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How do I beat the Canvas the castle, quest?

Ok,so i found the paint stained carpet in the dining room, and I also found Chanels Art Supplies in her Box, what do I do now?


BadProfessional answered:

There's a suspicious painting in the bottom of the west tower (look for a trap door on the floor).
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OmicronXChaos answered:

Find following:
-Painting in the west tower.
-Stained carpet in dining room.
-Some painting stuff in Chanel's room (in her box).
And accuse her...
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Spartan_Jedi117 answered:

Follow OmicronXChaos's advice...BUT there are two options at the accusing part.

Option 1:Accuse the Redguard and get some cash and i think some jewels and live with her hating u for life
Option 2:DON'T accuse the Redguard and wait 3 weeks and get a nice painting and let her u love for life
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ablabl answered:

You need to do what OmicronXChaos sais and you must have talked about the lost painting/investigation to these 5 people:

Orgnolf Hairy-Legs
Orok gro-Ghoth
Laythe Wavrick
Brittneld 'Cursebringer'

You can find them all around the castle but Brittneld also has patrol duty around town so he can also be found around Chorrol and in the barracks.

After you did that and also did what OmicronXChaos said then you will be able to accuse Chanel and if she denies it then her disposition is too low and you have to persuade or bribe her.
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