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How to I get through the "invisible" exit in the Red Gnash Paths inside the Anvil Gate?

I am working on the Allies for Bruma quest and currently am trying to close the Anvil Gate. I'm close to where I need to be to get to the main tower but am stuck in the Red Gnash Paths. On the Red Gnash Paths my map shows an exit but when I get to it there is no door visible for my character to use. I have tried casting spell to pick a lock in the area where the door is listed on the map, looked for a lever that might open it, and nothing has worked. Its very strange, I stand exactly where the exit is listed on the map and there is abslutely nothing vaguely resembling a door. The closest thing is a structure that looks like some rather opaque windows on the wall.

Please help. How do I get through the exit in the Reg Gnash Paths?


JC_Phoenix answered:

Use the console command "tcl" until you find the door, you're likely just lost.
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