Question from Jazmi_Azwar

Asked: 5 years ago

Why does the game keep telling me gta sa.exe stop working?

After i install car mods in gta sa,i open the game,after load game,while game is loading,the screen blank and it say gta sa.exe stop working,please answer and help me,thanx!!!!!!!!!!

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It could mean you have a corrupted mod, And this can happen trough quite a few reasons.
1. Your GTA is either not updated or to far updated for it.
2. Bad luck when downloading the mod.
3. Though rare it might be a wrong region for the mod.
4. The mod is just to corrupt your game(fortunately of told the are removed. unfortunately they pop up often.)
5. You have installed to many mods.

i least likely think the reason is 4 or 3(in that order).
the biggest chance it is either reason 1 or 5. so i suggest trying to check if it is update specific or deisnstalling some mods.

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if u used img tool then it means u forgot to clik rebuild archive if u sami then its because theres to much car mods installed

I got a homework for u and the readers of this comment to test if its better to install car mods with img tool or sami

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