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Enemy/Boss Help status answers
How could i pass this? Open 3
How do I beat NRG Challange ? Answered 1
How to make my own gang in San Andreas? Answered 6
Level Help status answers
After Beating Los Sepulcros Where Do I Go? Open 2
do have to complete sweet's mission ceasar Vialpando to go to Las Venturas ? Open 1
Error in the mission just business. Can anybody help? Open 4
How can i complete the 360 in back to school? Open 2
How can I win level in this game? Open 1
How could i complete Verdant Meadows? Open 1
How do I beat "Stowaway"? Open 3
How do I complete the mission of GTA san andreas? # cesar valpade Answered 7
How do I complete the mission of GTA san andreas? # farewell my love Open 1
How do i do tricks with the "Low Rider"? Open 3
How do I get inside the plane at Stowaway? Answered 1
How do I get more actual missions? Open 1
How do I get past (burning desire)? Answered 1
How do I get past (lifes a beach)? Open 8
How do I get past (robbing uncle sam)? Open 2
How do I get past (sweets girl)? Answered 1
How do I get past (wrong side of the track)? Open 1
How do I get past A key to her heart if.. ? Open 3
How do I get past aeroplane school? Open 1
How do I get past driving school? Open 2
How do I get past high staks low rider? Open 2
How do I get to the last mission/what is the last mission? Open 2
How to access Wang Auto Garage? Answered 3
How to complete misson torento? Open 1
How to overcome destroy targets in learning to fly missions? Open 2
I can't finish the monster truck level-is there a way to drive faster with the monster truck? Open 3
I cannot get past (Supply Lines) ? Answered 1
Which keys to press to bounce the car in ze cesar vialpando mission? Open 3
Woozie Won't Move? Open 1
Woozies first mission glitch? Open 1
Technical Help status answers
Can i make my own station with songs i want? Answered 1
Can I run this on Window 7? Open 2
Colors messed up? Open 2
Does saving with cheats affect the ability to run game? Open 1
Game cannot run Properly ? Answered 2
Grand theft auto SA cannot find audio card installed? Open 1
How do i download the pc version? Open 3
How do I make my version 2 game into a 1.1 version in order to mod? Open 3
How do I save game? Answered 2
How do we "scan" User Track Station? Open 1
How do you instal mods? Open 2
How To Deactivate A Cheat In The Game? Open 3
I can't do the "body harvest mission"? Unanswered 0
I can't get the User Tracks Station to work. So, umm... how do I get it to work? Answered 4
I cant hear mission's sound??? Open 2
I have a problem with directx 9.0 c. help? Open 1
Is there a way to calibrate a joypad for this game? Answered 2
Mouse problems? Open 3
Mouse won't work! Got 5 misssions into the game before it crapped out, WTF? Open 2
Need help getting my save file back? (Computer San Andreas) Answered 1
Problem with burning desire mission.Help? Open 1
Programs and features help? Open 1
Sound drops away? Open 1
What codes to enter while playing multiplayer? Unanswered 0
When i am driving buildings and trees etc takes some time to appear. Any solution? Open 1
Why does my PC sometimes not accept cheat codes? Open 5
Why does the game don't want to play ? Answered 1
Why does the game keep crashing when CJ recieves a phone call? Open 1
Why does the game keep moving at a really fast speed? Answered 2
Why does the game keep telling me gta sa.exe stop working? Open 2
Why is the ammu nation store not open? Is there anywhere else I can get weapons? Open 3
Why wont it start? Open 1
Xbox360 Controller's trigger button not registering....? Open 5
Other Help status answers
Can any one tell me where can i find the vehicle "tanker" ?? Answered 3
Can i pause the game on the pc version? Open 6
Can san andreas run on vista and is the map the same as that of the ps2 version? Answered 2
Can someone send me files? I forgot to backup mine. Open 1
Can You Get Superhero Suits Or Superhero Cars In Gta Sa On Xbox Without Downloads,A PC,Or Modifications? Open 2
Can you replay missions? Open 3
Denise dumped cj ...and me the meeting point disappear0ed and its a pc game? Open 1
Do i get unlimited ammo for every gun? Open 3
