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Guide author: Useless
E-mail: utuselessut@hotmail.com
Guide version: 1.4
Game version: 1.62
System: PC

Copyright: Useless 2007

This entire document is (c) 2007 Useless. All trademarks are property of
their respective owners. No section of this guide can be used without my
permission. This includes, but is not limited to posting on your website,
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Please do not email me to ask for permission to host this guide, as I will be 
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  2. GAME

		2.1.1 WEAPONS
		2.2.1 GOLD CARDS


	3.3 - LEVEL 3 LAB
        3.4 - LEVEL 4 PENTAGON
        3.5 - LEVEL 5 DEAD CITY




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                          |    1. INTRODUCTION    |


                              1.1 INTRODUCTION

Welcome to my guide to Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell, the expansion to 
Painkiller. This is my ninth guide, and since I'm a lazy bugger, I've just 
used the same formatting as I used in my guide to the original game. By the 
way, my Painkiller guide can be found at the usual two sites.

Before I go on, if you're reading this guide to get help with secret areas, 
please skip to section 2.1.2 now.


Battle Out Of Hell sees Daniel Garner still stuck in Hell, for no other reason 
than to allow some game programmers he's never met to whore out an expansion. 
In spite of the fact that you killed Alastor in the original game (probably 
more than once), he's back and he's now royalty. Sigh.

You're going to have to quick-jump Daniel through nine new realms of Hades 
before he finally runs into King Alastor.


I found this expansion to be good fun and worth the money, though also 
frustratingly tough in some places and a bit of a letdown in others. 

As if trying to counterbalance the sadness of the secrets, there are very few 
tarot card conditions that are easy to tie up. New or unskilled players are 
just never getting some of them - it's that simple. I can't see even decent 
players finding it anything other than a frustrating pain to pick up the Loony 
Park card; Leningrad will probably be well nigh impossible for the less able; 
Underworld and Lab will remain untouchable; and Colloseum's card has a 
friggin' bug associated with it.

There are also certain levels that should never have shipped with the game. Do 
I really need to articulate how balls the Lab truly is? Pentagon is a cop-out, 
Dead City is like Carmageddon without the cars (actually, there are some cars, 
now I think about it), and Underworld would be a pile of mostly toss without 
the ride.

On the bright side, the new weapons are class, and some of the monsters are 
pretty cool. A few of the levels are well worth the wait too - the unique 
Colloseum with its traps (finally!), the Call Of Duty-ish Leningrad, the 
horribly sinister Loony Park (fantastic if you don't want the card, and if you 
are clinically deaf), and the excellent Stone Pit. And if you don't soil 
yourself at least once in the Orphanage then... you're probably constipated. 
Thief 3 got there first though, sorry.

Anyway, this game is worth having if you loved Painkiller, and if you can will 
yourself to forget going for the cards you will surely have a lot of fun. 
Though I'm still waiting for the Galleon level promised in the manual...


BOOH needs Painkiller installed to work, so you've probably already played 
Painkiller. You may even have completed it; you may have completed it with all 
tarot cards and secret areas; and you may have done it all with the help of my 
guide (aye, right). If you're wondering why there are certain things missing 
from this guide (eg. items, some weapons), it's because all of this stuff is 
in my Painkiller guide, and so doesn't need rehashed here.

Happily you start off with all the cards from the original Painkiller, except 
one: Divine Intervention is missing, as it allowed you to place cards on the 
board without spending money. Meh, it would have been lame anyway.

BOOH has some bugs, most of which are fixed by patch 1.61 (and 1.62 which must 
be installed on top of 1.61). This guide is written mainly for unpatched games 
(v1.5), since patch 1.61 is very big and many people won't be able to download 
it. You will need at least patch 1.61 to fix the Colloseum level and get its 


I've tried to bung in as much as I can about the game, but I'm no expert. I've 
never gone to any Painkiller: BOOH sites or forums, or even discussed the game 
with anyone else, so if I make any huge errors it's because practically 
everything I know about the game has come from playtesting it and reading the 

I have no idea whether any other BOOH guides exist out there, and I don't 
care. The more the merrier.

I played the game on Nightmare difficulty when writing this guide, then 
through again on Trauma to note the differences. For this guide to make total 
sense, and also for a proper challenge, I suggest you start your game on 
Nightmare too.

I'm also assuming that you're approaching each level with a view to obtaining 
the tarot cards, so that's how I've gone about writing them. If you already 
have the tarot cards you could feasibly stick my worthless advice up my arse, 
though I would urge you not to.

I hope you enjoy it and that it helps you out. Thanks for reading :)


                            1.2 USING THIS GUIDE

Please view this guide in a text viewer / editor with a set fixed-width 
font, or else it might look a mess. I use Courier New, Size 10.

Use the Find command (CTRL + F) with the numbered contents menu at the start 
of the guide, in order to quickly jump to the section you want.

I have put the main walkthrough section of the guide towards the end, after 
all the other game information. This is not a design flaw - it's deliberate.


                               1.3 CONTACT ME

I always appreciate feedback for any of my guides, so if you want to send 
strategies, thanks, blame, criticism or applause feel free to mail me your 
comments. I consider all suggestions (and playtest them if possible) and I 
often revise and rewrite based purely on reader contributions. All feedback is 
welcome, unless it's to tell me I suck.

Please consider the following before mailing me:

- Check whether your suggestions or questions are already covered in the 

- Check whether there is a more recent version of the guide available - I 
revise and update a lot after a first release.

- To email me, please send your message to 'utuselessut@hotmail.com' and put 
'Painkiller:BOOH guide' and the guide version number in the subject line.

- I don't edit contributor emails (unless they're obscene), so please make 
sure you won't mind seeing what you've written appearing in a future version 
of the guide, spelling mistakes and all.

- Let me know in your mail whether or not you want your name and email address 
to be included with your contribution - if you don't specify then I'll assume 
you want it included.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


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                              |    2. GAME    |


                              2.1 GAME FEATURES

Most of the game features were covered in my guide to Painkiller. The 
following are the few additions in BOOH.


| 2.1.1 WEAPONS |


Like me, you probably thought this was just a rerun of the chaingun and 
electro, but it's not. It's oh so much more, dammit.

Primary (250 ammo):

This is an excellent weapon, and its only downside is its staccato bursts. It 
has amazing range and accuracy, rivalling the chaingun for best long range 
weapon. It's also more destructive than the chaingun, and is better at medium 
or close range. Definitely do not ignore this - you'll soon find out how 
useful it is if you give it a try. It even brings down tanks fast.

Throughout the guide, I occasionally refer to the SMG as a machine-gun.

Secondary (500 ammo):

It's like the electro, but more efficient. You can take damage if the enemies 
you're flaming are too close, and it also creates flaming corpses which damage 
you or set alight any other minions who walk over the bodies. It's a fantastic 
room clearer and soul grabber (with Soul Catcher), but it doesn't have good 
range, and it eats the ammo (500 is a lot though). Use when surrounded by weak 
enemies, but try not to walk forwards while you're firing it.


This is kind of like another electrodriver, in that you'll probably ignore it 
in favour of better, more effective weapons. Both halves are bit gimmicky, and 
can be trumped by other occupants of your arsenal.

Primary (500 ammo):

It's marketed as the ultimate sniper rifle, but in fact the chaingun still 
beats it hands down. You'll use the boltgun in the Lab and then probably 
nowhere else. Stick with the chaingun for a sniper rifle - it's faster and 
more accurate, even if you can't zoom in with it. The boltgun can be 
surprisingly useful at close range too, kind of like a less immediately 
effective shotgun, since it does such big damage.

Secondary (250 ammo):

Wow. Well the heater has good points and bad points, and the main bad point is 
that you can kill yourself very easily with it. There are also very, very few 
places in the whole game where you'll find yourself resorting to this. You 
don't necessarily want to chuck ten bombs at a time, but you don't have any 
choice in the matter, and so the ammo disappears fast.

I still prefer grenades or rockets, but it's fun to chuck a few heater bombs 
into a crowd of zombies or pirates now and then. Just stand back, and don't 
try any trick shots.
_______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION______________________________

Taylor <kingoomieiii@yahoo.com>

[These are some notes about the effect the quad damage has on BOOH's new 

SMG/Flamethrower: The 'burst' effect of the SMG is removed, making it full-

Sniper... whatever it is: The bomb-pods detonate on contact with ANYTHING, 
with no bounces. Also, the tips of the metal stakes are on fire, but this has 
no additional effect.


Thanks, I forgot to test the quad damage in BOOH.
_______________________________V1.3 CONTRIBUTION______________________________


| 2.1.2 SECRET AREAS |

The secrets in BOOH are generally easier to get at than the ones in the 
original game, but there are still one or two difficult ones. I've found all 
the secret areas in the game, but I'm missing a non-secret holy item in Stone 
Pit. I think this may be a coding error or something. Hope so.

I've made screenshots of myself standing in each of the secret areas, so if 
you can't understand my written descriptions you could always email me to ask 
for the screens you want.

To enable you to quickly find (Ctrl + F) the mentions of each level's secret 
areas, I've marked them all with a ~ symbol.


                              2.2 TAROT CARDS

Each level in the game has a tarot card waiting for you at the end of it, and 
all you have to do to obtain the level's card is to observe a certain 
restriction while battling your way through the level.

Tarot cards come in silver and in gold. When equipped before starting a new 
level, silver cards' effects will remain active throughout the level. Gold 
cards can be activated once per level with your gold card button, and will 
usually last thirty seconds, meaning that you should think carefully about 
when you want to use them.

The game calls the cards 'Black Tarot Cards': don't let this confuse you. All 
twenty four cards are 'black', but you only need to know which ones are 
silver-black and which are gold-black.

Tarot cards can make a huge difference to whether you fail or succeed in 
completing BOOH's levels. You need to pick the right silver cards to take you 
through each mission, and also pick the right gold cards to trigger at special 
points during the levels. 

Make sure that you have enough gold coins to let you mess about with the 
cards, since all cards need gold before they can be placed on the tarot board. 
Collect as much gold as you can during each level to make this easier, though 
you'll have none at the start and very little until a few levels in.

Bear in mind that you can skip cards that you're finding difficult to reach, 
then use what cards you do get to go back into the levels containing the cards 
you missed before. In other words, you can play a Nightmare game, skip the 
Loony Park card if it's too difficult, pick up the Armor Regeneration and 
Health Stealer from later levels, then equip them both and revisit the Loony 
Park, where those two silver cards will make getting the Magic Gun card much 
easier. I didn't do it this way - the guide is written to allow you to acquire 
the cards in order.


| 2.2.1 GOLD CARDS |

These can be used once per level (unless you have the silver Forgiveness or 
Mercy cards) and will last thirty seconds (unless you have the gold Time Bonus 
or Double Time Bonus cards).

Here are the gold cards and their details, arranged in the order in which you 
will find them in the game. I've included my own ratings of each card, but 
ignore these if you don't give a monkey's about my opinions.


Weapon Modifier: Call Weapon Modifier
Cost to place: 100
Rating: 3/5

As far as I can tell it's like a cheaper version of Fury or Rage. It's hard to 
tell what exactly this card does, since it's not very specific; but I found 
that it worked pretty well against even bossmen. I'll be sticking with Rage, 
however - it may be more expensive, but at least I know exactly what it's 

Magic Gun: Never waste any ammo
Cost to place: 300 
Rating: 3/5

This is the dream card when it comes to using the heater or the flamethrower. 
If you use it in the right spots you can have great fun, especially when you 
stack it up alongside Double Time Bonus and Iron Will.

If you're good enough at BOOH to get this card then you're probably good 
enough to not need to conserve ammo, and so you may find that you'd rather 
have certain other cards instead.

The Sceptre: All enemies are weak
Cost to place: 300
Rating: 4/5

At first I thought this would come second to Rage, but this card really means 
it when it says "weak". The first enemy I killed with it was the second panzer 
spider in the Dead City, and he fell in about three seconds, as opposed to the 
usual twenty seconds or whatever. It's well worth keeping in mind if you're 
having trouble eliminating the baddies.

Demon Morph: Morph into Demon
Cost to place: 666
Rating: 3/5

You can Morph into a demon at will, though I would never ever use this, as I 
just don't like the Morphs.

