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How do I get past (lifes a beach)?

My game freezes up then exits what do i do?


Wandering_AI answered:

1: Did you cheat? If you have cheated and saved your game, certain missions will not let you play them.

2: Try downloading a pacth, Sometimes games are released to fast and they have bugs in them.

3. All the missions for the PS2 version are on youtube. Since the games for PC and PS2 are simular, try looking at the mission and seeing how another player plays it and playing it the same way.

I hope this helps, I know how annoying it is playing a game and haveing it mess up like that.
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halosteller answered:

Go on
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cod1234maniac answered:

It's the mission in Los Santos right? It's not to far from the first mission, so I suggest you delete the first saved game and start a new game. If it's still not working, that's your destiny.
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dodo_100 answered:

You must learn dance (go on mission 5-10 thimes) You dance with W,A,S,D. You must have more then 2500 points (I had 3060 points)
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gtaking5 answered:

Ok non of those answers helped. Cheating won't do a damn thing. Unless you do the ped's riot cheat and save with it on. It screws up madd doggs jump and makes him jump instantly. Why do you think R* removed the cheat's affecting game save message in GTA IV?

Because they were getting blamed for people's game save messing up when it was there own fault. e.g. saving right after "End of the Line" I don't know if that glitch is in the PC version or not but it makes your game file unopenable in the PS2 version.

If you have a certain mod installed It might be good to uninstall it and start a new game fresh without the mod. The only mod i can think of that makes that mission freeze is the big foot mod.

If your using Cleo make the Cleo.asi file null by renaming it CLEO.asi_(anything here) and it should stop Cleo from loading into your game.

Other then that i can't think of a fix other then reinstalling your game and retrying the mission again on the clean install. unless a .scm mod was installed.
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pyber80 answered:

WASD doesn't work for this mission (at least not in my experience) unless you've changed the controls necessary via the options menu. The default keys you use for dancing (and for the Lowrider Challenge) are 8, 6, 2 and 4 on your numberpad. Sadly, you cannot hit the diagonal ones when they come up (unless there's a way to set 7, 9, 3 and 1 to be used?), but you don't need to worry about them to pass the mission. I managed a 4650 on my first try at Life's a Beach and something like 1380 on the Lowrider Challenge even while having to "miss" the diagonals.
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tekotek answered:

Learn Dancing in the Club in the Ballas Territory. If you always got above 2500 Try That Missions after You restart your game from the first mission. I do This and I got 8090.
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tekotek answered:

Use Up,down,Left,right.
Set your Controls.
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