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How do I enchant a ring?

I'm trying to enchant a ring with the fortify magika ability on it, but:
1. I can't create my own version of it.
2. I can't put it on anything, I have access to an enchanting area, but that option doesn't appear.


Galactic_Venus answered:

Do you have:

1. A ring to enchant
2. The ability to cast Fortify Magicka/are a Breton/Altmer/have the Mage/Apprentice/Atronach birthsign/visited the Aetherius/Dragon/Mage Doomstone
3. A filled soul gem?
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The-Techspert answered:

The most common problem with enchanting is that you dont already have the spell effect you want, or you dont have a high enough skill level in the right category to enchant it. For example, you can't enchant a dagger or bow with soul trap until you have bought a form of the spell, and are at least a level 25 in mysticism.
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