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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you instal mods?

I need to know how to instal them fast.

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Depends on which one it is. The key is to read the documentation that the author included. Does the mystery mod have a name?

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what type of mod. There is car mods, CLEO3 mods, Building mods, Trainers all sorts

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if its a vehicle mod then you can download "san andras mod installer". or if its a clothing mod then you can download "img tool" and go to file then open then go to your gta sa flies usally C drive program files then rockstar games then gta San Andreas then open the player folder then look at the files you downloaded then go to edit tab on top then click find then type the name of the file exactly and the file type .txd or .dff then click find next then go to comands tab on top and click replace (BUT MAKE SURE YOU BACKUP THE FILES SOME WHERE. I MESSED UP MY GAME AND COULDN'T PUT BACK THE FILES AFTER THE ONES I REPLACED MESSED UP MY GAME.) then go to the file you downloaded and replace the file ex hands.dff is what you typed in to find and the file you replace it with is also called hands.dff if its a level mod or any other type of mod i don't know. i suggest thats where i go to find out what to do

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its pretty easy although i have not done it before because i dont have gta san andreas on pc......if u wanna install vehicle mod eg. UFO.......use the san andreas mod installer (SAMI) san andreas mod installer......and for the weapons,clothes, or other stuff....use img tool 2.0......go to gta place and download it....or go to google and search download img tool 2.0

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