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Why can't R2 units hover from a suspended platform?

I'm having an issue with any R2 units in the game, where R2 can't take off and hover from a suspended platform. He can float TO the platform, but once on it, he can only hop a fraction off the ground but not hover. This ends up being a problem in some of the later levels where you need him to go one ahead and open pathways for other characters. Does anyone have any ideas?

Airondar asked for clarification:

I had this problem on one of my computers as well. It was the second or third computer that I installed the game on, so it might have something to do with that. It was also running Windows XP. Does any of that sound familiar?

efxboy1 provided additional details:

Yes, it was just the computer. Though I'm not sure why compatibility is so sketchy on a game with that much press. Thanks for responding.

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