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Can I join the Mythic Dawn?

Theres a choice u can make in the main story to join the mythic dawn...and i was thinking could i join them and wat would happen

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Manshark30 answered:

you can join on the main quest path of dawn you will go in to a carven and they will ask you to kill someone than you will do it than BAM! but they take ur stuff away :( but i think you get it back
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JC_Phoenix answered:

Only with a mod. Search "Servant of the Dawn" on

There's also a new one being made called "comeback of the Dawn" you can find the WIP thread on bethsoft forums.
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temperedtooth answered:

Yes on a quest but you do actually join
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dslover00 answered:

On the main quest yes but if you want to stay with them you cant steel the book
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