When used with Double Time Bonus you could definitely see the benefit of this 
card, and if you bunged in Mercy and Dark Soul for your silver cards you'll 
barely be able to stop Morphing. Use it if you like Morphs: ignore it if you 

Rebirth: Fully regenerate health and armor
Cost to place: 400 
Rating: 4/5

The usefulness of this one depends on when you use it: it's best when you have 
Vitality equipped and have recently picked up some heavy armour. It's sort of 
like an extra life, but it's just a shame that you have to use all your gold 
cards at once. Equip it if you're constantly getting killed, but it's safe to 
ignore it otherwise.


| 2.2.2 SILVER CARDS |

Not for no reason are these generally more expensive to place on the board 
than gold cards. They stay in effect for the duration of the level (if you've 
equipped them beforehand), and the advantages are enormous. You may forget all 
about gold cards, but the silver ones can greatly facilitate your passage 
through this game.

The silver cards are generally more difficult to get, but far more valuable 
and worth working for than the gold cards. Though you can only have two 
equipped at once.

Again, the cards are in order and I've rated each one.


Health Regeneration: Health starts regenerating 10 seconds after the last 
Cost to place: 1500
Rating: 3/5

This is a safety net, but there are better ways of getting your health up. It 
regenerates your health to 75, though it obviously has to be below 50 and you 
have to remain unharmed for 10 seconds to see its effects. In boss arenas it 
regenerates from below 75, not 50.

It does act pretty quickly, and it does mean you will always be able to 
approach each new area with at least 75 health; but you should never be crap 
enough to need this all the time, which makes you think that maybe another 
silver card would be of more value.

Fear: All enemies have 90% of initial HP
Cost to place: 1000
Rating: 2/5

I can think of very few minions in this game who don't drop with just one or 
two shots or bursts of a particular weapon, and so this card makes little 
difference to anything. A 10% health loss is just not enough, especially for 
1000 gold. Nah, there are far better silver cards. And it doesn't work against 

666 Ammo: Get 666 ammo for each weapon at the beginning of each level
Cost to place: 2000
Rating: 4/5

I can't give this five out of five, since once you use up that 666 it's gone; 
but this is still a damn tremendous card. 666 rockets? 666 heater rounds? 666 
friggin' flamethrower units? Deal.

Less good for the final level, versus King Alastor, since it only fills your 
weapons to their usual capacities.

Armor Regeneration: Armor starts regenerating 10 seconds after the last damage
Cost to place: 1000
Rating: 3/5

This is similar to the Health Regeneration card, but this time your armour has 
to be below 75 before your ten second timer kicks in. It does rebuild it to 
75, but you have to have armour to lose in the first place. If you start a 
level with no armour on, the card will not give you 75 after ten seconds.

Health Stealer: 5% of the damage to the enemy goes to player's health
Cost to place: 2000
Rating: 5/5

Well, this is just the Tits, with a capital T. Imagine this combined with Soul 
Catcher, and it's hard to imagine ever dying. Just watch your health climb as 
you toast an entire room full of minions with your flamethrower. I don't need 
to describe this any more - equip it and keep it.

The downside is that your health drops gradually for as long as you're 
Morphed, but since you can achieve enormous amounts of health while not 
Morphed, this is not much of a con.


                               2.3 MONSTERS

This section describes all the minions that appear in the game. They're all 
visually different, but many of them have special abilities which you should 
be aware of. Some also have immunities or resistances to certain weapons, and 
most of the monsters are designed to suit the levels in which you meet them.

I've given each minion a danger rating from one to five, where a level of one 
represents little or no danger, and a level of five represents big trouble. 
These ratings are based on my experiences of each monster - you might totally 
disagree with them.

I've given certain monsters a recommended weapon - these are just my choices 
based on the fact that some monsters are particularly vulnerable to certain 

Some of the monsters come in miniboss form - I've noted these here and in the 
guide sections.



Danger: 4/5
Recommended weapon: Freezer

These things are big, tough brutes, and their dual cannonball thing has one 
hell of a range. You seriously need to chaingun these guys from a distance or 
freeze them close up as soon as you see them, because no-one likes getting 
smacked in the face by two cannonballs from ten miles away.

Later versions are tougher, and can't be frozen. Thanks for that.


Danger: 2/5

Even in numbers they're nothing special. Their fireworks attack looks and 
sounds a lot worse than it is, and it's easy enough to dodge anyway.


Danger: 2/5

These guys are just the sado commandos from Painkiller, except now they've got 
boltguns instead of chainguns.


Danger: 3/5

They're slow, weak, lumbering things, but they can poison you with their 
poisonous heater grenades quite easily. They're especially dangerous when 
you're speeding towards them on the Loony Park rollercoaster.


Danger: 3/5

The ground version chucks flames around for fun, and appears in one very large 
collective, which is what makes them dangerous more than anything else. On 
their own they're slow and weak.

The flying version is rare but can throw a homing missile in the form of a 


Danger: 3/5
Recommended weapon: Freezer

These guys are pretty much the same as the barrel zombies from Painkiller. 
They're of average speed, but they're not hard to kill off before they reach 
you. You can freeze them and shatter them before they get close enough to blow 
themselves up, and you shouldn't have any trouble if you can spot them coming.

They will still explode when frozen and shattered, so always keep your 
distance when trying to bring them down.


Danger: 2/5

Just an average melee monster: not tough and not quick.


Danger: 1/5
Recommended weapon: Flamethrower

Not really dangerous, just a pain in the arse. The last thing you need when 
you're on a strict time limit is a flying enemy with huge speed and agility. 
Their incendiary bombs can be easily dodged if you just keep moving. 
Dragonflies won't drop souls when killed.


Danger: 3/5
Recommended weapon: Freezer

You only meet them in the Orphanage, but they're fast and strong enough to 
give you big problems in such tight spaces, especially if you're trying to 
avoid taking damage altogether. They have two incarnations as well - kill off 
the boy and a headless maniac springs up in his place.


Danger: 2/5

You'll always meet these flaming idiots in rooms where you have a bit more 
space to move around, so they shouldn't be tough to take down with only your 


Danger: 2/5

Again, only dangerous when you don't want to be damaged. They just look like 
midgets walking around under a sheet.


Danger: 3/5

They're pretty accurate with those rifles, and you always meet them in groups. 
They're very like the skeleton warriors from Painkiller, though a fair bit 
tougher. The most dangerous thing about them is the grenades they throw with 
much talent, so don't stay in one place for too long.

They also tend to get distracted by the Russians, which is good news for you.


Danger: 4/5
Recommended weapon: SMG

The fact that they're tanks should tell you a lot about them. They're very 
tough - six or seven rockets' worth - and their own shells can catch you in 
the head and ruin your day. Keep moving and unload your machine-gun at them.


They come in four flavours, or five if you include the miniboss.


Danger: 3/5

These are the big guys, but all they do is lumber around and swipe at you with 
their fists. Stay out of the way and fire bolts at them and they should be no 
trouble, especially given how rare they are. They also roll rocks along the 
ground at you if given a chance, like the real rock-throwers.

Behemoths' souls are worth 6 health points instead of one, and are coloured 
red, not green.


He'll appear at the very end of the Colloseum, and he's not difficult to take 
down once you've put out the flames around the area. Just look out for the 
rocks he's chibbing at you.

The Giant Behemoth's soul is worth 6 health points instead of one, and is 
coloured red, not green.


Danger: 1/5

They're weak and will drop with just one inaccurate shotgun blast. Practically 
any weapon can remove them fast, and they won't do much damage to you if they 
do get a hit in.


Danger: 3/5
Recommended weapon: Flamethrower

It's amazing how inept these guys are at close range - you can pretty much 
walk around them in circles and their rocks won't hit you. At medium or long 
distances, however, the rocks can move very fast and do you damage, so stay 
light on your feet and take these guys out with the flames or well-aimed 
stakes. Their invulnerable shields give them an extra danger point - aim at 
their bodies to harm them.


Danger: 3/5
Recommended weapon: Flamethrower

They're the templar knights from Painkiller, but without the crossbow quarrels 
smacking you in the head. Treat them the same way, but stay out of their 
reach, as they are unreasonably quick.


Danger: 2/5

They can either skelp you with their fists or spit poison gas at you after 
swigging from their bottles. Bolt them to the wall and move on.


Danger: 1/5

Slow and weak and crap melee goons. The only thing about them that might give 
you trouble is that they take ages to spit out their souls when they die.


Danger: 2/5

Very rare but invulnerable to normal attacks. Avoiding the fireballs can be 
tricky in the Orphanage, so keep quick-jumping until you can kill the nun off 
for good.


Danger: 5/5

These would come under miniboss, except that they are their own miniboss, if 
you see what I mean. There are too many of them for them to be called unique.

They tend to have a mixture of three attacks: the first is a pair of 
fireballs, which may or may not home in on you, depending on which spider 
you're meeting; the second is a stamp, where the spider rears up and then 
slams down into the ground, often sending you bouncing up in the air and 
taking damage; and the third is a freeze breath thing which slows you down 
greatly and hurts a fair bit too (though it can also freeze nearby minions 
caught in the blast). They can also harm you by merely touching you.

They're always tough, but certain obvious gold cards can see them off in 
record time. As long as you keep your distance and keep battering at them with 
ranged weapons you should be OK.

There is a panzer spider inhabiting the Pentagon boss level, and this is one 
of two very tough spiders in the game - the other is the one at the end of the 
Dead City.

Panzer spiders' souls are worth 6 health points instead of one, and are 
coloured red, not green.


Danger: 2/5

They're standard melee minions, and can be avoided easily. Use the painkiller 
to clear them out of the way. They get two out of five because of the 
disturbing way they assemble themselves when you wake them up.


Danger: 3/5

The ones firing machine-guns and lobbing grenades around are no worse than 
sado commandos. Blunderbusses: brilliant.

The guys with cutlasses are a different story. They're absurdly fast and they 
attack in groups, and if you run out of space you will quickly find yourself 
surrounded and hacked to the floor. Try very hard to stay out of their way, 
and keep moving, because they also chuck spiky cannonballs which do horrible 
damage. Luckily they're weak enough to be dropped in groups by one or two 


Danger: 3/5

Very fast and apparently invulnerable. You'll meet six or seven at the end of 
the Lab, but if you outrun them and stay out of their range they are nothing 
more than a frightening array of sharp teeth. It's a nice touch that the first 
panzer spider you meet will gladly destroy them for you.


Danger: 5/5
Recommended weapon: SMG

I'd rather meet a panzer spider than just one of these efforts. They're like 
Painkiller's executioners, only much tougher and smarter. There's always some 
sort of trigger which will allow you to attack and destroy the preachers only 
after you've found it - for instance: killing off all the other surrounding 
minions first; destroying nearby cars; whatever. Meanwhile you have to avoid 
letting them hack your head off with their axes, and dodge the axes when they 
occasionally chuck them at you.

Don't waste your shots on them until you find and activate the trigger - they 
are invulnerable up until you find whatever it is that's making them so and 
turn it off. Once they can be damaged the boltgun or SMG should make short 
work of them.

Sometimes they will fling their axes at you when they're at low health, and 
then will try to bellyflop you in a kamikaze attack. These attacks hurt a LOT, 
so avoid them.

Preachers' souls are worth 6 health points instead of one, and are coloured 
red, not green.


Danger: 4/5
Recommended weapon: Freezer

No minion capable of being frozen with one shot deserves five stars, but these 
guys are right up there with the other fours. Their guns are bad enough, but 
when a monster calls in a full air-strike on your head you know you have a 
problem. They're very rare though.

Officers' souls are worth 6 health points instead of one, and are coloured 
red, not green.


Danger: 3/5

Pretty much the same as German soldiers, only a bit taller.


Danger: 4/5

See German Tank.


Danger: 1/5

Yawn. Draw them into one big group with some slick quick-jumping, then 
splatter them all to bits with a grenade. Pathetic. You also get giant slaves 
later, but so what.


Danger: 1/5

You'll find these at the beginning of the Orphanage, inhabiting the swamp. 
They jump around a bit and could do you a little melee damage, but the 
painkiller can see them off easily and quickly. They don't even carry souls.


