

  Talk to CHOSAIN to get the ring. Take your Avatar northwest up the hill to
the big rock Menhir area, and use it to summon a FIRE ELEMENTAL. Send the
Elemental to one of the torches and light it. It will disappear, then re-
appear in a minute and send it to another torch. Once all 4 torches are lit
the battle will end after a few minutes. Now take your entire army except for
the Avatar to the FIREANGEL. Have workers fill his hall with towers. Have
your Avatar approach the FIREANGEL for a cutscene then fight and kill him.
The t-chest behind him has [LEGPARTS OF A BLADE PRINCEPS]. Take the [SHADOW-
BLADE] from its stone. We are done with this map.

  Journey back to Shal'Dun-Burning Rock and talk to THE MASKED ONE a few times
he will craft your [RUNE BLADE PRINCEPS] and finish his questline. Head east
and talk to DRACON to get the [FIRESTONE]. Equip the Shadowblade and use the
stone to open the gate to the east. Don't enter the Abyss yet. Go to Tirganach
Elf City and talk to FINK to progress his quest. Now return to Burning Rock
and enter the Abyss.

  13) ABYSS

  On this map there are 3 roaming bands of Crimson guards generated from 3
guard complexes. You can destroy the complexes to stop the spawn, but we don't
want that since we can farm them later. After the cutscene, talk to WILLIT.
Activate the bindstone and head west down the hill. Ignore the path south and
head northwest. You'll fight a few Manticore enemies. Our goal is the north-
west side of the map where an Elf Monument awaits. Use the bindstone and get
the Elf monument up working ASAP.

  You are safe from the Crimson guards for a while since their roaming area
doesn't interact with your base, but you will have to fight Frostwolves that
will start to spawn. One is directly up the hill west of your base. Keep your
Avatar near your base for a while. Get loads of archer towers up and guarding
the path from the west (don't build ice towers, Frostwolves can't be frozen).
Soon Frostwolves will start to attack from the south, keep your Avatar on the
south side a lot more wolves attack there, station tons of towers and archer
units to guard the west path. Slowly build up a lot of towers to the south
also to back up your Avatar. Once you get enough towers and archers up to
protect from the west Frostwolves (30+ towers is nice), we need to take out
the southwest Frostwolf base since we need our Avatar to do other things.
Make a force of 20-30 archers as backup and slowly move down and wipe out
the entire SW wolf base. Kill AHRR, loot the 2 t-chests, then you have a nice
huge new area for your workers to get Forester/logging up and going.

  Start in the SW, destroy the SW Crimson outpost and continue east, killing
anything on the way. Kill any Manticores, etc. Ignore the Fire Elemental base
southeast and head north to wipe out the 2nd Crimson outpost. Sweep east and
north, activate the bindstone at the Dwarf Monument but don't activate the
monument. Continue north then west towards your Elf base clearing all
Manticores, Firestone golems, and finally the 3rd Crimson outpost. Last wipe
out the west Frostwolf base and kill GROOR. Ok, 2 Fire Elemental bases and
the center fortress left. The Fire bases won't activate until we activate the
Orc Monument, so clear out the 2 bases with your troops (not your Avatar cause
still dragging annoying NPC along). Then load up the bases with towers so
they can farm them while we take down the center fortress. With all 4 boss's
killed the fortress gates are open and they will start coming out the 2 north
entrances. Place your Avatar at one, and your army at the 2nd and kill
anything approaching. Have your workers build some towers to support.

  Now simply move slowly through the base and kill the Crimson guards. They
spawn quite fast so your experience should raise equally fast. Keep your
Avatar up front with a army of archers behind him, and anything will fall
super easy. When you reach the main base there are a few buildings on the
east side, with LAVA GOLEMS to the NE and dragons to the SE. Leave the dragons
for last. Wipe out the east side, then we will have to tackle the tougher
west side. Once all the Crimson soldiers and buildings are gone the west gate
opens up letting you rescue and activating the bindstone. Enter and confront
the FIAL DARG, you and your army should take him down eventually he has a lot
of health. Then talk to CENWEN to free her. Finally wipe out the FIRE DRAKES
to the SE of the base and we are done. Make sure all foes and buildings are
smashed (Fire Elementals, wolves, etc).

  Go to WINTERDEEP and start up your Dwarf monument and max your city. Make
a boatload of Battlepriests and Elite and once your set lets do the last level
of the Mosaic. The boss holds 3 SKULL COINS though you don't need them at this

  Go to FROSTHOLME - Dwarf City. We want to build up our Dwarf city to max.
There are some hard Skeletons we want to fight. Get your city going and make
an army of Dwarven Defenders, maybe with a few Battlepriests, etc. Have your
Avatar clear the various BEASTS that are east of the base, They are level 20+
but your tough enough to solo them. Now there are some level 27ish skeletons
to the southeast by the landslide, but thats not what we are making our army
for. Once your army is up and ready send them south of your base all the way
down the ramp. Station them at the bottom guarding west. Have your Avatar go
west towards the SW of the map, there is a big stone with bloody symbols
there. (This is the Treasure). As you approach 3 groups of skeletons are
summoned. Run east so you can kill the east group. Now take your army to kill
the north, and finally the larger SW group. When done claim the treasure from
the BONE DANCER leader, the [RIB] of a bow and [FARNHARDTS TREASURE].

