Black Tarot Guide by p0tatz

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                        Painkiller - Battle out of Hell
                            Black Tarot Guide v1.00

                             Copyright 2007 Eric K.

 == Table of Contents ==           Search Key
1.0 - Introduction & Disclaimer    c10
2.0 - BooH Tarot System            c20
3.0 - Level Guide
   3.01 - Orphanage                c301
   3.02 - Loony Park               c302
   3.03 - Lab                      c303
   3.04 - Pentagon                 c304
   3.05 - Dead City                c305
   3.06 - Leningrad                c306
   3.07 - Coliseum                 c307
   3.08 - Underworld               c308
   3.09 - Stone Pit                c309
   3.10 - Shadowland               c310
4.0 - Card List                    c40
5.0  Card Effects                 c50
6.0 - Version Changes              c60
7.0 - Contributions                c70

  1.0 - Introduction & Disclaimer                                         c10

!! NOTE: Before you begin, make sure your game is patched to at least version 
1.61, or else you won't be able to get the Coliseum card. Also note that saved 
games from different versions will not work after patching; only the autosaves,
marked in blue, will be able to load. As a precaution you may want to make a 
backup of your saved games from the Painkiller directory in case something goes
wrong. !!

Welcome to my somewhat belated guide to the black tarot system of Painkiller - 
Battle out of Hell (BooH). The black tarot cards are the power-ups you can 
acquire from beating levels under certain restrictions. This guide is mainly an
extension to the previous guide that I wrote for the original Painkiller, and 
focuses on strategies specific to the levels. If you haven't read the 
original black tarot guide, you may want to; it has tips which are also 
applicable to the expansion and information on which cards are broken. All 
cards were achieved with version 1.64 of the game. This guide will only be
updated at, so before e-mailing me please check that a newer
version of the guide hasn't already answered your concern. If you choose not to
do this I may answer you bluntly or ignore you completely. Put "BooH Tarot
Guide" in the subject of the e-mail or it may be deleted.

Anyone who wishes to host this document may, as long as these conditions are 
1. There is no fee or other means of payment needed to view this document.
2. The hosted document is not modified in any way from its original version.

If you wish to quote portions of this document, please use common courtesy and
cite where you took the information from. As far as personal use goes, feel 
free to save this to disk or print it off as a reference.

  2.0  BooH Tarot System                                                 c20
BooH works much the same way that the original Painkiller did in regards to the
tarot power-ups. When you start a new game, you will be prompted to choose from
classic Painkiller or the expansion. The game may ask you if you want to delete
your current collection of cards/scores, and you should obviously keep them. In
some cases you may be missing a few cards you've earned in the original game 
when you start a BooH game. To get past this you need to load an autosave in 
which you have all the cards you want to take with you and then start a new 
BooH game. You cannot use any BooH tarot cards in the original game. The 
difficulties work the same way as the original PK. In daydream difficulty you 
cannot equip or gain tarot cards, and my strategies in the guide will be based 
upon the nightmare difficulty setting, beating the levels using as few tarot 
cards as possible. You will need 9 tarot cards to unlock trauma difficulty.

  3.01  Orphanage                                                       c301
Requirements: Don't take any damage
Recommended Silvers: Mercy/Forgiveness
Recommended Golds: Iron Will, The Sceptre/Rage, Time Bonus
Card Unlocked: Weapon Modifier

Start the level by climbing the stairs and taking out the creatures with the 
painkiller's warhead, making sure to keep your distance. When they're dead, go 
into the house, up the stairs and kill the 2 girls and the pinokio.  Hit the 
checkpoint and watch the nun pass you. Get close to the door, and as soon as it
opens jump up the spiral staircase and grab the shotgun on the top floor. If 
you do this fast enough the nun will not throw any fireballs at you, which are 
nearly unavoidable. Once you get the shotgun, she will disappear and children 
will spawn in on the lower floors. You can easily wait at the top of the stairs
and kill nearly all of them with the painkiller.