Danger: 4/5
Recommended weapon: Freezer

These things just look like another basic minion, except a bit spikier. Until 
they stab their dolls, and you find your armour and health disappearing at an 
alarming rate. Freeze them the very second you spot them, as their unique 
attack isn't melee or projectile - it's just incredibly painful.

The Stone Pit versions are twice as big and twice as mean. These things are 
dreadful, and even one strike can hurt a hell of a lot. They can't be frozen 
either, which is just lovely. Keep your distance and use your gold cards.


Danger: 3/5

Some run at you and swipe your face to bits; some run at you and detonate 
themselves in a damaging explosion; some lob limbs at you from a distance. 
They assemble themselves from bits of fallen comrades, so you could kill one 
zombie and collect its soul, only to watch it spring up again and start 

They're not hard to destroy, but there are lots of them in the Dead City, and 
time is of the essence if you want that level's card. The ones who detonate 
themselves can be killed faster if you shoot at their heads.


-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-


                          |    3. WALKTHROUGH    |


This is the main walkthrough section, taking you through each level until the 
final confrontation with King Alastor.

Each level has my own rubbish introduction, followed by information on each 
level, such as numbers of monsters, ammo, holy items, etc. I've also noted the 
tarot card condition for each of the levels, as well as the card you'll 
acquire when you successfully complete them.

Within each walkthrough section are my notes on checkpoint locations and the 
progress I made towards picking up each level's tarot card. You might tackle 
certain things in a different order, or achieve different tarot card scores or 
whatever. My notes are just meant to give you some orientation rather than be 
considered rules carved in stone.

Good luck :)


                          3.1 - LEVEL 1 ORPHANAGE

It's a lot like Asylum from the original game, and it has shades of the 
Shalebridge Cradle from Thief 3 (but then I compare every fps game level to 
that masterclass). And the tarot condition is a bastard in such a tight level.

If you manage to get 150 gold or over in this first level you'll be in luck, 
since you can then bring in your Vitality card for the subsequent levels.


GOLD: 153
AMMO: 38


-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-

Turn around and start jumping across the logs and islands. You can only go one 
way, and you'll have to fight off a few sprites before you eventually reach a 
place where the water is too wide to jump across without taking damage. Quick-
jump from the inner end of the plank to the outer end, then across to the 
land, and you should just make it. Farther on is a secret island at the back 
with light armour and two mega ammo packs. ~

Get back to where you started (jump up that tree to get back across the big 
gap) and up the stairs to the orphanage, past more sprites. Don't hit the 
checkpoint yet - instead pick up the stakes and run around to the right. You 
can climb up the rope / vine ladder thing on the corner of the wall to reach 
the next storey, where there are some chests with coins in them. There's 
another, separate ladder on the corner of that wall, so climb up to the second 
secret area for the freezer ammo. ~

Now drop back down and hit the checkpoint.


You'll materialise inside in the foyer of the orphanage. When you approach the 
stairs a ball will bounce down towards you, making you crap yourself (I nearly 
peed a little here), but the first real danger is at the top of the stairs and 
to the right, where you'll meet your first evil girl. Kill her without delay, 
and proceed down the hall to meet another evil girl and a pinokio on the bed. 
Grab their souls.

Those pigs are - naturally - piggy banks, so shoot them out for the gold, then 
head back down the hall to the next checkpoint.


Watch the ghostly nun float through the mesh and past you, then go through 
into the library. The only way to kill her off and get her soul is to run up 
the staircase at the back and grab the shotgun from the very top. She dies and 
the evil boys appear, so let them come to you and freeze them when they 
arrive. There's another girl at the end, then you can drop all the way down to 
get the shotgun ammo and hit the next checkpoint.


Quick-jump to the health on top of the teddy bear in the corner and pick off 
the pinokios from safety. The next room has evil boys and one evil girl, and 
you can do yourself a big favour by using your freezer ammo in here (there's 
more in the back corner).


Kill off the pinokio after you've picked up the stakegun, and duck into the 
room around the corner. In here are two bedrooms full of evil girls, so start 
chucking grenades around. Pick up the souls and ammo, then head back to where 
you were a minute ago.


Kill off more evil girls, kick the ball about for a bit, and get the coins 
from the piggy banks and the ammo from behind the table.


A preacher appears with his gigantic axe, but you needn't bother wasting your 
ammo on him. He won't die until every evil girl and boy in the upcoming halls 
and stairways are gone, so get busy with the shotgun while you work your way 
along. Pick up the armour and stakes in the oven in the first room, the 
shotgun ammo all the way around and down the stairs, and the freezer ammo on 
the back wall of the last room; then stand at the back right of the last room 
while you let all the kids come to you up the curving stairs.

Pick them off with stakes or freezer shots, then shotgun the big guy to the 
deck once all the kids are dead. Drop to the last checkpoint, with only one 
enemy left to kill.


There's another one of those nun ghosts in here, and this time what kills her 
is going up the ramp to the flamethrower and setting fire to her once she's 
lobbed two fireballs at you and is floating past the short wall opposite the 
one at which she first appeared.

Then hit the exit.


TAROT CARD: Weapon Modifier (Gold)


                          3.2 - LEVEL 2 LOONY PARK

This could have been brilliant, but as it it's just really good. This is one 
of the two levels which lessen the replayability of the whole game, though 
only if you're going for the cards.

I clambered and quick-jumped all friggin' over this map; on top of every 
building; climbing up the ferris wheel; hiking up the side mountains; looking 
for the holy items: then I found them all in the main area. Typical.

The tarot condition is a bit misleading - I took it to mean that enemies who 
died without my help wouldn't count. But it actually means monsters who die in 
any way, not just monsters who die from your weapons.

I've twice managed 87 kills for the card in this level, but the first time was 
the cruellest thing ever - a fireball from one of the last crustys on the 
circuit caught up with me JUST as I was about to touch the exit, and I died. 
There was much weeping. But then I got 87 the very next time, and there was 
much rejoicing.

The Vitality card is crucial for this level.


GOLD: 548
AMMO: 32



SILVER: Vitality

-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-

Always look behind you at the start of any fps game level - it should be law. 
And try to save your stakes while fighting the monsters, as they can help you 
reach a secret area later.

Move forward and get jumped by clowns. They're easy enough if you just keep 
moving, so get their souls and the ammo packs once they're gone. The coins in 
this level are mostly found in the benches, so shoot them out when you find 

Before you hit the checkpoint go to the left of the area to the inverted v-
shaped support holding up the monorail tracks. Quick-jump up this support and 
onto the top of the big ice-cream cone. At the back of the ice-cream part is a 
super-health pickup in the first secret area. ~ By the way, you may very well 
want to leave this alone for now, since it can help you out far more later on.

Drop to the checkpoint in the ticket booth.



Jump over the spikes and through the turnstiles.

Get rid of the crustys before they can incinerate you, and pick up the three 
mega ammo packs (leave the health alone for now). I spent years in here trying 
to get the crustys to kill each other with their flamethrowers - I managed it 
too - until I realised that's not what I had to do for the card.

There's a medium armour hiding behind the back of the pillar in the middle of 
the House Of Pain porch area.



Twelve corns in here. Grab the light armour if you need it, avoid the big ball 
which gets shot off the chute in the background, and jump around with the 
stakegun to take out this bunch of monsters.

There's another barrel on top of the shop, for some reason.



Fight all you want in here - just don't let your health drop below 100. If it 
does, reload from the checkpoint save. Watch out for the flying crustys with 
homing missiles.

Once the enemies are all dead, pick up the health pickup to boost your health 
to 150, then hit the checkpoint.



Before you hit the rollercoaster you'll want more armour, health, four holy 
items, and the remaining three secret areas.

Turn and face the House Of Pain, and look at the two vents hanging over the 
ground at the left end of the front of the building. The one on the right has 
a flap which swings back and forth when you shoot it, so stand on the thing 
underneath and shoot stakes into it until it's stuck open. 

Now run up the spiral walkway inside the fenced area and jump from the top 
onto the roof of the House Of Pain. From here jump onto the lamppost at the 
same corner of the building as the two vents, then from the lamppost into the 
vent itself. In this secret area are two holy items and a corpse. ~ If the 
corpse gets in your way when you're trying to pick up the relics, try freezing 
it - worked for me.

You can also get into this vent by just jumping off the thing underneath it, 
but the corpse has to be in the right place on top of it for the height.

Now for the other two relics. Drop out of the vent and run back up the spiral 
walkway. This time drop off onto the roof of the other building - the Acid 
Bath. Run to the left and duck under the first three pipes, running right 
along the edge of the roof. When you reach the far corner jump off onto the 
roof of the merry-go-round and go to the back where there is a mega ammo pack 
in the third secret area. ~

Now drop to the ground and shoot the barrel next to the ticket booth on the 
corner of the Acid Bath. Walk into the ticket booth and the doors to the 
building will burst open. This is the fourth secret area with the last two 
holy items, and much needed super-health and armour pickups. ~ Jump onto the 
bouncy platform on the left and it will propel you to the next one. Change 
direction to aim for the next square every time you land on one, and you 
should arrive at the back with little or no health loss, like a true UT Bunny 
Tracker. Get the pickups and go back to the start, then use the same platform 
you hit first to jump through the open window.

You have killed 67 monsters by now, and ideally you should have 250 health 
(Vitality card) and 200 armour. This is the maximum you can have, and it's 
very necessary. If you have less than 250 health you have a problem - 
hopefully you left one or both of the super-health pickups alone earlier, so 
pick them up now to help you out if needed.

By the way, you can quick-jump across the chasm separating the front of the 
town from the huge area in the rear. The back area is full of buildings and 
there are lots of things to climb up and jump off of; but there's actually 
nothing there of worth, and once you've crossed you can't get back over again 
(at least I didn't find a way in about forty minutes of exploring). So don't 

Right. Now. Run up that spiral walkway you opened earlier and go into the hut 
for the next checkpoint.



You've killed 67 monsters before you even get on, so you can afford 21 more 
kills. The car itself is going to hit roughly that amount (no more, possibly 
less) on its way around the circuit, which means that you can shoot any 
monster you see standing on the track (all corns), but no others. The shotgun 
is the best for the ride, as it should now kill every enemy it hits with one 
shot, no matter the distance. You get the soul of each monster the car hits, 
as though you had Soul Catcher equipped, so this might help bolster your 
health a bit.

There are certain areas of the track which you will definitely want to watch 
out for. There is a place where the car smashes through an explosive barrel, 
dealing you damage you can't afford - try to shoot the barrel before you reach 
it, but don't worry about killing the corn next to it, as this was going to 
happen anyway. There is also a high roof with four corns standing on it, and 
they will all be firing at you. They can accidentally kill each other, so if 
you see one of them die as you pass, you may not be getting the card.

You will probably also get a Morph at one point, and this might be the 
difference between completing the circuit and dying along the way. If you can 
Morph past even one stretch where you'd normally take damage, this should be 
enough to see you through (if you started the ride with full health and 

Basically this ride is just a case of sitting still and hoping you reach the 
end. The car rides into the exit at the end of the circuit. Good luck.



TAROT CARD: Magic Gun (Gold)


                             3.3 - LEVEL 3 LAB

This is kind of like the Abandoned Factory from Painkiller, only much crapper. 
This really is a half-arsed afterthought of a level - even the secret areas 
are weak as hell.

Be as stingy as possible with your boltgun ammo - never overestimate it. If 
you're still having trouble you could probably afford to put the Replenish 
card on the board, though I only went with Vitality to build up my gold for 
future levels.


GOLD: 456
AMMO: 56



SILVER: Vitality

-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-

Pick up the boltgun and the armour and then carefully snipe out all of the 
commandos ranged around the high points of this square (use your zoom key). 
Once they're gone more drop to the ground, and there are one or two in the 
fenced area which will open up. Make sure that each commando dies with just 
one shot of your boltgun (one mouse button tap, not one round) - this is how 
to conserve your ammo for the card.
______________________________V1.4 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

Thomas Tarpey <arbiter_of_chaos@yahoo.com>

"I checked to see if you said this, but I didn't see it and you didn't write 
as though you knew it (and it may not be applicable in Nightmare/Trauma [I've 
only played on Insomnia so far]), but on the Lab, you are only required to use 
the Boltgun; it's not like the Town in the original where you were limited to 
using Stakes only.  You can use both the Bolts and the Heater bombs in the 
level, which can be useful when you come across large groups of enemies (or 
Nurses anytime, due to the difficulty of hitting them with the bolts)."


