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I just recently found out that Bethesda studios made Oblivion.
...I loved and still love Fallout 3. With all my heart. It is one of the best games I have ever played. And I thought Bethesda ONLY made Fallout games!!

So, I need some BASIC background. What's the plot about? Make it vague, make it short, but make it understandable. Let me guess, but I want to know just 0.000000000000000000000001% of the MAIN PLOT.

Just, PLEASE, do not give any big spoilers, medium spoilers, etc.


Denkyuu answered:

Basically, the empire of Tamriel has been at relative peace for a number of years under the leadership of Emperor Uriel Septim the somethingth. You find yourself in a jail cell for an unknown reason when suddenly the emperor and his personal guard bursts into your cell, fleeing through a secret passage. As he passes, the emperor recognizes you from a dream and suspects there may be some sort of prophecy involved, hinting that some great evil may be on its way from beyond the gates of oblivion. You then get to go on a massive, epic quest to save the world! Hooray!

How was that?
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cheater132576 answered:

First off, Bethesda is not the company that made the first 2 Fallout games. Saying that in most places will generally get you horribly flamed. Bethesda made 3 other Elder Scrolls games (you might have heard of an old game called Morrowind, that would be TES3) then bought the rights to Fallout.

The plot behind Oblivion is as follows:
You wake up in the local medieval kingdom of Cyrodil. Specifically, Cyrodil's capital city prison. You manage to slip out when the emperor and his bodyguards try to pass through a secret passage in your cell. As you tag along, you witness the emperor getting attacked by assassins and eventually he is killed. Right before he dies, however, he tells you that there is an heir to the throne. What follows is an epic story as you try to stop the cult that killed the emperor, before they have time to unleash their secret weapon...

Minor spoilers, nothing you wouldn't figure out in the first 20 minutes though.
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