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Asked: 5 years ago

Mod help? (if someone else has the yellow exclamtion mark too, i recommendend having a look here)

OKAY, IM SICK OF IT!! i have a lot of cool mods now, and maybe some of the coolest ones dont work! this is how i installed them: downloaded them and saved them went to Oblivion/Data and created a folder named (example)PJsDiscoSpell and put the Textures and Meshes in that folder (i have multiple mods so if i just put it in data and overwrite it i lose my files, if i am right?). Then i selected Data files from the launcher and checked the box PJsDiscoSpell.(i already have some other mods on so maybe it is because i have to much mods activated.) Then i started Oblivion and used the spell and then i saw people dance and what should be disco lights and smoke appeard as giant yellow boxes with exclamation marks.(there also should be music which wasn't there but that is not the real problem) Can someone please help?

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i have the mods:Akatosh Dragon Mount by SaidenStorm, i have Aberwiin Manor, i have Bravil Sea domes,i have PJs Disco spell and darkgreen armour.(that are the mods that dont work) but the problem is:those mods are very good/funny and i want to get them to work.

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Shall i put it easier? How do i install multiple mods?

Additional details - 4 years ago

well there is one that doesnt work (the doors and stuff are pink) but nevermind. i know how i have to everything now. still thanks for the help :P

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What mods do u have?

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and a simple solution would to turn the ones that DONT work at ALL off and stick with the ones that U think are useful.
Ex from me: Roaming Traders (fighters, archers, wizards, and rouges), extra cool looking armour and some more blades (drake fired glass and blue glass, and some different types Mythril, braided, and 2 other types of Elven) [Japanese blades]

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ohh yeah, and i have the Worg Rider mod and the Cheydinhal Petshop mod.

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if i overwrite and everything does it ADD or CHANGE the files?

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add advice to my last answer...find out what ones that DONT work at other words, test each mod 1 by 1. if they all work individually pair them up w/ another mod

Rated: +0 / -0 last piece of advice is to REMOVE them ALL (for the moment DONT delete them) if that dont work, then its your computer or your disc

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the mods you listed, Ive never heard of...but turn them off then play and if your problem stays...just delete them all

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