After they're dead, enter the next checkpoint which will lead you into a room 
full of pinokios. The first one you attack or touch will come to life, and will
explode when killed. Stand next to the red door, and kill the closest one to 
you with the painkiller's warhead; you shouldn't take any damage from this. Now
walk out and finish the rest off. Next enter the classroom and kill the 
children as they spawn in. You can jump over the seats to get away from them 
when they get close, as they only use the aisles to run at you.

The next checkpoint will lead you to the stakegun and into a room full of 
kamikaze potato sack children. When the door opens, fire the painkiller into 
the floor, then step back and use the beam to blow them up as they walk out. 
Collect any ammo and then backtrack to the checkpoint. The barriers will open 
and you have to kill some more children, then a checkpoint appears in the 
dining room. Before you enter, destroy the piggy banks around the room, as the 
preacher can levitate and throw them at you. Once you open the door, run 
past the preacher and head down the corridor. You can kill a few enemies on 
the way, but make sure the preacher doesn't catch up to you. Bunnyhop past 
the kamikaze children at the foot of the stairs. When you get to the circular 
area at the bottom, just lead them around in circles killing the enemies that 
are left. When all the children are dead you'll be able to kill the preacher.

Head down the staircase into the tomb. Bunnyhop along the left side of the room
until you reach the back, then go up the plank to grab the flamethrower. A nun 
will appear to the side while you do this. Use the flamethrower to fry her, but
use caution as you can damage yourself with the flamethrower.

  3.02 - Loony Park                                                      c302
Requirements: Kill no more than 88 enemies
Recommended Silvers: Mercy/Forgiveness
Recommended Golds: Iron Will, Time Bonus
Unlocked Card: Magic Gun

The game designers must have been watching Killer Klowns from Outer Space when 
they came up with this level. It's basically a non-stop clown-killing fest. 
Progress through the level as normal until you get to the spiral staircase 
leading to the roller coaster. From here on in you can only kill a few more 
enemies besides the ones you run over with the roller coaster. That means 
you'll need to have maxed health and armor to take all the damage the rest of 
the clowns will dish out at you. I'm going to list a few secrets in case you 
need more health/armor. At the "House of Pain" building, there is an armor 
behind the main column at the front doors.

Secret Area #1: This is where you started the level. There are two ice cream 
cone stands. One has a health power-up on top of it. You can climb the beam 
beside it, and jump off to get the power-up.

Secret Area #2: Enter the ticket stall beside the "Acid Bath" building. The 
doors will blow open. You'll have to use the jump pads to navigate past the 
acid. At the other end you'll get 200 gold worth of artifacts, a health power-
up and an armor power-up. To get out you have to use the jump pads to go back 
to the start, then boost through an open window.

After you use these secrets, you should have 250 health and 200 armor to start 
the roller coaster segment. Even with this much health and armor, you are still
going to have a struggle, at least on Nightmare difficulty. If you are looking 
to minimize damage, you can destroy the fireballs being thrown at you with a 
well placed shot. The only problem is, the enemies in this segment are 
extremely weak and will usually die from any stray shots, and you're only 
allowed to kill a few enemies besides the ones you mow down on the track. 
Another way to minimize damage is to shoot enemies up ahead which will be run 
over by the roller coaster anyways. Other than this I suggest you save yourself
the hassle and use the Iron Will card during the ride.

  3.03 - Lab                                                             c303
Requirements: Only use the boltgun
Recommended Silvers: Mercy/Forgiveness, Replenish
Recommended Golds: Rage/Dexterity, Time Bonus, Magic Gun
Card Unlocked: The Sceptre

Time to get acquainted with the boltgun. The requirements aren't very hard, you
have to use the boltgun to kill your enemies, so all it really means is that 
you need to make every shot count, and scour every area you come across for 
ammo. In order to take down far off enemies, it can be a good idea to get close
enough to them so that they open fire, at which point they are stationary so 
you have less of a chance to miss.

