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How do I complete the Vampire Cure quest?

Im stucked after I drink my own potion and then I need to deliver one bottle of the cure to the count of Skingrad, but I cant find him.

killa137 provided additional details:

Yes, I talked with her and she said to wait in the hall but didn't showed any passage.

killa137 provided additional details:

I think its something wrong, because she doesnt even leaves the hall.

DarkSpyro92 asked for clarification:

For me she just goes into the Chamber of the Lost with the dead wife and never leaves. I waited for 3 days in game in he hall and she didn't get him.


jesterhead369 answered:

As far as i Know, you won't be able to talk to the count directly, at first. You have to talk to his Argonian servant in the Skingrad county hall (in the castle of course), who will lead you to a secret passage where the Count's wife is laying.

After this, events should play out on their own.
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jesterhead369 answered:

Hmm....i know I had to wait for what seemed a ridiculous amount of time, given the speed the NPCs move at and their liability to slow down through some crud in the game.
If she told you to wait, give it about five minutes of your time to see if she comes back into the hall to talk to you. If after five minutes she doesn't appear back in the hall, I suggest using the "wait" command for one hour intervals until she finally decides to show up (since perhaps the "wait" action might jar the NPC into showing up and talking to you).
Past these actions......I really don't know what to tell you.
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