Question from a2thao

Asked: 5 years ago

How do u do a bunny hop with a bycicle in gta sa on pc?

I would like to know how to do a bunny hop with a bycicle in gta san andreas for pc.

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From: Rathalos_X 5 years ago

Press the Ctrl button, hold, then release. If you keep holding longer, you can bunny hop higher, depends on your cycling skill, you can bunny hop higher.

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Ctrl I think

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Depends go to the menu click options go to v contrals and check which one s bunny hop
this is the best i can do

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Easy when you play press C J P H O N E H O M E

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I have done it by just pressing and holding the "0/Ins" key of the numpad

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It is shown in the first mission at the upper left corner of the screen in which you take a bicycle and have to stay close to someone

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Press two (2) Simple.

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Use secondary fire, I think.

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