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Asked: 6 years ago

How do i use spray and defuser?

How do i use them?

Accepted Answer

From: Storm101 6 years ago

The defualts keys are:

Spray = t
Defuser = e

To spray, you just simply press t wherever you want to spray your image. To use the defuser, you press and hold e while looking at the bomb. If you don't buy a defusal kit, you may be asked to do more, such as pick a wire and hope it works. If you do have a defusal kit, the defusing process is faster and all you have to is press and hold e and don't have to worry about further instruction.

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You don't have to pick a wire just hold e plain and simple.

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Spray : t
Defuse : e (USE button)

To spray, you can press t wherever you are to spray on the wall or floor. SPRAY DOESN'T WORK IF YOU DIDN'T AIM IT TO THE WALL OR THE FLOOR. Bomb defusing key is "e" like the USE KEY. To defuse a bomb, you must stand or crouch near the bomb and press the USE KEY (e) until the "bomb defused" sign. If you didn't defuse the bomb completely......KABOOM goes to the bomb site. OTHER NOTE: Make sure the area is clear or you have a bacup before you defuse the bomb.

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You can check the controls in the options, and change them if you wish.

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