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Any Help for a Question About Attributes?

I read (have not ever reached this point) that once you max out your attributes you cannot level anymore even if you have major skills to level.

Is this true?


Does Luck count into that?


laqa18 answered:

Yes its true.

Luck counts as well. My advice is to get a level up mod that changes the way you level up. It solves the need to do number-crunching to figure out how to get +5 in the attributes you want when leveling up.

check this site for mods:
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Poseigod answered:

I'm anti-modding. If you want to reach the highest level possible, which is 53, you need a character with no skill bonuses. Because you gain 1 level for every 10 skills you rise. This equation explains it:
(100-25) x 7 : 10 = 52,5.
Because you want your character to be strong you choose a race, specialization and attributes which matches your skills. That's only normal. But due to that fact is that you can gain less levels.If all your skills start at 30 your max. level is:
(100-30) x 7 : 10 = 49.

I hope I explained it well.
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