  Now if you want, you can also start killing the skeletons by the landslide.
Using lure technique to take a few at a time north where your Defender army
is waiting to hurl hammers into their faces. LAUGHING DEATHS are the first
target, their magic hurts, plus they have the weakest defenses. Use your
Avatar as a meat shield while your Defenders wear down the enemies. Focus on
one foe at a time.

  You should be level 28ish by this point. Use the bindstone and journey
to MIRRAW THUR and you can make a [FIRESPITTER X-BOW] at the Stone Altar,
also probably a [GREEN RIB BOW].

  Head back to TIRGANACH - Elf city and talk to FINK to complete his quest.
Share the treasure with him to get some loot, including [RUNE WARRIOR CARMINIA
-23]. Talk to Merchant SHAEDIS SW in the city and buy [RUNE WARRIOR VLAD-24].
Finally talk to CENWEN in the city center hill glade. The north gate is open
so head up, kill any drakes in the way and at the end kill the bear BLOODCLAW.
Enter the portal to FROSTWEAVER RIFT.


  (REMEMBER you don't want to go over level 30 in case you want to transfer
your character into the 3rd game. It will not recognize your character if they
are level 31+. Only gear you are wearing will transfer.)

  Activate the nearby bindstone and head northwest into the center of the map.
You have an Orc monument, Hero monument and bindstone there. Ignore the Orc
Monument for now, gather your hero's and explore NE and SW, killing any drakes
you run into. You'll see that NE and SW are 3 "Ice Stones" each area, for a
total of 6. They spawn Frost Drakes which wander down into the center area.
To the NW are Greater Drakes but we won't worry about them now.

  At the bindstone make sure to activate it, DON'T talk to the Dwarf MURIM yet
and start your Orcs. You won't be able to build up much due to no resources
so just get a basic camp going with mining for stone/iron/food. Have your
The Drakes will wander down 2 paths, one from the SW so take your Heros to
block the SW path and have your Avatar go NE and station himself by the 
southern Ice Stone killing any Drakes that appear or wander down. This will
keep the Drakes bottled up in their 2 areas and keep your center area safe.

  This is actually a very easy map. In the SW Drake area there is a mine.
Make sure your Hero's keep the mine clear of Drakes and watch the nearby path
down to kill any Drakes approaching, and your Avatar NE guard the mine up
there and kill any drakes at the nearby Ice Stone. Take your Avatar down to
talk to MURIM to start his miners, then go back NE to guard.

  What will happen is MURIM'S miners will arrive and start digging at the
various mine sites. They will eventually find Fire Crystals which they will
run to MURIM and appear in your inventory. Once you have a fire crystal have
your AVATAR activate the nearby Ice Stone to shut it off. Then your Avatar
can move up to the next Ice Stone, kill any Drakes, and just wait until
another Crystal is found, shut that Ice Stone off, etc until all 3 of the
NE Ice Stones are closed. This leaves the SW stones. Build your Dwarf base up
since you have more resources. Have your Avatar and Hero's protect and farm
the SW area. We want an army of Dwarven Defenders at your base, some Big
Drakes might start to wander down to your town.

  When finished take down the SW 3 Ice Stones, then we will focus on the 3
large stones to the west. Use your forces and take them down like the 6 other
ones and kill or farm (like I did) the GATEKEEPER DRAGONS. I farmed them a
while. Had Avatar/Heros on each stone and about 20 Defenders backing them up.
I personally farmed Drakes till level 30, since we are almost done with the
game. Once all the Ice Stones are closed, a large enemy army will attack your
town, filled with Ice Bears, Golems, etc. Send your army to your town, wait
for the attack, wipe out the enemy, then head to the final battle with ARYN.

  ARYN can only be hit with distance attacks, so only bring in Heros that can
hit him with spells or arrows. While you fight him some Drakes will spawn on
the path outside, so your Avatar and the other troops can handle them. Put
maybe 5 Dwarven Defenders at a time attacking him to distract him from your
archer/mage heros attacking. When he is killed, game over, lame ending, oh
well we have another to play after anyway. Good work.


   Well I hope you had a good time playing the game. Spellforce Order of Dawn
is the first game of the trio. You can import this character into the 3rd
expansion as long as it is level 30 or under.

   As I said in the opening, playing a mage casting character is much more
difficult than a warrior but more enjoyable because you have to use tactics
and just can't run into the middle of tough foes and survive. Plus casting all
those spells are pretty fun especially at higher levels.

   If you find any problems with the walkthrough feel free to email me with
any notes or corrections if I missed something at jamesfriel05@comcast.net. 
Please don't email with how YOU would do something, its my walkthrough not
yours, but errors, corrections or missed items I would like to know about.
Earlier versions I write while playing the game so many things I won't note
until I play through again or people email me about.