Nope, I never knew this. I spent friggin' years toiling through that cruddy 
level with bolts only, and what annoys me most is that I made it. Thanks, this 
will save me headaches in future.

______________________________V1.4 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

Make sure you pick up all the ammo packs before you hit the checkpoint.



Stand at the right end of this corridor and zoom your boltgun along at the 
barrels on the far stairs. Wait for the commandos to appear on the stairs (not 
just the first commando) and shoot out the barrels to get rid of them. More 
will drop down, so shoot out the barrels on the right, then the ones on the 
left. This should take care of most or maybe all of them.

Collect the coins and souls, but don't bother shooting any barrels still 
intact. Run up the stairs and collect the ammo on the far end. Then go down 
the side hallway.

Push one of the canisters to the back corner so that you can shoot it when the 
commandos arrive. Then shoot one of the long containers to kill the others. 
Run along to the dead end for the armour and ammo, then quick-jump up the bit 
of broken ceiling.

Turn around and drop off the right of this roof to land on the window ledge 
below. From here you can make your way along to the back wall. There is a holy 
item in a secret area tucked into the corner. ~ And you can also run along for 
the super-health in the second secret area. ~ You can also reach these secrets 
by pushing one of those big barrels you shot earlier outside and quick-jumping 
up it, but this is immensely tedious.

Now make your way back up to the place you just dropped from and run along to 
the next checkpoint.



Snipe away the three commandos who appear on the back roofs - wait until they 
stop moving before you fire. Pick up the ammo from both corners of this roof 
area and go to the next inner area.

This place is tricky, because the nurses are so slim that they often take more 
than one shot of the boltgun to die. Do the best you can, and just make sure 
the commandos all fall with one shot each. Pick up all the ammo along every 
wall and on every shelf, and kill the caged doctor by moving one of the 
gasoline barrels next to the mesh and then shooting it out from a distance.

You could also try moving one of the barrels out into the main corridor and 
shooting it out to take down two or three of the nurses at once - worked well 
for me. Just save one of the canisters for the doctor.



Drop down and shoot out any barrels you see in the room whenever the minions
are near them, except the ones in the elevator. Turn around and look in the 
elevator after a few seconds, as more commandos will be dropping down and you 
can shoot out the barrels to kill all four of them.

Clear this room out, including the idiot commandos who will probably be trying 
to kill each other.

Head up into the next room and get rid of the grenade-lobbing commandos very 
quickly, before they can do you damage. Now move that single barrel over to 
the broken section of the mesh and shoot it out. You should hopefully kill at 
least two of the doctors, so bolt the others to the deck. If the barrel gets 
burst accidentally beforehand, or if it explodes but doesn't damage the fence, 
just chuck a grenade down next to the broken mesh and it should open it up.

By the way, don't trigger a Morph in here if you can possibly avoid it. Wait 
until after the next checkpoint.

Now nurses jump in and run towards you, so take them out too and then grab the 
super-health pickup. Get up the ladder and take the armour and all the ammo 
before you hit the next checkpoint.



Drop onto the plank against the back wall, then down to the next plank, then 
turn around and try to fall through the quad damage on your way to the bottom.

This is the area which has the biggest bearing on whether or not you can get 
the card. You've got a lot of shooting to do in here, plus you then have two 
more sets of enemies up above you.

Tons of commandos will spawn from this Halflife-ish area, so trigger your 
Morph as soon as you can (most effective if you just shoot at the spawn-point 
in the middle). If you had the same amount of ammo I had when entering you 
should be OK for the rest of the level, especially if you get a Morph and the 
quad damage. This is also a great area to trigger Magic Gun, if you have it - 
use it at the same time as the quad damage. Watch out for explosive barrels 
falling from above - they can take a lot of your health and armour.



When the last of the commandos is dead the big barrel on the back wall will go 
on fire. Shoot it out with bolts to make it explode, and jump onto the square 
to be shot upwards to the high platform to the left.

A few nurses will appear around this first level, so remove them and shoot out 
the next flaming box. You can quick-jump onto this one from the side to hit 
that pipe above you, then run along and grab the holy item from the third 
secret area. ~ Or you can just jump onto it to hit the near half of the next 
surrounding level, where you will meet a few gremlins.

You'll probably have to run along the pipe to get the two gremlins on the far 
side, and you can drop down to that holy item if you didn't get it before.

Use the last square to bounce up to the highest pipe, then grab the armour and 
climb off the far end where the leaning plank is. Pick up the ammo and 
approach the big door. It will lower and let through more gremlins and nurses. 
Once they're dead pick up the ammo and go to the last checkpoint.



Step onto the long ladder and go all the way down into the sewers.

Once in the sewers you can drop to the goop or run along one of the sides - 
it doesn't much matter. Run along for a bit and soon the walls will close and 
then open again. Now you're being chased by gigantic piranha fish, and you 
have to quick-jump all the way around the sewers to the far end.

Don't bother shooting at them or shooting out the barrels when they get near. 
They're as fast as you and you can't harm them. Run all the way around to the 
end, where you will meet your first panzer spider.

This guy seems to be on your side. Jump onto that ladder and wait for the 
spider to stamp on the ground, killing the piranhas and dropping a soul worth 
six health points.

Not that you need it, since the ladder leads to the exit.



TAROT CARD: The Sceptre (Gold)


                           3.4 - LEVEL 4 PENTAGON

Pfff... Not nearly as impressive as Necrogiant or Guardian from Painkiller, 
and the arena's a bit shabby too. 4:00 is easily doable, but trying to get the 
holy item and super-health makes it a bit harder. Kind of.


GOLD: 100
AMMO: 17



SILVER: Vitality

-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-

Grab the armour from among the nearby boxes, and pick up a few mega ammo packs 
too. Start hitting the Spider with the shotgun or chaingun, running around in 
circles all the time to keep him from hitting you or stamping on you. You can 
dodge the fireballs by moving behind or among the boxes.

When you see him rearing up in the air push forward against the box with the 
holy item on top of it (or one of the boxes in that stack), so that his stamp 
bounces you high enough for you to land on top. Now quickly pick up the relic 
(it represents the 100 gold in the level) from the secret area. ~ You can get 
the super-health in the same way.

When he reaches half health he will become electrically charged and 
invulnerable, and start stamping around in circles, seemingly ignoring you.

Sooner or later he will come to a stop in one of the four corners. He will 
turn to face you and start building up a charge of electricity in his mouth. 
Run up to him and shoot the ball of electricity with your shotgun. He will 
start shivering on the spot, and remain like that for about ten seconds.

This is where those four guns come in. Each gun fires to the right of the 
centre of the room, which means that you must pick the correct gun to hit the 
Spider where he is standing. Choose whichever gun is right of the one he's 
standing nearest, in clockwise order. In other words, if he is standing in 
corner 1, you go to the gun in corner 2, in a clockwise direction.

Run into the gun chamber and stand on the gun platform to fire it. The shell 
should hit the Spider and his charge will disappear making him vulnerable 

Run around shotgunning him again, and go for the other armour. Just when you 
think you've finished him off he will pull his invulnerable electric pish 
again, and you'll have to do what you did before. Once his charge has been 
removed for a second time you can just finish him off with any weapon.


TAROT CARD: Health Regeneration (Silver)


                           3.5 - LEVEL 5 DEAD CITY

This is like taking a wrong turn in a Carmageddon race. You suddenly find 
yourself in some backwards zombie city, trying desperately to find the way out 
before your 20:00 timer runs down.

The Dead City is a pretty horrible level in every way. It's going to be 
extremely hard - nearly impossible - to get all the secret areas and the 
card at once. There's also a lot of gold to be had here, but don't waste time 
going for it if you're trying for the card. 

Hopefully you have enough money to put my recommended cards on the board - 
this combination will help enormously. I'm certain that Soul Catcher is the 
card that helped me get the times below, as when I didn't use it I usually 
ended up overshooting by about a minute and a half. Quick-jump constantly in 
here, as you're too slow without it.


GOLD: 944
AMMO: 72



SILVER: Soul Catcher / Vitality
GOLD: Iron Will

-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-

Pick up the armour and shotgun ammo, then run out quickly to the super-health 
across the road. A panzer spider will appear from the left end and begin 
stamping around, so shotgun him down and then kill off the zombies bit by bit. 
The fastest and easiest way is just to run close to them and then run away 
again - most of them will detonate themselves when you get close enough. Don't 
be scared of using your rockets on them either - anything to get the hell rid 
of them. You can also shoot out the vehicles all through this level to make 
them explode.

Approach the back wall, opposite the stairs you started on top of, and the two 
sandwich boards should explode in a shower of coins. There is another super-
health pickup sitting in the hole in the ground. Make sure you pick up the 
other armour and all the ammo packs around, then go over to the checkpoint.



Run along to the end of this walkway and look up. Stake the zombies in the 
head before they vomit over you any more, then the sandwich board explodes and 
you can go around the corner to the next checkpoint.



Jump along the outer edge of the railings beside the barrels to reach the 
first secret area and holy item in the far corner. ~ Don't go too close to the 
barrels or they will explode and do you continuous damage.

Drop to the ground and wait for the zombies to splat all over the place. They 
start coming to life - sort of - but you'll probably be on a Morph in here so 
it's an easy area. Do what you did before - get them to detonate themselves 
when you pass, and use your Morph if you want, though it's probably more 
useful in the next area.

Pick up the armour and ammo before you leave.



In here are some dragonflies and some more zombies. Get rid of the dragonflies 
with the flamethrower or with some nifty shotgunning, and erase the zombies as 
quickly as you can. Pick up the armour, ammo and super-health, and quick-jump 
along the street to the next checkpoint.



You have to work your way up to the top of the first fire escape and then jump 
over to the next one (quick-jump up the stairs, as they are quite buggy). At 
this point you can turn around to get to the next secret area. 

As far up the second fire escape as you can go, jump over onto the window 
ledge between this fire escape and the first one. When you land on the ledge, 
face the nearest outer corner of the railings of the first fire escape and 
push backwards so that you're walking backwards into the window itself, 
without falling off the ledge. 

This is the tricky bit: jump on the ledge with the backwards key held down, 
then push forward as you land, so that you're effectively doing a forwards 
quick-jump immediately following an unmoving backwards one. This is the only 
way I've found to reach the otherwise inaccessible second highest level of the 
first fire escape, and you may do a lot of reloading. From here you can hop 
over to the low roof and pick up the armour and three holy items. ~

Now jump back across the fire escapes and over to the checkpoint on the third 
one. Use the window ledges to help bridge the gaps, but don't worry if you 
miss the checkpoint - the game continues anyway, and you can save time by 
deliberately skipping it.



Grab the armour from the corner to the right, then run along to engage the 
spider. Drop it with some chaingunning, then wipe away the zombies. Then some 
dragonflies vector in, so whip out the flamethrower. If you run out of ammo 
(there's a mega ammo pack against one wall) try using the electro or the 
shotgun. Another bunch of dragonflies swoops down when the first lot are gone 
and when you think you're going to the checkpoint, so try to get them out of 
the air quickly. 

There's a super-health away off to the side, and a holy item on a high ledge 
near the mega ammo pack. You can get it later if you have time.

Run to the checkpoint - this time it will stick around.



Kill the tall zombies with your weapon of choice, letting the others detonate 
themselves when you pass. Pick up the armour tucked behind the ticket booth at 
the entrance, but don't go for the super-health, as the booth will lock and a 
preacher will appear with some zombies (the preacher counts as a monster; but 
the zombies don't, as you can't kill them). You can't afford this waste of 

There's another holy item in the secret area behind the two cars in the corner 
- grab it and the mega ammo packs. ~

The checkpoint appears at the bottom of the side ramp.



Run to the back of this floor and wait for the zombies to be catapulted in 
from outside. I like the SMG for this area, but let as many zombies explode 
themselves as you can.

Get the super-health and ammo before the next checkpoint.



