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Will "Resist Magicka" stop Spell Absorption and Reflection?

I recently attained 100% resistance to magicka. Does this mean that my spell absorption and reflection abilities will no longer work? which ability is activated first?


Lilhieb10 answered:

I think the reflection takes off damage of all attacks, and spell absorption, I think you won't get hurt and take in the magicka. Idk
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JC_Phoenix answered:

From the almighty

Reflect vs Absorb vs Resist
All of these spell effects work towards stopping enemy magic from harming you. Reflect Spell and Spell Absorption both have a percent chance of reflect or absorbing enemy spells respectively, while Resist Magic reduces the damage done by Magicka by a certain percentage.
If all two or more effects are active, there can be interesting consequences. Reflect Spell will always be counted above the other two, so those with the Atronach sign will have to be especially cautious using this.
Spell Absorption is counted after Reflect Spell, and if you have less than 100% and it fails, Spell Absorption kicks in. It still trumps Resist Magic, however, so if you have no Resistances or 100% Resistances, it won't matter.
Resist Magic is taken into account lastly of the three, and is the only one not chance based. It will always be taken into account if not superseded by Reflect or Absorb, and can also be reduced by Weakness spells if not at 100%.

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Poseigod answered:

Please, don't give links. Just use the info to explain it...
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