Question from theboo720

Asked: 5 years ago

I Got This Game And Bioshock For The PC How Much Memery Is It???

I Got Oblivion And Bioshock For The PC How Much Memory Are They,And Would I Need Anything To Get On My PC For Oblivion,And Bioshock???

Accepted Answer

From: Lilhieb10 5 years ago

For oblivion, It is about 5 gigs, maybe 6, and you need a good graphics card. I have a 9000 radeon, and you can't see anything. It is a stock card, so you will probably need to upgrade yours if it is the same from the store. You can also get Oldblivion, which is a low resolution mod for oblivion. I have a question on here about how to apply the mod. But for bioshock, I am not sure. Someone else should be able to help you with that

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