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Cheats Not Working?

i changed the ini/ g3 from false to true, then during game I entered give gold 1000 in console it says 1,000 gold added,
but doesnt show up in inventory. Same thing when I entered give ranger bow. it said ranger bow added but didnt show up in inventory or on person. Whats going on here.


GrofLepi answered:

i diden't have much problem with cheats... every item has it's own code... so if you want an ranger bow you would need to write give It_Bow_Ranger into the console... same goes with every other item in the game... find yourself an Gothic 3 Item code list on the net and you won't have problems... if you just want gold,ore,potions etc. just enter the code spawn sh and you will get a new NPC in front of you. talk to him and he will give you some basic items. 1 more thing about cheats. when writeing them you have to be carefull how you wrote them. for instence theres the cheat goto. whit it you can ''teleport'' to any town,creature or NPC in the game. If you want to go to Xardas write in the consol goto Xardas. Be carefull about the capital letter though... if you write goto xardas it won't work,it has to be Xardas. also theres another way to turn on the console that dosen't involve changeing the ini file. just write marvin real fast and if you were fast enough it will show an message that says marvin mode activated. if you write marvin again it will say marvin mode deactivated. just start the game/save file and in game write it. ;) good luck,hope i helped.
P.S. it's more fun without cheats
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