Question from zivbern

How do I beat (Black Garius)?

When black garius attack me in the keep he cant be beaten we battle for hours and all the time is near death .

EarthDruid asked for clarification:

Do you mean in the keep at the end of act 3? Because there has been a bug recently where he doesn't summon the pet that is required to kill before Garius himself becomes killable.

SamirBlake asked for clarification:

I am having the same problem with the nightwalker. How do you cheat spawn one?


blackmagus5 answered:

You have to use the cleric or warlock to "finish him off" using their special ritual once he gets to near death status (IIRC, you should see it in their inventory).
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Adam_Vanaman answered:

Yeah umm im at the same spot and the Nightwalker is not spawning. Does anyone know a way to get around this bug???
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Gunner_sam answered:

mabey you should try to cheat spawn a nightwalker?It seems preaty lame but maby it will work.
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