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Asked: 6 years ago

Do i need a steam account to play at all?

Do i need to create a steam account to play bots?

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To play with bots, no.

Although, CSS is only available on steam. Stop pirating games.

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Legally, yes.

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Steam is required to play the game, period. You can't even install it without Steam.

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steam is required to play online. offline is still possible, i know because i played condition zero offline without ever needing a CD key or steam.

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if u download and crack it u cant play it online only with bots. And it sucks

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You don't have to. If you downloaded CS Source as a torrent, you will most likely don't need a CD to play it because there are some torrents of CS:Source that when you downloaded it, you will get to play the game and maybe some instructions too.

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You can only legally download and install CS:S through steam, which requires a steam account.
There's no point to getting CS:S other than to play it online, and online play requires a steam account

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Nope. You can bypass the steam portion by buying the game, reverse-engineering the program, and removing whatever file makes it so that the game must be activated through steam. Keep in mind though that this must be for YOUR OWN PERSONAL USE! Sharing the "cracked" game with anyone or downloading a "cracked" version of the game is illegal and could earn you time in prison. Still you won't be able to play online as the servers are accessed through Steam.

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