  3.04 - Pentagon                                                        c304
Requirements: Kill Panzer Spider in 4 minutes.
Recommended Silvers: Mercy/Forgiveness
Recommended Golds: Rage, Dexterity, Time Bonus
Card Unlocked: Health Regeneration

Panzer Spider doesn't pose any challenge once you figure out the pattern to 
beat it. Damage it until it gets to half health, at which point it will gain an
electric charge and will be invulnerable. In order to break its invincibility, 
wait until it opens his mouth and then fire. He'll then break down for a short 
while, giving you a chance to run to the mortar whose trajectory corresponds to
where he's sitting. Once you get there, fire a shell at him to break his 
shield. You'll need to repeat this strategy once more to kill him.

  3.05 - Dead City                                                       c305
Requirements: Finish level in 20 minutes
Recommended Silvers: Mercy/Forgiveness
Recommended Golds: Iron Will, The Sceptre, Time Bonus
Card Unlocked: Demon Morph

This level is made up mainly of open area battlefields, but isn't exactly 
straightforward in how you should progress. You'll want to play it through once
before you try for the card so you know where you need to go. Because your time
is mainly dependent on how fast you kill the enemies and move to each zone, I'm
going to list some strategies and time saving tips. 

First off, if you have the Sceptre card, you can use it to one hit kill any 
enemy, including any of the Panzer Spiders, making this level a breeze if you 
choose to equip it. Otherwise, take out the Spiders with the shotgun or any 
other gun you have ammo for. The zombies that chase you will explode if you get
close, so bunny hop past them just to their sides and they'll do the work for 
you. You can also fire rockets at them if they're clustered together to take 
out a few at a time. The flying bugs, while hard to hit, are extremely weak to 
the flamethrower, so when you encounter them wait for them to get close and 
then fire short flame bursts at them. 

When you have to jump between fire escapes, you can save yourself a little bit
of time because you don't need to get to the checkpoint to proceed. Just jump 
off the second fire escape to the ground and keep heading forward.

On the way out of the mall, you will need to exit by a stairwell. Once you get
to the bottom and the door shuts, bunny hop back up the stairs as fast as 
possible until you reach the zombies coming towards you. They can all be taken 
down just by firing the Painkiller's secondary attack at them quickly. A second
group of zombies will come from below, and you can kill them the same way.

At the final area, you will need to kill the zombies before you will be able to
take down the preachers. This is a problem since the preachers levitate 
the cars and then throw them at you, dealing massive damage. A better strategy 
is to blow up the cars before you enter the area. You can use the shotgun for 
the cars closer to you, and the rocket launcher/chain gun for the ones farther 
away. The preachers won't levitate the cars that are blown up, and after a 
while the blown up cars will fade from the screen, letting you navigate the 
area more easily. Of course you could always use Iron Will to save yourself the

Another interesting thing to note is that the final Panzer Spider can take a 
lot more punishment than the first ones, but if you use the Sceptre card, it 
will die with one hit, so it's a good idea to activate your cards while 
fighting it to save time. There's also a trick to beat him even faster; wait 
until he's close enough, then shoot a truck stuck high up in the air. It will 
fall on top of the spider, instantly killing it.

  3.06 - Leningrad                                                       c306
Requirements: Finish level with over 200 health
Recommended Silvers: Mercy/Forgiveness, Health Stealer
Recommended Golds: Iron Will, The Sceptre, Time Bonus
Card Unlocked: Fear

The ease of acquiring this card rests on what tarot cards you take into the 
level. To make it easier, you can use Health Stealer and Armor Regen, or Mercy 
coupled with The Sceptre, Iron Will, and Time Bonus to easily kill everything 
on screen, saving the health power-ups for the end.

There is a lot of rocket ammo in the later part of the level which works great 
on groups of clustered soldiers. You will be taking a lot of damage, so try and
take cover when fighting your enemies. This level is the hardest in the game in
my opinion, as you can't really dodge any bullets, you just absorb them. You'll
want to take a good set of cards into the level to help you out.

