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Secret passage to the count?

I'm almost done with the cure for vampirism quest, and I was supposed to go see Hal-Liurz. She was taking me to see the count to give him the cure, but while she was taking me, I got bored of following her, and made my person go to sleep. I know that was really stupid, and I since I didn't see where she took me, I can't find the count. Can someone please tell me where his secret room is? I can't find it...

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It helped vey much, thank you!

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Mother_Holle answered:

When you first walk through the gate into the Skingrad Castle courtyard, look to your right. Right before the stairs (which lead up to doors for the guard tower and the second level of the castle), there is a door in the wall which leads to the Count's secret chamber. If the quest for the Vampire Cure is active, the arrow pointing to Hal-Liurz's location should help you find the room. Her script is written to keep her near the count in that secret room until you reach her and trigger the quest update. Hope this helped!
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