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I can't get the User Tracks Station to work. So, umm... how do I get it to work?

I never got the file when I downloaded it, so I made my own file, full of music shortcuts, and now it won't work no matter where I put it.

Acyr9 provided additional details:

Yeah, its not there...

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xfirefire answered:

the folder is called "GTA San Andreas User Files" in my documents.
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snesmaster40 answered:

When you load up the game for the first time, the folder will then appear.
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glenster answered:

Run "Scan User Tracks," too.
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JC_Phoenix answered:

C:\Documents and Settings\Jc.JC-740AECF5C437\My Documents\GTA San Andreas User Files\User Tracks

The sound files should be in a folder like that. If you're using Vista be sure that you've beaten it into submission, and given yourself administrator rights for that area, and everything...

Also make sure the files are MP3's I have a couple OGG files in there, and they work fine, but the game can be pretty perticular about the file types it'll detect and read correctly.

You'll also have to set it to auto scan, and maybe even manually scan a few times before it'll work.

P.S. You only need to put shortcuts to the sound file if you want.
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