Pick up the heavy armour and avoid the first preacher. Quick-jump past the 
nearest car to explode its proximity bomb, then the preachers become 
vulnerable. Start hitting them with the boltgun and collecting their red 
souls, and make sure you stay away from all the other cars.

Pick up the super-health if you need it and then hit the next checkpoint at 
the door.



Approach the big locked doors to open them, and be prepared to chuck a couple 
of heater rounds at the big bunch of zombies to get them out of the way fast.

Before going through the teleporter at the end of this tunnel, you could jump 
out of the end window and land on the lowest ledge far below to the right. 
From here you can quick-jump around the ledges and into the corner of the 
building, where that holy item you saw earlier is perched in its secret area. 
~ This takes a long time though, so only do it if you're confident.

Anyway, go through the teleporter and around the hallway to meet more zombies 
in the restaurant. Clear them out - including the ones on the balcony - with 
rockets or a Morph, and grab the mega ammo pack before hitting the checkpoint. 
Try to kill the ones spawning behind the counter first, because if you leave 
them till last you waste more time waiting for them to appear one by one.



Kill off the first four zombies before you do anything else - because if any 
run through the doorway you just came through and get stuck on the other side 
when it closes behind you, you will be stuck in the level and unable to 
continue (unless they manage to detonate themselves from behind the door).

The doors at the far end open to reveal some zombies milling around in the 
porn shop (thank-you, Duke Nukem). Introduce them to a few grenades, kill the 
slaves coming from the stairs, then pick off the ones ranged along the 

The checkpoint is in the stairwell.



Immediately jump into the gap between the stairs and drop all the way to the 
bottom (there's nothing upstairs). Collect the ammo and approach the doorway 
to get the zombies to appear. When they do they'll be coming through that low 
door and from upstairs, so just sit in the corner under the stairs, where the 
ammo is, and unload flames at any zombies you see that aren't yet on fire. 
This is easy and you'll have a nice pile of souls to collect when they've all 
been incinerated.

Now get outside and pick up the mega ammo packs and the heavy armour. There's 
a holy item on a perch above you, but ignore it for now.

The checkpoint is at the end of the alley.



This part is the worst in the level, and it really can make you haemorrhage 
the seconds. There are two preachers in here lobbing vehicles around and doing 
you severe damage whenever they score a hit, which is always. Of course you 
can't kill the preachers yet, and you can only hurt them once you've killed 
the eight zombies dotted around the street (originally seven, but one spawns 
in later).

There are various armours and super-healths scattered about, including a heavy 
armour on the big sloped road rising upwards to the right of the checkpoint 
you're at.

Anyway, run behind the van on the right to kill the first zombie and get the 
super-health. Now start running around, killing the remaining zombies, 
avoiding the cars, and picking up the pickups if needed. This is the area 
where you should trigger your Iron Will card - it's very difficult without it.

With the zombies dead the preachers become vulnerable, so nail them to the 
wall with your boltgun or SMG, and skip ye merrily to the checkpoint.



Run through the cars until you see the ones in the distance begin to explode, 
then quickly run back to safety until the explosions have stopped.

The panzer spider miniboss will then emerge from the far end of the tunnel, 
and he will take a serious beating before you can finally drop him. You may 
even wonder if your weapons are having any effect at all. I went with the 
chaingun then the shotgun then the boltgun then the rockets, blah blah. Avoid 
his many stamps and stay away from the vehicles in the area.

He will eventually fall and you can drop into the exit in the manhole.

You may want to get that holy item if you still think you have time. Push the 
car nearest the alley (you could use a lot of luck here - sometimes none of 
the vehicles are near the alley or can be pushed around in time) around to the 
bins and jump up onto the ladder. From here you can quick-jump up to the 
platform and across the window ledges to pick the relic up. This isn't a 
secret area, for some reason, but it does get you every holy item in the 

Quick-jump like hell to the exit and hope you make it in time. If you're 
wondering where the missing kill was, it was the preacher you skipped earlier 
when you entered the multi-storey carpark.



TAROT CARD: Demon Morph (Gold)


                           3.6 - LEVEL 6 LENINGRAD

This is like Call Of Duty, except without the annoying squad members getting 
in your face all the time. At first it seems impossibly hard, but once you 
know where the enemies will be and how they'll be attacking it gets much 

The tarot card condition is always going to be tough in a level with enemies 
this accurate, so your cards and economical use of the health pickups can save 
your arse in the end. My scores were achieved with the help of my recommended 
silver cards; though I never used my gold cards, just in case you can't yet 
afford to place them. You might want to consider using Health Regeneration if 
you have it, in place of Soul Catcher.

Do not be gung-ho in this level - take it slow and carefully, like in Call Of 
Duty. Dammit, I've played too many fps games.

Having found four out of the five secret areas in this level, I spent decades 
running all over it, making seemingly impossible quick-jumps into every 
window, dropping down the buggy back of the map and into the skybox, 
frustratedly trying to find the last remaining secret; and then I found it in 
a little dark side room with nothing inside. Well, that sucks.


GOLD: 834
AMMO: 112



SILVER: Soul Catcher / Vitality
GOLD: Double Time Bonus / Iron Will

-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-

Shoot the barrels nearby just in case they damage you later, and pick up the 
ammo from beside and inside the rooms to the right. Quick-jump along to the 
armour and super-health, and the first enemies will spawn and come at you.

The Russian soldiers aren't tough, but they are among the most accurate of 
BOOH's minions. Sitting in the back corner where you found the flamethrower 
ammo will allow you to shotgun any who poke their heads around the corner, and 
the tank doesn't come round there either. Whatever you do, watch out for their 

Take out the tank with your limited rockets or your SMG, and get rid of the 
snipers in the windows at this end of the street. Farther down are two more 
stationary soldiers, so shoot them and try to grab their souls.

At the other end of the street are two tanks lurking, and you will soon meet 
more soldiers; and a Russian officer, whom you should freeze with all haste. 
He'll call in an air-strike on the middle of the street, so don't be anywhere 
near when it hits.

Once this little lot are gone you can pick up any ammo you've missed and go to 
the checkpoint in the tunnel.



Another street. The first bunch of soldiers isn't difficult, but then you get 
another officer with another air-strike. Freeze him and erase the next platoon 
with your SMG or chaingun. Try not to stray into the middle of the street 
while you're fighting the ground soldiers, as there are three snipers in the 
left windows.

Kill off those snipers once you've grenaded the third group of soldiers, who 
will emerge from beside the gate on the other side of the street. And pick up 
the armour and ammo too.

Before you go to the checkpoint, jump up into the window where the middle 
sniper was. This is the first secret area, with a holy item in it. ~



Quickly chuck a couple of grenades into the room on the left, and pick up the 
souls of the soldiers you kill. Now pick off the guys above you with the 
stakegun, and try to draw in the souls of the lower ones with Soul Catcher, if 
you have it equipped. There is ammo beside the flames and coins in the 



Shoot the barrels out when the first soldier appears from around the bottom 
corner, and SMG the rest. Down in the hallway are lots more soldiers, so duck 
into the room on the right and let them come to you. You'll get a Morph 
somewhere between this checkpoint and the next, so try to make the most of it 
when it comes.

Collect all the ammo and coins (those explosive boxes can be shot for more 
gold), then move into the next hallway once you've shot the tunnel free of 
barrels. Before you move forward and trigger the soldiers' appearance, chuck a 
grenade into the room on the right to clear the barrel out of the doorway.

Now get into that room, kill the two soldiers and start cutting down the 
others. Same again - collect everything from here once they're dead and move 
on to the third hallway. Pick up the health if you need it.

Throw a grenade into the room on the left this time, to explode all the 
barrels. This time some German soldiers will come at you, and a nicely timed 
electroburst can drop them all in one group.

Head up the stairs in the back, collect the ammo, and hit the checkpoint.



There are five more barrels in the next room, and when you shoot them and pick 
up the coins the wooden door will burst open in the wall, allowing six more 
German soldiers to come out and cause trouble. Lob in a grenade or chaingun 
them to the floor.

In that little room is a mega ammo pack, a super-health, and a heavy armour. 
This is pretty nice, but if you have somewhere around the health and armour I 
already have, you may want to leave the super-health alone for now, as it can 
win you the level's card later on. Pick up the armour at least, as it is 
useless otherwise (I left it alone so you can see that it's still possible to 
proceed without it - this is why my armour appears lower).

Now quick-jump through the other doorway and all the way to the back right of 
the street, lobbing a rocket ahead of you as you go. The rocket should kill 
all four of the soldiers here, leaving you to duck into the tunnel and catch 
your breath.

You can now poke your head out and snipe away the four high snipers with the 
stakegun or SMG. This produces the next checkpoint, but you should quick-jump 
up into the window of the building to the right of the tunnel, the one with 
the bed hanging out of it. In here is a secret area with a holy item and a box 
full of gold. ~



Walk into the street and hug the wall to the left. Opposite this spot some 
soldiers will come through the door, so send a rocket their way and freeze and 
shatter the two detos coming at you from the left. Snipe away the lamer in the 
window on the facing wall, then run over to the wide bit of pavement 
underneath his window.

A tank will come along the street, but you can smash it with just two rockets 
or a burst of the SMG from the safety of your corner. Now more soldiers will 
come running round to get you, but the flamethrower can make short work of 
them, and ideally you won't even lose any health.

The third secret area - the one I couldn't find for days and the last one to 
make the guide complete - is the little room on the right of the street, just 
past the corner you just came around. ~ Jump through the window to trigger it.

There are more soldiers ahead, including one on the high balcony. Take them 
down and use stakes to remove the others standing on the ruined building on 
the right of the street ahead. Run up the street to trigger the next wave, 
then immediately turn around and run into the secret room you just passed.

This bit is tough if you just stand in the street trying to mow these guys 
down, so duck indoors and let them come to you. I launched an electroburst at 
the first guy who appeared in the window, and this took out a few of his 
friends too. Then I used the SMG to drop a few more, but I was pretty near a 
Morph at this point.

This isn't a good place for a Morph, so try not to get 66 if you have Soul 
Catcher. Get out of the room and run around to the right, letting the enemies 
follow you around the street corner and into some SMG rounds. Beware of the 
detos while you're at it.

With this big assortment of enemies dealt with, there are three more detos at 
the far end of the street to kill off before the next checkpoint appears. 
There is also plenty of ammo to be had in the rooms of the buildings on either 
side of the street - collect as much as you can before you head onwards.

By the way, take note of that arched door currently locked at the top right of 
the street - you can come back here later.



This next area is the toughest place yet by far, so don't take it on until 
you're ready. Poking your head around the first corner will get you some 
attention from some soldiers and an officer: freeze the big guy before he can 
call in his air-strike, and machine-gun the others.

Hopefully you are on a Morph here, so get the last soul from these guys, or 
from the officers farther along the street, grabbing the armour on the way. 
Whenever you get the Morph, kill off the first tank and then quick-jump all 
the way down the long street to the right to meet three more tanks - try to 
drop all of them with your Morph even if you ignore all the other minions 

When the Morph wears off you have a big problem comprising legions of German 
and Russian soldiers, plus a few detos. Don't be stingy by going with your 
weaker weapons - just break out the rocket-launcher and start blowing them up. 
Stay nearby to collect the dropped souls and you should be OK.

Once this end of the street is cleared out you can head back to where you 
started, in order to take out any remaining soldiers and detos. Kill off the 
last of them to get the checkpoint to appear, but make sure you pick up the 
heavy armour from the back left corner, inside the ruined building where the 
first tank turns around. I recommend you don't pick this up when you start 
this area - pick it up when all the enemies are dead, and this way you know 
you're heading into the next section with at least 200 armour.

Collect all the scattered ammo and hit the checkpoint.



The good news is that this is the last area: the bad news is that there are no 
good hiding places.

Soldiers will begin to spawn from everywhere, including the building on your 
right. There are also three tanks around the square, and a few detos 
scampering about.

There's not much to say here: I just ran around with rockets, trying to keep 
my health above 150 (with the Vitality card). You'll lose health, obviously, 
but Soul Catcher can help you build it up again constantly; and once you get 
rid of the tanks and then the detos things get easier. You will possibly get 
another Morph in here, so hit the tanks if nothing else.

