Question from kingbirdy23

Why does the game keep giving me a Catastrophic Error in installation(and how do I fix it)?

When I am installing Oblivion (I have GOTY ed.) I get a catastrophic error, either very early on, with the Meshes file, or towards the end, with the Voices file. I have already returned the game for another copy once, and have been working on this problem for weeks. Any help would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I am up to spec.

kingbirdy23 provided additional details:

My computer is about a year old, +- 3 months.


drewmandan answered:

It sounds like you've ruled out the game disk, which means there's something horribly wrong with your computer. I would guess it's too much junk in the registry, resulting from you not reinstalling your operating system for many years. So go ahead and reinstall Windows, and then see if it works.
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