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Asked: 5 years ago

How do you cobine poison and arrows????

Tell me!!!

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You don't combine the poison with arrows, you use the poison and it adds the poison effect to the weapon you have equipped (i.e. the bow).

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Well, u can do it the way professional troll tells u, or u can download this mod called supreme magicka, it adds the poison effect and many other effects to the game.

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To my previous answer, u can download it at or

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you cannot make poison arrows like you would do with any other weapon by enchanting it, you have to get a poison (green bottle) and equip the desired weapon, then just click the poison and it asks you if you want to apply the poison. The poison works only for 1 attack, after that you'll have to apply the poison again.

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You can't add the poison to the arrow, you have to add the poison to the bow and the arrow will have the poison effect

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