Gun down the last of the soldiers to reveal the exit, but there are still two 
holy items to pick up before you leave. You may also have below 150 health (if 
you have under 100 and are not using Vitality, you're not getting the tarot 
card for this level).

If you left that super-health and heavy armour alone earlier you can head all 
the way back to pick it up - hopefully this will take you above 200 health if 
you need it. One holy item is in this final square, in the back of the 
building to the left of the central statue - approach the exit to cause a 
large bomb to drop from the sky (stay away while it drops) and destroy the 
statue, and the explosion will open the door. ~ Another secret area is in the 
room behind that arched door you passed earlier - it's now open and will give 
you the fourth and last holy item. ~

Now get back to the exit and jump in.



TAROT CARD: Fear (Silver)


                            3.7 - LEVEL 7 COLLOSEUM

This is a very Heretic-ish level, almost all of which takes place in the 
corridors surrounding the main arena. None of the minions are particularly 
tough, even the miniboss, and most of the enjoyment comes from traversing the 
many traps.

You will need patch 1.61 to fix the bug associated with this level's tarot 
card; until you patch the game you will be unable to get the Rebirth card, 
which therefore means you won't be able to play at the Trauma difficulty 


GOLD: 1518
AMMO: 118



SILVER: Soul Catcher / Vitality
GOLD: Double Time Bonus / Iron Will / Rage

-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-

Nothing very tough in the first room - just quick-jump around in circles until 
all the minions have come out of their cells, then drop them with some well-
placed rockets. Finish off the last few with machine-gun rounds, pick up the 
armour, ammo and coins from the surrounding cells, and push open one of the 
gates to proceed.

Same thing again, only this time you'll have to switch weapons a fair bit, 
since you won't be exactly brimming to the ears with ammo. Make sure you 
collect all of the souls even while you're jumping around. Press the button 
behind the checkpoint to continue.



Another room with side chambers. Quick-jump around until you've got the 
enemies in one big group, then start shooting out the barrels to save ammo and 
kill multiple goons at once. Grab the souls, as usual. You can destroy lots of 
the minions by running into the back left room and shooting the barrels at the 
door as they approach.

In the upper room there is a health pickup and some stakes, plus an urn on the 
high pedestal. Collect the ammo from the cells, shoot out any intact barrels 
for the gold, and step into the checkpoint.



Get the coins from all the containers, pick up the easiest holy item you'll 
ever find, and then grab the shining key next to it. This releases thirteen 
gladiators, including a behemoth. This doesn't much matter to you though, 
since picking up four more souls gets you your first Morph and allows you to 
smear the minions all over the walls with little or no trouble.



Shoot the urn in the corner and get the gold, then run down the corridor until 
the gate rises and the rock-throwers spawn in. I like the boltgun versus these 
guys, but getting rid of them shouldn't be too much of a problem. Just keep 
quick-jumping and moving.

Get the health pickup if needed, and the boltgun ammo from the next left 
corner, and hit the checkpoint. You can't get that super-health yet, so don't 
worry about it.



Meh. Fire your painkiller into the wall beside the pedestal when you hear the 
hammers emerge, and drop them without wasting any ammo. Noobs.

Pick up the ammo from the left room, and try and fail to collect the coins 
from the vases around to the right.



This place is pretty annoying, though not that hard. An assortment of hammers 
and rock-throwers will jump in when you pick up the armour, but there's 
nothing a few flames and an electroburst can't cure. Just don't hang around in 
one corner and miss picking up any souls.

Get the ammo and the coins from the barrels before moving on.



Run around to where you were when you met the first rock-throwers.



Don't shoot the barrels yet - instead approach the super-health and wait for 
the doors to open. I was expecting to get my arse handed to me by whatever was 
about to come through that door, but all I got was a bunch of minor 

Ping the big stack of barrels with your painkiller when the first monster gets 
near enough, and watch their bits splatter all over the walls. Clear out the 
remainder with the shotgun and be sure to grab those souls before they vanish.

You can run past the super-health and get all the ammo, as well as look down 
at the three behemoths in the lower arena.



If you're lucky the bars won't be moving in and out - they weren't for me the 
first time, so I wondered what they were. But if you're unlucky they'll be 
popping in and out of both walls, so you'll have to just quick-jump through 

Now this is more like it! Finally, some bloody traps. Painkiller was crying 
out for areas like this, and it's nice to see them occur in BOOH. It's a pity 
they're all easy as hell to negotiate.

Anyway, work your way down to the first gauntlet - a trio of fatal pits. you 
get spikes, fire, and... well, a bottomless hole would have been nice, but 
instead you're presented with black goop. Doesn't matter - just quick-jump 
across and smash the gold out of the chests and the cage (there are more cages 
in this level, and all contain gold). Now run around to the classic stomping 
______________________________V1.4 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________


"I'm playing Painkiller Battle Out of Hell and am having trouble getting over 
the fire pit in the colousieum level. Is there a trick to quick jumping I'm 
not aware of or is it just coordination/timing?"


About five people have mailed me about this part so far, so it's obviously 
causing trouble.

The only trick to quick-jumping is that you have to hit the jump key just as 
you land after your last jump. Keep jumping as you land (while moving) and you 
can quick-jump around indefinitely.

Unfortunately you don't get much room at those pits, so there are two other 
things you could try.

The hard way (if you're not used to quick-jumping) is to start quick-jumping 
around in circles on the middle platforms, taking care not to fall off, then 
time one of your jumps to land your feet right on the edge of the pit, so that 
your next jump carries you straight over. You won't get across with a normal 

The easy way is to do a standing quick-jump. Stand at the edge of the pit and 
just jump straight up. When you land in the same spot hit forward and jump and 
you should make it across.
______________________________V1.4 CONTRIBUTION_______________________________

These aren't hard either, and you'll probably get through first time. There 
are spaces in between that you can stand in. You're then confronted by a 
wooden walkway with obstacles swinging across it; but drop for the health and 
ammo first (including the hidden boltgun ammo). Go back up the ladder beside 
the health pickup and make your way along the bridge. Pause in between each 
swinging thing to prepare for the next one.

When you get past the second log the slats under you will collapse, so try not 
to fall through. Jump past the spiky balls to the plank, then around to the 
flame corridor.

All the flames are easy to pass by just hugging the opposite walls, except the 
two at the end, which can be bypassed by just running between them when they 
briefly stop.

Pick up the armour if you need it, then jump through the middle of the first 
two blade pillars. Quickly hop over the next middle one and sit in the corner 
to the right. This next pillar is faster, so run around the wall as soon as 
the lower blade passes your feet, then immediately skip past the next one.

You're now safe, so pick up the two health pickups if needed, then run 



Argh! Lots and lots of hammers jump down from above, so let them all land and 
then flame a few for the souls. This should push you to your second Morph, so 
remove the remaining hammers and then hope your Morph lasts until the 
behemoths come to life (I got two of them with mine). Machine-gun any 
surviving behemoths and pick up their valuable red souls.

Downstairs, this next little room is a nod to Raiders Of The Lost Ark, so stay 
still with your chaingun and let the templars come to you. Pick up their 
souls, avoiding the panels all over the floor, smash the urn under the wooden 
stairs, and head up to the checkpoint.



Another room with templars, rock-throwers and hammers. Electroburst, perhaps? 
And shoot out the barrels before you meet the minions, in case they do you 
damage. I like the little-used heater for this area.

Pick up the armour and go through to the room with the - yay! - bottomless 
pit. More gladiators will come at you from the next corridor, but the driver 
can fend them off, and you should also get another Morph with which to speed 
things along.



More gladiators in here, but nothing you haven't dealt with before. Head 
through to the fenced area for another big bunch, and try having some fun with 
the heater - just don't get trapped in a corner.

Once they're all dead, hit the blue button on the right wall to access the one 
opposite it. Hitting this one spawns the checkpoint and opens the gate behind 
the stack of barrels, so shoot them out. Go through the left tunnel to the 
first secret area, to get that super-health you saw oh so long ago, among 
other delights. ~



Pick up the ammo from the outer walls of this workroom, then approach the gate 
in the fence to trigger the first lot of minions. There's nothing here you 
haven't mopped up a million times before, so get mopping - grab the souls of 
the three goons on the ledge with Soul Catcher.

Go through the gate and pick up the key in the back corner, and more enemies 
will emerge... and die with your help. Start grabbing the ammo and smashing 
the containers.

The armour and ammo on top of the big thing in the middle can be reached 
thusly: climb up the ladder nearest the loom thing at the wall, jump onto the 
beam, then to the next beam (you can also quick-jump up the sloped parts of 
the loom itself). Now quick-jump along and up the frustratingly narrow single 
rope to reach the pickups in the secret area. ~ Yes, this is a pain in the 
arse, made worse by Painkiller's infamous "quickloads".

The third secret area is slightly easier to get to: run up the ladder nearest 
the back ledge, then quick-jump off the top and around the pillar to land on 
the curved railings down on the other side. Quick-jump off them as soon as you 
land, and get over to the left onto the longer row of railings. Now just 
quick-jump over to the secret area with the three holy items, armour, ammo and 
containers. ~ I ran all over this level, looking in every corner with my 
flashlight for some sort of hidden passageway leading up to there. I even went 
through those traps backwards before I finally figured it out.



This is a crap place for a Morph, but you have to suffer for your art.



Go up the stairs, turn right, and pick up the mega ammo pack at the back 
corner. Another easy secret area. ~ Shoot out the rest of the urns and 
approach the big door to open it.

Next comes a room with ammo, barrels, containers, and monsters. Clear this lot 
out, and the templars in the next corridor.



Don't get the key on the stairs yet - instead collect the coins and ammo from 
the floor, then run all the way up to either top door. From here, jump onto 
the arched ledge running up the wall to the torch, then jump off to reach the 
ammo packs in the last secret area. ~

Now drop to the key, which will release templars, rock-throwers and hammers. 
Send some flames or electrobursts their way, and get their souls to reveal the 
next checkpoint.



This area is the final showdown in the Colloseum arena, and it's a lot like 
what the Arena from Oblivion should have been (though the video card capable 
of rendering such a thing has probably not yet been built). Three or four 
waves of templars, rock-throwers and hammers will jump down from the stands 
and move in on you. There's plenty of ammo and health around, as well as an 
armour or two. 

The tricky part is collecting just enough souls to trigger your fifth Morph, 
then avoiding collecting any more. The easiest way is of course to keep your 
distance and pick enemies off one by one. Once you hit the Morph, run like 
hell to a wall and burst the monsters from afar. If your soul count stays at 
330 you're fine.

When you score around 365 kills you should prepare to meet the Giant Behemoth. 
Clear away the remaining minions when he appears, then start shooting out the 
flames at the base of each wooden strut. Once all the flames are out the 
miniboss becomes vulnerable to a few seconds' burst of your chaingun. Don't 
pick up his red soul unless it will take you to 330 souls.

To reach the exit, run through the opened gate and up either staircase. Those 
doors are now open, so run up and through to the exit area. Pick up the coins 
from the containers before you leave.


TAROT CARD: Rebirth (Gold)


                          3.8 - LEVEL 8 UNDERWORLD

Without the cart ride this would just be another subterranean hike, but it all 
hangs around the run along the tracks and whether you can kill all the 
monsters before the cart takes you too far past. The secret areas are yet 
again pish easy.

Thanks to the cart ride, Soul Catcher almost becomes a must for your silver 
cards. And though I actually used Vitality when I played this level, you might 
want to go with Mercy to make the cart ride a lot easier. There are also other 
possibilities: Dexterity is a good one to help you mow down the monsters 
quicker; Haste helps you calm things down a bit to give you more time to aim 
and shoot.


GOLD: 2648
AMMO: 43



SILVER: Mercy / Soul Catcher
GOLD: Double Time Bonus / Iron Will / Rage

-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-

Step onto the car to send it down the tracks.



Jump off the cart and duck back into the tunnel you just came from. Poke your 
head out and start picking off the pirates with stakes (there are more stakes 
up at the other end). Try to conserve the following ammo types until you hit 
the third checkpoint: freezer, chaingun, rockets, SMG, flamethrower.

