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Any recommendations for thieving locations for profit?

As title says, does anybody have a few good recommendations where I can steal stuff to make a good profit off selling?

Thanks in advance,



By the way... I know you can sell all your stolen stuff to Luserina (or whatever) and steal it all back from her chest.

Akkikram provided additional details:

I'd like additional information on good locations, please.

Accepted Answer

Scubaforce answered:

The Mages Guild Halls are an place to thieve from if you're not a member as the alchemy equipment and soul gems sell for a decent amount for their weight. Castle Bruma is a pretty simple place to get most of the gold you'll need for the Thieves Guild fencing requirements as the Akaviri relics in the display cases in the main hall sell for quite a bit, especially the book. The Gilded Carafe in the Imperial City Market District has a fair bit of valuable potions and scrolls. The Skooma Den in Bravil is also pretty nice heist. Chapels generally have a nice stash of silver cups and whatnot, although it isn't the biggest payout it's not bad. I'd look around Skingrad, Cheydinhal, and the Imperial City, they generally have the biggest payouts.
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gryphonmaster answered:

Try the Skooma Den in Bravil: The Nord and 2 Khajiit carry large quantities of Skooma, and don't bother reporting you to the guard if they catch you pickpocketing it.
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Poseigod answered:

Anvil: Heinrich Oaken-Hull, Clarabella Tub (ship).
Bravil: Ungolim.
Bruma: Lyra Rosentia, Honmund.
Cheydinhal: Riverview, Orum's house.
Chorrol, Rimalus Bruiant.
Imperial City: Dorian, Jakben, Umbacano. (all talos plaza)
Leyawiin: Alval Uvani, Rosentia gallenus.
Skingrad: Nerastarel.

Also, castle's are a good idea, but also heavily guarded.
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awesomeonion answered:

I made a crap load of money from pickpocketing the silver longswords off guards and fencing them. each one is worth almost 200 gold i think so it's a really effective way to make money.
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Pdub55 answered:

The chapel's have lots of sliver dinner stuff, if you loot all of the silver stuff you can make a good bit of gold.
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