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How to get a girl in your car?

When a girl on the side of the street says


FenixGame answered:

when she says ''want to have a good time baby''? I dont think you can
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tinyhuge2 answered:

Sometime of the game the little tutorial message should tell you to reply negatively and positively just use that
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sharking12 answered:

Press Y yes N no
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Lucario_Dialga answered:

I know how to get a girl into ur car, but i don't know how to get them down in a secluded area to do the 'business'...
u honk in front of a lady that's not fully dressed ( not as in half-naked or naked ), wait and she'll ask u if u want to have a good time and u smash the 'Y' button on ur keyboard until she gets into ur car. Take her to a secluded area which means stop at anywhere that's got no one and it'll tell u if it's ok or not to do the 'business' there.

P.S. Can someone pls tell me how to get them down in the secluded area to do the 'business'...
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