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Glitch in Spirits Have Lease?

Hey, I was in the final stage of the Benirus Manor quest (taking Velwyn to the secret door to open it). I entered the door before him and all of a sudden, he was gone! I tried backtracking every step of the quest, but no dice. I really want this manor to complete the quest and complete my house collection. The only thing I can think of is to use a cheat. Anyone know the quest completion I.D. #s for the console command?

Accepted Answer

BadProfessional answered:

The quest ID is ms02 and the stage number is 90 (the portal should be opened, though you may need to leave and reenter the house).
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tubbsmcfat answered:

He is supposed to run away like that, that heppened to mine , and everything is fine. that was supposed to happen!
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