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Blunt Weapon Advantages?

What is the advantage of becoming proficient in Blunt weapons, when Blade almost always has a better damage rating?

Do Blunt weapons stagger enemies more often, or do more damage against heavy armour, or what?

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Poseigod answered:

There is no difference in staggering. Although there is a difference in damage, speed, weight, value and health.

Let's take the best weapons available:
The Daedric claymore and the Daedric warhammer.
Weight = 62.
Value = 4,000 (base cost).
Health = 728 (how many damage your weapon could take).
Speed = 0.8 (how fast you hit after you left-click).
Reach = 1.3.
Damage = 26 (base).

Weight = 93.
Value = 5,000.
Health = 784.
Speed = 0.7.
Reach = 1.3.
Damage = 28.

Value is of no importance here, because you want to use these weapons, not to sell them.
It's a fact that blunt weapons are much heavier than blade weapons. That's why stealthy types often prefer blade weapons and warrior types blunt.
Blunt weapons can also take more damage than blade weapons, but blade weapons are much faster to swing or stab them. In reach, the numbers vary. If you want full detail about that just mail me ( Blunt weapons do much damage though, but over time - due to it's speed - blade weapons may do more damage.
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Lilhieb10 answered:

I think so. I think being better at blunt, you stagger them more. idk exactly though.
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