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Possible Breton/ Astronach combination?

If I were to start a game as a Breton (50% spell resistance) with the birth sign of the Astronach (50% spell absorbtion) would that add up to 100% spell resistance? or 50% of the time resist, 50% of the time absorb, or reist half of all magic and then absorb the remainder %)% of the time? HELP!
I suppose I'm asking, What is the formula for adding resistances?
A cheekey second question too, if as an Astronach, you sleep or pray at a temple, does that restore your magica, or do you constantly have to spend money on potions?
Thanks. (sorry for length)

Accepted Answer

BadProfessional answered:

1: 50% of the time you will absorb teh spell, the rest of the time you will only see half the effect.

2: Your magicka only goes back up when you absorb a spell or use a restore/absorb magica scroll/potion/power/etc.

And there's no S in atronach.
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awesomezerz answered:

Above poster is correct.
A high elf is good for that, since its weak to spells only you can just get another 50 percent absorb and have no weaknesses and huge ass mana
But, atronach is too complicated and annoying, don't bother.
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