Pick up the ammo and coins from the back of the other track, and the armour 
from the left corner. Then go up to the second checkpoint.



Go up the tracks and shoot the nearest four pirates down with stakes. When 
you move into this big cave the doors shut behind you, so pick up the souls of 
the four enemies you just killed, quick-jump over to the left tracks, and run 
down to the blocked end for some chests of coins.

Back in the main cave there is a bossman on the ledge above you, and he should 
be killed off quickly before he can catch you with his big, shiny balls. There 
are more pirates dotted around on ledges, and up top is a platform with three 
more bossmen on it. I recommend you kill off these three before going for the 
loner at the beginning of the cave - avoid their cannonballs while you shoot 
them down from a distance, then turn around and deal with the first one.

The checkpoint appears when all the enemies are dead, but there's a couple of 
secret areas to go for first. At the end of the top of the right track are 
three mega ammo packs, a health pickup, and five holy items tucked behind the 
rocks. ~ In the cave above the platform the bossmen were on there is a heavy 
armour and a super-health - reach it by jumping up the box, then across onto 
the wooden bridge. ~

Collect the coins from any remaining containers and jump onto the next 



This part is very difficult to get completely right, and if you don't kill 
every enemy here you will not get the card. It's a bit like the rollercoaster 
in Loony Park, except this time you need to kill enemies, not avoid killing 

The best way to do this is to break the ride up into sections and quicksave at 
the end of each one if you know you've caught all the monsters. This way you 
don't have to do it from the beginning whenever you fail, and you can just 
approach the sections one by one.

This will be much easier if you have Soul Catcher equipped, as you can rake in 
the souls from the cart, allowing you to reach a Morph at some point of the 
ride. You also need to know what weapons to use and when - you can't just 
stick to the one, as you don't have enough ammo.

Anyway, here are the various sections, how best to complete them, and how many 
total kills you should have after each one.


Section 1 - Small cave

Have your flamethrower ready as you approach the cave mouth and flame the 
pirate on the right as soon as you enter. Send flames up to the two on the 
platform, then flame the guy on the left ledge, and finally machine-gun the 
last pirate on the right ledge (turn around).



Section 2 - Small cave

Four more enemies in here, only this time there's a bossman on the high 
platform instead of two pirates. The SMG / flamethrower combo should work 
pretty well in here too.



Section 3 - Huge cave

I've found the best way to do this is to machine-gun the four pirates on the 
lowest platform when you enter, then proceed to pick off all of the bossmen 
with rockets and the chaingun. It's tough to hit them all, so go for the 
nearest ones when you pass by. Use the boltgun if the other weapons aren't 
working for you - it's not as reliable but it does good damage if you do score 



Section 4 - Tunnel

This is a bit of relief - just let the cart mow down the slaves all along the 
track. The souls will give you a nice health boost too. Have your freezer 
ready while you wait for the end.



Section 5 - Large cave

Freeze the first bossman and shatter him, then freeze the next two nearest 
bossmen and shatter them too. Machine-gun the pirate on the high right 
platform before the cart can go underneath, then catch the remaining bossman 
with your freezer - the cart should be slow enough here to allow the weapon 



Section 6 - Small cave

This might be the most difficult section to complete on the way past. The cart 
speeds up a little when it goes over the jump, and there is a curve at the far 
end which cuts off your view early.

I went with the SMG / flamethrower again, though it was still a pain in the 
arse. One nice bonus was that I got a Morph in here, so everything slowed down 
and I could use the Morph to kill these guys instantly. If you don't get a 
Morph try some nifty work with the flamethrower, and make sure you get the 
pirate in the near right corner and the far left corner first, as these are 
the hardest to hit as you go around the next corner.



Section 7 - Small cave

Only three monsters to go, and you've been in caves like this before. You know 
what to do.



Phew. So you've reached the end and the cart will go no farther. The doors are 
shut behind you too, and there's no going back to kill off any minions you 
missed. Reload now if you don't have 81 kills; but if you have reached the 
quota, stand on the right edge of the tracks and walk off the end, strutting 
and preening.

You should materialise magically on the far side, where there is armour to be 
picked up. There are also two holy items underneath your feet.

Walk off the side of the tracks and onto one of the wooden supports. From here 
you can drop down to the lower beams and pick up the two relics in this third 
secret area. ~ To get back up you have to quick-jump off to the right of the 
track above you, onto the sloping rocks. You should be able to quick-jump up 
the slopes to reach the stack of coffins blocking the next door. Get the 
grenades on the bridge if you want them - they will come in handy.

Shoot the coffins out of the way, collect the coins, and the ammo in the next 
room, and hit the checkpoint.


Run in here and start blindly lobbing grenades down the stairs. The first 
bunch of pirates should fall with ease, at which point a voodoo priest appears 
on the table, and more pirates run at you from the low corridor. Grenades 
again, but take out the priest first, as you don't want to lose armour. Grab 
all the souls around here, and make sure you freeze and shatter the bossman 
lurking in the top right corner. Get the coins if you want and head up and 
around to where the bossman was standing.

Approach the grey door to open it, and you'll be confronted by two more 
bossmen in the bridge. Freeze 'em fast, then start chucking grenades off both 
sides of the bridge. You can clear out the pirates easily enough, though you 
should drop to get the souls.

When the last of the pirates is on his way out some very dangerous voodoo 
priests will emerge and start doing you serious damage. Work fast with the 
freezer and keep moving around them at close range. When all the minions are 
dead, pick up the mega ammo pack and all the other ammo, shatter the coffins 
for the gold, then climb the stairs. You can quick-jump up the sloped stones 
to reach the next checkpoint.



Run down here and catch the bossman on the left before he can unload his 
balls. There's another one at the bottom of the stairs who should be frozen 
with all haste; then it's just a case of getting busy with grenades to clear 
out this room of the pirates. You might get another Morph in here, but it's a 
bit of waste. Put it off if you can.

There's plenty more gold to be had, plus some ammo on the upper ledge. Run 
through the next corridors for lots more ammo and a health pickup.



This is the final area, and it's one where you might want to trigger your gold 
cards if you haven't already. Run in and pick up the heavy armour before the 
slaves start spawning in. Quick-jump in circles to get them into one big group 
of stupid, then smash them to pieces with a couple of grenades.

Do the same on the far side of the room, and pick up the quad damage from the 
alcove on the left of the lower level if you need it. Once the slaves are gone 
the much more troublesome pirates come at you in droves. They can also be 
dropped with grenades, though they're far faster and tougher to draw around 
without getting trapped.

I triggered my cards and let them surround me, at which point I just unloaded 
my flamethrower at them and raked in the souls. Iron Will saved me and Rage 
did the main part of the damage.

The final confrontation involves a few bossmen, but if you're a good quick-
jumper you can have them frozen and shattered before they know what's going 

Ideally you will reach 198 kills as the last minion falls, and you can set 
about smashing the containers and collecting the gold. You may also want the 
numerous holy items in the level (that's a lot of gold), so if you're 
interested, here's how to get them.

Make your way back to the big cave where the cart came to a stop, and this 
time walk off the right end of the half of the track you're standing on. You 
should teleport to the other side, just like you did before in the opposite 

Now run down the tracks, ignoring the first two caves. You will come to the 
cave where the cart did its Temple Of Doom jump earlier, so drop off the left 
side of the tracks and go over to the end of the cave. You should see three 
big beams of wood lying at an angle against the rocks, so climb up to the top 
of the main beam and pick up the two holy items in the little cave. ~

Go halfway back down that beam, jump onto the wooden bridge, then turn around 
and quick-jump into the gaps between the two tall rocks on the right. You can 
quick-jump up the sloped parts to reach the top of the left rock, then jump 
across to the high cave with two more relics. ~ The next four holy items are 
underneath this ledge, in the bottom corner. ~

Now go back to the other end of this cave, and quick-jump up the tall thing 
underneath the bit of high track, opposite the one you just fell off a minute 
ago, to reach the tunnel again (there are various ways to get back up - I'm 
sure you're a good enough quick-jumper by now).

Now go down the tracks and into the next cave, where you froze those four 
bossmen. Drop onto the black stuff and over to the cave with the barrels in 
it. Shoot out the barrels to reveal three more relics. ~ Now run up the two 
ladders on the wooden structure, and stand on the top. You can see the other 
holy item from here, so quick-jump across to that side ledge however you 
please (you don't have to go along the hanging rope - the jump is makeable by 
quick-jumping off the edge of the wooden platform). Quick-jump to the very top 
and pick up the relic. ~

Now drop down to the tracks and continue back through the level until you 
reach the huge cave. Don't jump into the black water this time, as it's now 
fatal. Go around to the lowest platform, where the four pirates were standing. 
Find the ladder and run up it, then turn around and run along the long bridge 
beside the hanging ropes.

Jump onto the nearest rope and quick-jump up to the very top. This part is 
tricky, but you can just jump off the rope to catch the holy item on its 
perch. ~

Now get back to the first of the caves you ran through on the long cart ride. 
There's a holy item up top, reachable by simply climbing the two ladders. ~

Now comes the long trek back to the exit. You can get across that gap in the 
tracks by quick-jumping up the winch thing underneath the far side of the 



TAROT CARD: 666 Ammo (Silver)


                           3.9 - LEVEL 9 STONE PIT

This is a brilliant level, apparent as soon as you reach the central pit and 
look up at the sky far above. It will take you a long time, but this is one 
level where negotiating the obstacles and hunting down the secrets comes 
before fighting off the enemies.

I usually go with Vitality as one of my silver cards, but you should now have 
a lot of gold - enough to bump Vitality for Mercy. I never really use my gold 
cards, but you might, so stick in my recommendations to do yourself a favour.


GOLD: 2516
AMMO: 85



SILVER: Mercy / Soul Catcher
GOLD: Double Time Bonus / Iron Will / Rage


-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-

Turn around and jump off the bridge and onto either sloped cliff. You can walk 
on the black stuff all the way to the back - jump through the narrow gap to 
find some gold and armour in the first secret area. ~ Now quick-jump your way 
back up the side cliffs to reach the checkpoint.



You'll get attacked by a bunch of pirates, so collect as many souls as you can 
on the ground, and snipe out the ones dotted around on the ledges.

Take a moment to look up - you're going all the way to the top before you're 

Run around and quick-jump to the ammo boxes, health pickup and light armour, 
if you can be arsed. Then move to the next checkpoint in the big cave mouth.


More pirates and a bossman - you can avoid most of the havoc in here by 
running past everyone to the top as soon as you enter, then turning around and 
doling out the pain from safety. Pick up the gold and ammo too.

Pick up the boltgun ammo from the end of the gangway outside, then jump onto 
the structure beside it. You can drop down a couple of levels to pick up the 
two mega ammo packs and the health pickup in the second secret area. ~ There 
is more ammo on the next level down, and you can also jump off the bottom to 
reach the armour and electro ammo off to one side (you can reach this from the 
bottom, but it's quite hard).

Now run back up through the cave you just came through, then run over to the 
checkpoint on the beam.



Run up the ladder and hit the next checkpoint.


A couple of pirates appear at the end of this bridge, and there are two more 
sniping at you from across the great pit. Boltgun them all and run into the 
cave (get the grenades and boltgun ammo from the ledge on the left if you 

In here are more pirates and a bossman. The pirates are easy to take out if 
you just jump up to safety. You can't freeze the bossmen in this level, so 
just chaingun him or something. There is driver ammo behind the first stack 
of rocks to the right, and more ammo and explodables around.


Quick-jump up to get the coins from the pile of chests on the right, and there 
is pretty worthless freezer ammo on the platform above you.

Farther down are more pirates, and a box of bolts on the rock.


Run up the ladders, sniping the pirates on the way. Get the health and ammo, 
then turn around and look down to the left of the new checkpoint. You should 
see the holy item and the ammo, so jump onto the rope and then off again to 
reach this secret area. ~ Now jump back over to the platform where the health 
pickup is / was, and run up to the checkpoint again.



