Question from Ryol

Count Hassildor is stalking me?

Ever since I've taken the vampire cure quedt from vount Hassildor he's been popping up everywhere!! First time was in my jail cell when i went to jail, creeped me out, second time was two days later when i recieved a message frim gray fox, he was standing behind the messanger, third time was whule I was in the middle of assasinating a dark brotherhood target, and last was after I was released frim Burma jail, he was just standing infrint of the castke... Is thus meant to happen!?


Leonard77 answered:

May be a bug or something like this. I got stalked by people because they wanted to say something to me to a quest, but there's was a bug that they didn't say until i asked them, so they just were stalking me the whole time. Have you tried to talk to him?
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