Question from Akkikram

Asked: 5 years ago

Fast Travel Glitch because of cheat?

First I attacked Sheogorath for funz, ofcourse he sent me to the heavens, then I used the console to type "EnablePlayerControls" and "tgm" to make sure I wouldn't die when I land..
And then afterwards I went to do some castle killed some things here and there, scavenging treasures.

Finally I went out and I noticed when I try to use Fast Travel, that I can't and it says " Fast Travel is currently unavaible for this location".
Now I know this is because Sheogorath send me to the heavens, making me unable to use Fast Travel while he puts certain death on me.
But I was wondering if anyone knows how I can undo this so I can use Fast Travel again?
Maybe by using some console code?

Thanks in advance,


Additional details - 5 years ago

I thought about that and tried it with the quest called "The Antipodean Hammer" and I failed. :S
I didn't change location at all.
Maybe it will work if I do that with a other quest..
What I did try though was visiting another city, and I even visited Sheogorath again to see if it would undo it.
But no, that didn't work either. T.T

Maybe you can explain to me how "movetoqt" exactly works?

Accepted Answer

From: chris930 5 years ago

I would just set a quest with a specific destination as your active quest and use movetoqt

i think what happened is that he sends you to a low-def version of the SI landmass when you attack him, and since it's not meant to have anyone walking around on it, it doesn't have a fast travel option available, and the fast travel gets stuck on "off" somehow

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