Pick up the coins from the chest to the left, but watch out for the explosive 
barrel behind them. You'll meet some slaves in here, but more importantly 
you'll run into a giant voodoo priest farther up (no freezing these guys 
either). Machine-gun him before he does you any damage, then deal with the 
slaves higher up the cave. The struts at the top will collapse and let you 

You can quick-jump up the sloped sides of this cave to reach the mega ammo 
pack on the wooden platform in the middle of this curving cave - this is 
another secret area. ~



Watch out for the two bossmen who will appear in the pit - one behind you and 
another one up ahead. Boltgun the buggers.

Get to the second half of this wooden bridge you're on and look directly down 
- you can see the next secret area underneath the bridge. Drop onto it to pick 
up the heater and electro ammo, as well as 100 armour. ~ Now jump onto the 
rope which leads across the cave where you hit the seventh checkpoint, and 
make your way up and around again.

You'll have to jump across a little gap underneath the next platform (shoot 
out the box to make it easier), then run up the ladder and into the little 
cave. There are shurikens, grenades and a health pickup in here. Jump up the 
rocks and onto the next checkpoint.



Run up the ladders and get the ammo. Getting pretty high up now. Look directly 
across to the far side of the pit - there is a cave across there which was 
previously shut. You can't reach it yet, but remember where it is.


Yet more sodding pirates, but nothing tough. When you go underneath the rock 
bridge spanning the two sides of the ceiling, turn around and look at it, then 
quick-jump up the left wall to reach the chest and medium armour in the sixth 
secret area. ~

Get the health and ammo, but don't step onto the cable car at the top yet. 
Instead go behind it and jump off the ledge and onto the ropes hanging 
underneath. You can drop down into that cave I mentioned earlier. This is 
another secret area, and probably the biggest treasure trove in the game. ~

On the ground are four mega ammo packs; a chest of coins; a heavy armour; a 
super-health; and nine (!) relics lying on the pile of stones at the back. 
Quick-jump up the sloped walls and off again to land on the top of the wooden 
platform, then onto the crossbeam to pick up the single relic perched on the 

Now go back out to the cave mouth and turn right. You can run along this outer 
ledge and then quick-jump up the wall to above the hanging support thing; then 
down to the ledge on the other side where the ammo boxes are. Now run up the 
ladder and go back up and around to where you were before you dropped off 

Now you can step into the cable car and let it take you across to the next 



Another long anterior cave with more pirates. This time there are five bossmen 
too, whom you should definitely prioritise. You can run past most of the 
pirates, all the way up to the top, and once you've cleared out the top 
section you can just dump grenades on the pirates' heads from safety.

Now get outside and collect the ammo and coins from this bridge. Jump into the 
teleporter and brace yourself.

This cave is seriously tough if you're not ready, and you should definitely 
use your gold cards in here if you have Forgiveness of Mercy equipped. The 
giant voodoo priests are tough and they do horrible damage if allowed to. Get 
rid of them as quickly as you can, then pick up the coins and ammo before 

Now run along and up to the platform to the next checkpoint.


The cable car will take you up to above ground. Run up the next ladder to get 
the ammo and the medium armour, which you probably need by now. There's 
another ladder leading down from where you arrived.

When you hit the ground you'll be attacked by giant slaves and sniping 
pirates. Once they've been dispatched you'll meet three bossmen. And their 
death heralds the arrival of some very dangerous giant voodoo priests. Luckily 
this area is wide open, so you can just keep your distance and bring them down 
with rockets - they are unable to hurt you at long range.

Before going to the checkpoint, run over to the large winch apparatus. Quick-
jump up the inner back left diagonal strut and off onto the grey ledge. From 
here you can quick-jump up the ladder for the mega ammo pack.

Farther clockwise around the surrounding walls there is a wooden platform with 
two chests on it. Quick-jump to the cubic block of stone underneath it, then 
quick-jump past the block up the sloped wall to reach the chests in the secret 
area. ~



Through here you'll fight off a lot of giant slaves, just begging to be 
flamethrown (or something). Or you could just lurk around the checkpoint and 
use your painkiller's blades in order to conserve ammo. You will probably get 
a Morph, so make sure you time it to hit just as the last slave dies, since 
you will then meet a large group of giant voodoo priests and bossmen. This is 
the toughest battle yet, and if you don't have a Morph then you'd better have 
your gold cards handy. Or you could quickly run up the ladder on the scaffold, 
then drop through the middle to pick up the quad damage. Take out the priests 
first, whatever else you do.

The exit appears with the death of these guys, but there are still two secret 
areas to find. Look for the ladder near the two boxes on the surrounding wall. 
Run up the ladder and then quick-jump all the way up to the top of the rocks 
on the left. Here you should find a secret area containing three holy items 
lying against the back wall. ~ The middle one is extremely hard to pick up, 
and you stand a very low chance of ever getting it. Try jumping onto it from 
above, but don't be surprised if you never manage to collect it - I've picked 
it up a grand total of once.

Make your way around to the top of the scaffold and jump into the mouth 
between the spiky teeth for the relic in the final secret area. ~ I've 
experienced a bug where the spiky mouth won't register as a secret area if you 
get the secret area with the three relics first. This means you can't get the 
card, so if this happens to you, try getting the relic in the mouth first, 
then jump up to the other three.

That's all the secret areas, but you may find that you've missed two holy 
items: one up the top, and another mystery relic. Since relics are always in 
secret areas, and since you know you've found all the secret areas... I dunno 
where the hell the sixteenth relic is. Weird, but who cares.



TAROT CARD: Armor Regeneration (Silver)


                          3.10 - LEVEL 10 SHADOWLAND

This is the final showdown with Alastor, except now he's much badder than 
before. About thirty seconds of this level is spent actually getting to where 
Alastor is, and most of the rest is spent jumping around, trying to make him 
vulnerable to attack.

666 Ammo doesn't quite work here - you only get the default capacities (in 
fact it does give you 666 for each weapon, but then it resets it within 
seconds). Replenish might be a plan, but I still went with Mercy and Vitality. 
You move much more than you shoot in Shadowland, and the object is to stay 

Try beating 1:14 on Nightmare - you'll have to be pretty lucky and have my 
recommended cards.


AMMO: 48



SILVER: Mercy / Vitality
GOLD: Double Time Bonus / Iron Will / Rage

-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-

Follow the trail of ammo packs all the way to the heavy armour and super-
health, then drop off the cliff to meet King Alastor.

He jumps around a lot, and is fond of sending flames your way. He can also 
jump on your head if you stay still for long enough. Don't waste ammo on him 
yet - he's invincible at this point. There are plenty of super-healths around, 
and two more armours. You probably won't need them though - I didn't.

Once you drop off the edge and Alastor appears, run directly ahead until you 
see the fiery ring on the ground to the left, with embers coming out of it. 
Stand in the middle of it until Alastor jumps at you or flames you or 
whatever, and once he does a little damage to you while you're standing in the 
ring, the embers will disappear (move away as soon as he damages you - no 
point standing there taking damage unnecessarily).

By the way, you do have to take damage inside the circles: if you have Iron 
Will activated nothing will happen.

At this point a stone golem might assemble itself and come lumbering at 
Alastor, activated by the disappearance of the embers. There are four rings 
around this area, each of which has its own golem.

If you're unlucky the golem will be smashed before it can hit Alastor, and if 
you're really unlucky a golem won't appear at all. If you put out one of the 
rings and nothing happens, try running to one of the other rings and putting 
it out. You'll get at least one golem within the first four rings and you can 
sometimes get two or three golems trundling around at once if you were quick 

Meanwhile you have to avoid Alastor's constant flame and stamp attacks, but 
it's not hard if you just keep quick-jumping. You shouldn't need the super-
healths or two other armours around the area, but if you find yourself 
seriously low on health try triggering your gold cards to let Iron Will keep 
you alive for a bit longer. Concentrate on getting to the rings and turning 
them off, then just hope the golems do their thing.

If you're lucky a golem will assemble and manage to hit Alastor, destroying 
itself in the process. 

He will then crouch down as if catching his breath, and this is when you 
should trigger your gold cards. You have a few seconds to do him as much 
damage as possible, and the Rage card will allow you to drop him first time by 
just hosing him down with the chaingun. His health will vanish rapidly and 
he'll die, at which point you win the level and complete the game.

Congratulations on completing Painkiller: Battle Out Of Hell. Now brace 
yourself for the next expansion - Painkiller: Oh Bloody Hell, Give It A Rest.


TAROT CARD: Health Stealer (Silver)


                       3.11 - FROM NIGHTMARE TO TRAUMA 

If you've already played Painkiller on Trauma you'll know what to expect and 
what to do. Start a new game and choose to keep your cards, then visit the 
tarot board and put your favourites up to help you through all ten levels on 
the highest difficulty.

You can change your cards all you want, of course, but I recommend you just 
stick with the following combination:

SILVER: Health Stealer; Mercy
GOLD: Double Time Bonus; Iron Will; Rage

If you do you will not need to pick up any gold in your Trauma game; and since 
there are no souls in Trauma, soul based cards are also useless. Bear in mind 
that Health Stealer will only take you up to 250 health, whereas in Nightmare 
the souls you collected would allow you to acquire infinite health. 

All levels' tarot cards will be UNLOCKED when you finish them, whether you 
actually stuck to the conditions or not. And you can no longer quicksave in 
Trauma - autosaves only. You may also find that one or two of your weapons are 
missing in certain levels until you find and pick them up - I had to do most 
of the Dead City level without the chaingun, and I could only use it when I 
found it near the very end.

The only other big difference is the slight jump in difficulty. The Trauma 
levels which might give you health problems will be Underworld and Stone Pit, 
owing to the decrease in ammo stocks and the increase in enemies' toughness. 

Completing BOOH on Trauma will present you with the exact same ending to the 
game as you saw when you completed Nightmare, which is a bit crap. In fact 
your only tangible reward is having to run and jump around in a hidden castle, 
collecting the red souls of twenty-three different programmers. It's really 
pish but completing it will give you an autosave for the Orphanage, with all 
cards and Trauma levels on the map.

Good luck...


-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-	-=#=-


                    |   4. CONTRIBUTORS / CONTRIBUTIONS   |


Version 1.0 -

23 January 2007 - Michael Sarich: Copyright Disclaimer


Version 1.1 -



Version 1.2 -



Version 1.3 -

01 July 2007 - Taylor <kingoomieiii@yahoo.com>

Contribution to section 2.1.1 WEAPONS


Version 1.4 - 

30 August 2007 - <okisama@alltel.net>

Contribution to section 3.7 LEVEL 7 COLLOSEUM

02 September 2007 - Thomas Tarpey <arbiter_of_chaos@yahoo.com>

Contribution to section 3.3 LEVEL 3 LAB

                        THANK-YOU TO ALL CONTRIBUTORS


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                    |    5. VERSION HISTORY / UPDATES    |


Version 1.0 completion - 23 January 2007


Version 1.1 completion - 28 January 2007

Section 3:

3.6 - LEVEL 6 LENINGRAD - Corrected mistakes about order of secret areas


Corrected errors in grammar, typing and formatting


Version 1.2 completion - 01 February 2007

Game patched to v1.62
New disclaimer

Section 1:

1.1 INTRODUCTION - Added notes about patching to v1.61 and v1.62
1.2 USING THIS GUIDE - Improved information
1.3 CONTACT ME - Improved information

Section 2:

2.2 TAROT CARDS - Added notes about missing cards
2.2.1 GOLD CARDS - Added description of Rebirth
2.2.2 SILVER CARDS - Repaired description of Armor Regeneration

Section 3:

3.5 - LEVEL 5 DEAD CITY - Minor changes
3.6 - LEVEL 6 LENINGRAD - Minor changes
3.7 - LEVEL 7 COLLOSEUM - Section completed; revised to include tarot card; 
corrected mistake at checkpoint 5; included checkpoint 16
3.9 - LEVEL 9 STONE PIT - Minor changes
3.11 - FROM NIGHTMARE TO TRAUMA - Section completed


Corrected mistakes in typing, grammar and formatting


Version 1.3 completion - 30 July 2007


Corrected mistakes in typing, grammar and formatting


Version 1.4 completion - 15 October 2007

No changes


Thank-you for using this walkthrough. I hope it helped you out, or at least 
taught you how _not_ to play the game. At the very least, I hope you found it 


This guide was written and formatted with the excellent Metapad:



Useless - utuselessut@hotmail.com

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