  3.07 - Coliseum                                                        c307
Requirements: Morph into demon exactly 5 times
Recommended Silvers: Soul Catcher/Soul Keeper, Mercy/Forgiveness
Recommended Golds: Iron Will, The Sceptre, Time Bonus
Card Unlocked: Rebirth

WARNING: Your game needs to be patched to at least version 1.61 or else you 
won't be able to get this card. The official Painkiller website 
( has a list of mirrors where you can download the 1.61 

Take note that you need to morph into demon form exactly 5 times. Because of 
this, I'm not listing Dark Soul as a recommended card. Instead, use a 
combination of Soul Catcher and/or Soul Keeper to collect every soul you come 
across. There will be enough enemies to allow you to morph into a demon 5 times
and no more than that, so it works out well.

Just beat the level as you normally would, backtracking to grab all the souls. 
Soul Catcher really comes in handy for this, and you should have it equipped 
for this level.

  3.08 - Underworld                                                      c308
Requirements: Kill all enemies
Recommended Silvers: Mercy/Forgiveness
Recommended Golds: Iron Will, The Sceptre, Time Bonus
Card Unlocked: 666 Ammo

In order to get this card you have to kill every enemy you pass while riding on
the cart. If you use the Sceptre card it will be easy, otherwise you may need 
to retry it a few times. You may want to save after each section is cleared.

In the first part you will pass 2 rooms. In the first room you need to kill the
5 guys shooting at you, and in the second there are 4 more you need to kill. If
you got them all your total kills should be at 30.

In this next part you circle around a group of enemies and need to kill them 
all before the cart takes off towards the next section. There are 12 enemies in
total here, so when you leave, check and make sure your kills are at 42.

Next the cart passes down a corridor where enemies spawn in front of you and 
get crushed. As soon as you get out of here you'll be in a room with 5 more 
enemies to kill. After killing them your total should be 73.

The last section comes right after the cart speeds up and jumps the gap. 
Another set of two rooms, the first holding 5 enemies, the second 3. The cart 
will slow to a stop and your total kills should be 81. Finish the rest of the 
level and the card will be unlocked.

  3.09 - Stone Pit                                                       c309
Requirements: Find all secrets
Recommended Silvers: Mercy/Forgiveness
Recommended Golds: Iron Will, The Sceptre, Time Bonus
Card Unlocked: Armor Regeneration

Ah yes! Secrets! My most hated of all card requirements. Ok, I will admit that 
I used Kalme's video to see where to get all the secrets, and then wrote up 
this level based on it. Searching for obscure secrets isn't fun for me, what 
can I say. I'm going to use the checkpoints as a reference to where you are, so
keep track of which checkpoint you are on. You can tell by either keeping count
or by how many checkpoints for the level there are on the load screen.

Secret #1 - At the start of the level, jump off the side and use the wall to 
glide down to the bottom and not take any damage. The secret area is in the 
back; 2 chests and an armor. To get back up, scale the wall. It will look steep
but you will be able to climb up rather easily.

Secret #2 - After killing the first wave of enemies, climb up the ladder on the
center structure of the room. When you get to the top, look up. The two boxes 
and health up there is the second secret. To get there, use the beams to either
side of the higher pulley to climb up, then jump over to get to the secret. 
Alternately, you can jump from the bridge above to get the secret.

Secret #3 - Once you get to checkpoint 6, which is right after climbing 2 
ladders back to back, look off the edge and you will see a golden artifact. Use
the rope to get closer, then jump off and grab it.

Secret #4 - From secret 3, jump back onto the rope. Now follow it along to the 
other side of the room. You can jump up along the rocks to get onto the wooden 
structure and claim the fourth secret which consists of an armor and some ammo.
When you're done, jump on the rope and follow it back to checkpoint 6.

Secret #5 - Right before checkpoint 7, where you killed the big tribal guy, you
can jump from the rocks up to the platform with the mega ammo on it.

Secret #6 - From checkpoint 8, which is right after climbing a ladder to an 
area where there are a bunch of cube-shaped stone blocks, jump onto the ladder 
and climb up. Now turn to your right and walk over to the side, where there are
two boxes of shotgun shells and some flamethrower ammo. You can scale the wall 
here by jumping, and can get past the pulley to the ledge on the other side. 
Follow it until you come to a large room filled with lots of goodies. To get 
back, use the same route, jumping where the wall is slightly indented to scale 

Secret #7 - After checkpoint 9, clear out the next area. Now look for a stone 
platform going from wall to wall with an armor on it; it should be right by a 
torch lighting the area up. To get the armour you can scale the wall opposite
the torch by jumping.

