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How do I use magic spells?

I have enough ancient knowledge to cast a few spells but they don't show up as useable. How does this work? Do I need to buy the spells and, if so, from whom?


mrle01 answered:

You can learn spells from shrines of Innos, shrines of Beliar and from Water Mages.
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vick1000 answered:

Go to the magic tab in your main menu, then you can drag spells to your hot keys, or just click them to ready the spell.
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Rednax13 answered:

If you do have the ancient knowledge to learn the spells you must find one of the following:
For dominance spells: Shrine of Innos. (There is one in Ardea, the very first town you start in)
For summoning spells: Shrine of Beliar: There is one in every city occupied by orcs and in some cities in Verant
For transformation spells: These can be thaught from a few of the druids, Ponlar (i think thats his name) teaches them and i think Torn does as well. Alternatively if you killed off the druids you must find the water mages in Varant (the desert).
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