Does cheating stop you from getting 100%? Answered 1
does hot coffie mod and mods work with Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Standard Edition ? Open 2
Esiest way to date your girlfriend..?? Open 1
Every time I aim the camera automatically looks down at his feet. please help!? Open 1
Flying forward with a hydra? Open 5
Glitches and Secrets? Answered 1
Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Standard Edition ?? Open 2
How can I auto-aim? Open 3
How can i buy the red houses? Open 1
how can I do the mission in Las Venturas? Open 2
How can I download (Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas for PC ) because i dont know from where ?!! Open 2
how can I enter the blue hell? Open 1
How can I get a S.W.A.T Tank ? Answered 3
How do I change the view so when running towards the screen the view should change so I can c what Im running towards? Open 1
How do i date Helena? Open 1
How do I email cheats to another computer? Open 2
How do I enter the cheats for this game???? Open 3
How do I find out where these places are? Answered 3
How do I import cars? Open 3
How do i improve my gambeling skills? Open 4
How do I open the san andreas file??? Open 1
How do i recruit gang members of my hood? Answered 4
How do i recruite gangs? Open 1
How do i run the game in a window on Mac? Open 1
How Do I Use The Jetpack? Answered 1
How do you even get the game working? Like how do you start it? Open 1
How do you fly forward with a Helicopter? (reopened) Answered 3
How do you lock on? Open 5
How do you play 2 players on Grand Theft Auto San Andreas? Answered 2
How do you transfer a saved game? Answered 1
How do you turn on the sirens on the PC version? Answered 4
How to get a girl in your car? Open 4
How to get latest bike mods in gta san andreas for pc ? Open 3
How to increase max health? Open 1
How to rob a house? Open 1
How to use the gta sa save files? Open 1
I can't do any missions after house party can someone help me out? Open 1
I can't figure out how to control a plane? Answered 1
I dont have any more missions? Open 1
I finished Ya Ka Boom Boom ,and still im not unlocking CV ang Wang Cars.Why? Answered 1
i just talk rockstar games Grand Theft Auto San Andreas Standard Edition?? Open 1
I want to get this game, do they still sell it? Open 3
If you save with Armor, Health, Money cheat on does it affect your game? Open 1
Is gambling good in this game? Open 1
Is it possible to have an actual radio station in GTA SA AO? Open 1
Is there a way to get rid of the 'Cold Coffee mod' in the second edition? Answered 1
Is there a way to play gta san andreas in windowed mode? Answered 5
Is there any way to make more than 1 custom station on PC san andreas? Open 2
Jet?? Open 1
Kamen rider ? Open 2
Killing your girlfriend? Answered 1
Learning to Fly help? Open 1
Pay and Spray??? Answered 1
Problem with jetpack ? Answered 3
San Andreas? Open 1
Sounds going differently? Answered 2
Wanted: Confirmation on 2 possible UCV's? Open 1
What are the bosses in the game? (Like you fight) Answered 1
What are those little gold 6 sided stars I find all over Los Santos? Answered 1
What does your girlfriend do and how do you get one? Open 2
What is the red cross in las venturas? Answered 1
What website is the mod section? Answered 2
What's the difference? Open 2
When i enter a car in gta san andreas the game crashes,can i fix this and if a can how?? Open 2
Whenever i try to go in the airports it says out of order, why? Open 1
Where can i download gta sa full? Open 1
Where can i download this game for pc? Open 2
Where can i get backup files? Open 1
Where can i get the hot coffee program? Open 4
Where can i play basketball ?? Answered 2
Where do I find the combat shot gun at in los santos and other weapons not easliy found? Open 4
Where do you go after you pick up a prostitute? Answered 1
Where is the place of Andromeda? Open 2
Where to find a shark in GTA San Andreas? Open 1
Why cant i complete the mission madd dogg? Open 2
Why does my player and vehicle Audio have no sound? Open 2
Why GTA SA Cant Find 'User Tracks' Folder In 'GTA San Andreas User Files' Folder? Unanswered 0

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