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I'm Trying to be a Vampire.I've Accepted the Darkness eternal Quest,Got that "bleeding prin pric " Journal note, Finished All Dark Brother hood Quests,Slept in Vincente's Slab after 3 days But still Nothing!. Can some one Hep Me Solve this Problem?

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tubbsmcfat answered:

First of all, DON'T BECOME A VAMPIRE!!! It sucks, i was a vampire and if you dont drink blood for 1 single day, you start to loose ALOT of health, and you cant go outside during the day, and you cant fast travel while taking health damage from Vamiprisms ways.

And also, if you want to become a vampire the easy way, on the code console type in, COC TESTINGHALL and when you get there, look for a room that says, OPEN DOOR TO, and when you get there, go upstairs to a room that has to tombstones, one says CLICK ME TO BECOME A VAMPIRE, and the other should say CLICK ME TO ADD FULL VAMPRISM, ad\nd then click on the first tombstone, then click on the second tombstone, then if it doensnt tell you that you are a vampire, go sleep on the bed that is in that room, and also their should be a guy that is named VAMP CHOW, and then after you wake up from sleeping,let the VAMP CHOW guy go to bed, then when he is asleep, go up to him and their should be a menu with two options on it, and the options are FEED and TALK then click on feed to suck his blood!
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