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I have a problem with the fighters guild quest line can some1 help?

I have a problem with the fighters guild the last quest i beat was drunk and disorderly and now i should be able to do den of thieves but when i talk to azzan to get the next quest the only thing he says is good to see you working hard i have more thieves for you to deal with in anvil and thats it he wont give me any quest i need to know if theres anything i can do so i can continue with the guild quests


Immortal_Sinner answered:

You should to the guy who gave the previous quest ( i think that burz gra-kash , the orc in cheydenhal .. ) and then he'll tell you "he dont have anything else for now .. go see if azzan in anvil has anything and only then you should talk to azzan ..
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Mother_Holle answered:

I hope this will help. It's a complete run-down of all the Fighters Guild quests, which NPC gives them to you, etc. Good luck!
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