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How do I get rid of the nearby enemies?

I got in trouble with the guards but then I ran far away from the city, in a cave and it still says there are enemies around.


JC_Phoenix answered:

Ummm... maybe because now you're in a cave full of enemies?
Try the console command swdp to see who's detecting you, and maybe a life detect spell to see if there are nearby enemies.
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Poseigod answered:

Try going to Cloud Ruler Temple, Shivering Isles or Knights of the Nine Priory. Or to Topal Bay (which is all the way in the south). Save your game there, and reload it. If the combat music ceased, you're safe. If it didn't you might just stand there, leave the computer on and read a good book. Once you're attacked (let's hope the moment comes), kill them or just go to jail :). If that doesn't work, you might want to do what JC_Phoenix says.
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BLKCrystilMage answered:

This is an annoying glitch that sometimes happens when you run away from enemies. In the case of the guards, just go back to them so they can do their "You're under arrest" speech and then resist arrest and flee. In the case of enemies, you have to go back and kill the enemy that was chasing you when you escaped. That should solve the problem. If resisting arrest doesn't work, then you might have to just talk to one and pay the fine or go to jail. That will get them off your back for sure.
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