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How come this cheat doesnt work? I am trying to 20 dragons tongue plants

player.additem , and for the paremeter ID I Drop a dragons tongue plant and i click on the Dragons tongue flower while i am using the code console and it gives me a Paremeter ID and i Use it, but there is no effect, it just says missing paremeter ID. Any Help?

And also, can someone give me a link for All of the games objects Paremeter ID's?


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BadProfessional answered:

Dragon's Tongue's parameter ID is 25039.

All Item IDs can be found on UESP;
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Flervus answered:

The only console commands you should use is player.additem C6988 1000 and ShowEnchant (C6988 is a colossol black soul gem with grand soul level)
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Spartan_Jedi117 answered:

instead of doing that, try duping the dragons tongue
if that dont work, then buy it at any potion store OUTSIDE of the guild
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Spartan_Jedi117 answered:

additional details to my answer: if you cant dupicate its bcuz of expansion packs (The Knights of the Nine [cant dupe ever again] and the Shimmering Isles [patch])
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meowmix5000 answered:

Use the player.createfullactorcopy cheat on your self and then kill the clone. That way you get the 20 dragon tongue easily.
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