Question from kilgore777

Vampire things?

1. Side effects of being a vampire
2. do i get fangs?
3what would happen if you ate garlic?
4 is there vampire slayers?
5 when people find out do they run away or scream in terror?
6 do the guilds kick you out and
7 if your in god mode will sunlight hurt and finally
8 whats the positive things?


gryphonmaster answered:

1. Bonuses to certain attributes and skills, resistance to non-magical weapons, weakness to fire and sunlight, access to 1 lesser power and 3 greater powers
2. Maybe, your characters appearance will noticably change, but the only way to know if you get fangs or not would be to see your character with an open mouth. A few of the 'friendly' vampires in the game get fangs IIRC.
3. Nothing, vampires in Oblivion aren't harmed by garlic (with 1 quest related exception).
4. None who'll come after you, some pop up in quests hunting other vampires.
5. Mostly, people will just refuse to talk to you, if your condition is obvious.
6. No, but see #5
7. No idea
8. see #1
More info here if you want it:
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