Whodunit? Was it Madam Rose in the carriage house with the poison? Monsieur Brunette in the trophy room with the horseshoe? Or was it Colonel Mustard in the library with his trusty revolver?
Play the home computer version of your favorite game of criminal detection just as you would on the board game, with friends.
Or do what you can't do with the board version: play against the ultimate master of deduction, your own computer!
You can even do both: play with a mixture of human and computer-controlled opponents!
Enjoy the enhancements the computer can bring the game play, such as graphic animation and sound. Watch Miss Peach stroll into the gazebo and hear the twittering of songbirds.
BLUE MASTER DETECTIVEâ„¢ is an enhanced version of the game of CLUE® you know and love. The new game has even more to exercise your "little grey cells"-more suspects, more possible murder locations (indoors and outdoors), and more weapons-in fact, more mayhem!

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