Question from spite120

The varla stone of unlimited power doesnt work ???

Ive downloaded the mod the varla stone of unlimited power ,a stone wich you can use to charge inchanted weapons infinite times ,but when i press it nothing happens a sound blinks but my weapons arent recharged ????

BadProfessional asked for clarification:

Where did you get the mod? I'm not finding the mod or any information on it.

spite120 provided additional details: heres a link to the mode just Copy and paste to the search bar on google or firefox

BadProfessional asked for clarification:

What other mods are you running?


f1reis0blivious answered:

The mod itself could have an error or you might be missing a componant (eg. another mod or oblivion 1.2) I'd recomend sending a messsage to the mod creator (as a comment or a pm) and seeing if they have any clues about why it's not working (to comment or pm you must be a member of the nexus forums)
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Bloodwolf777 answered:

Could be an all together false mod, maybe you should check your computer for virus.
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