Question from USERKamran

Please Help me, I get this error message Why?

I read here how to make CE (constant effect) weapons and I tried to do it. But in the last step i get this error message:

1 I enchant a weapon and do not repair it above 100
2 I duplicate it
3 I wear the first one
4 I swing the weapon and go to inventory until it stop swinging
5 I drop the duplicate which i do not wear at the moment. and suddenly I get

Please if Anyone know how to fix this problem please answer me.

USERKamran provided additional details:

I need to make CE weapons. How many ways exist to do that?
Please if anyone knows answer me

Accepted Answer

JC_Phoenix answered:

There are mods.
Conduit magic
Enchantment enhanced
Enchantment mastery
and several quest or item mods that add weapons with permanent effects.

Search the 3 names mentioned above on
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