Secret #8 - After riding the cart up to the surface, look for a floating health
by the walls. Once you've found it, look to your left a little until you see 
two pulleys with a bunch of ropes connecting them. You can use the wall behind 
them to jump up and follow the ledge. Take note of where this is now so you 
know where to find it after you're done fighting the enemies. When they're 
dead, use the wall to jump up. Follow the ledge all the way to the end, where 
there is a wooden platform. You need to jump up the wall here too. The secret 
area is on top of the platform.

Secret #9 & #10 - After clearing the final area and opening the exit, look for 
some scaffolding with Alastor's face carved into the rock near the top. Climb 
the ladder and jump up the beams on the higher pulley to get on top and then 
jump to the next floor. Secret 9 is a holy item inside the mouth of the 
carving. Secret 10 is a few holy items behind the carving.

  3.10 - Shadowland                                                      c310
Requirements: Kill King Alastor in 4 minutes
Recommended Silvers: Mercy/Forgiveness
Recommended Golds: Iron Will, Rage, Time Bonus
Card Unlocked: Health Stealer

Not much to say, once you figure out his pattern you can easily get this card. 
In case you want to know how to beat him, I'll spoil it for you. There are a 
number of platforms with orange circles on them scattered around the arena. If 
they are active, little fiery orange particles will rise off them. You need to 
stand on an active platform and take damage from Alastor. When you do, a stone 
golem appears somewhere on the outskirts of the arena. Keep Alastor distracted 
while the stone golem comes up behind him and paralyzes him. Once he's 
paralyzed he'll die fast. Then sit back and watch the ending, which is a bit 
better than the original. I was a little confused with why the hell a stone 
golem of all things just decides to materialize and help you, but hey, it's 
Painkiller, I should be expecting stuff like that by now.

  4.0 - Card List                                                         c40
| Level | Requirements                      | Card Name       | Type   | Cost |
|    01 | Don't take any damage             | Weapon Modifier | Gold   |  100 |
|    02 | Kill no more than 88 enemies      | Magic Gun       | Gold   |  300 |
|    03 | Only use the bolt gun             | The Sceptre     | Gold   |  300 |
|    04 | Kill Panzer Spider in 4 minutes   | Health Regen    | Silver | 1500 |
|    05 | Finish level in 20 minutes        | Demon Morph     | Gold   |  666 |
|    06 | Finish level with health over 200 | Fear            | Silver | 1000 |
|    07 | Morph into demon 5 times          | Rebirth         | Gold   |  400 |
|    08 | Kill all enemies                  | 666 Ammo        | Silver | 2000 |
|    09 | Find all secrets                  | Armor Regen     | Silver | 1000 |
|    10 | Kill King Alastor in 4 minutes    | Health Stealer  | Silver | 2000 |

  5.0 - Card Effects                                                      c50
Legend: [G] = Gold Card  [S] = Silver Card

01 : [G]Weapon Modifier      Modified weapons (same as skull powerup)
02 : [G]Magic Gun           - Infinite ammo
03 : [G]The Sceptre         - Enemies die with one hit
04 : [S]Health Regeneration  Health regen 10 seconds after damage to max of 75
05 : [G]Demon Morph         - Take demon form
06 : [S]Fear                - Enemies have 90% of initial health
07 : [G]Rebirth              Gain full health and armour
08 : [S]666 Ammo            - Start with 666 ammo for all weapons
09 : [S]Armor Regeneration  - Armour regen 10 seconds after damage to max of 75
10 : [S]Health Stealer      - 2.5% of damage dealt is added to your health

  6.0 - Revision History                                                  c60

Version 1.0  Initial version  Uploaded on January 26th, 2007

  7.0 - Contributions                                                     c70

Kalme's website ( - I wrote up the Stone Pit level 
after watching his movie showing the secret locations.